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"Forward - My Life With And Without Boney M."  (April  2018)


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"Immer Weiter - Mein Leben Mit Und Ohne Boney M."


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MY  "NOTTEVERA"  HAND  BAG  (January  2018)

Greetings Fanmily & Friends,

It`s me again before my team and I trot off to our other "Exciting Engagement" somewhere in the world. Does that ring a bell?

Let me share with you one of my other intended goals to be foreseen as an extension of my established career with "Boney M".

With this photo I`m modelling a fine piece of designed craftsmanship, posing proudly in having this bag from  "NOTTEVERA" (Made In Italy) as one of my favourite accessories.

I was approached by the "Founder & CEO" Sam Hinedi in accepting and showing off this lovely article as you can see in the photo.

Good job I have this "Snake Skin" hand made dress from my "Boney M" days, designed by Dagmar Engelbrecht and myself that still fits. How perfectly matched!!!

Cool Runnings!

Queen B.

(All Rights Reserved - January 2018).




Marcia Barrett of legendary disco group Boney M shines with her NOTTEVERA Anna Tote in Berlin.

Rediscover the awesomeness of Boney M:

This 6-times cancer survivor never let anything bring her down. Her much anticipated memoir ‘Forward’ due out in June 2018 is much more than a pop star autobiography - it is a charming, candid, laugh-out loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and sheer force of will. A definite must-read for all Boney M fans!

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We may be a little biased but we think Marcia looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!



My Dear Fanmily / Friends,

How are you keeping? I`m hoping fine indeed. Since my last "Christmas Note" in 2016, I thought I`d share with you some of my activities since then.

Even though our world is crumbling around us, falling down just like the beautiful "Autumn Leaves" is unfortunately with negative injections inflicting "Hate" that leads into silly "Wars", selfishness and disrespect for our fellow human beings, "Ethnic Cleansing" with the BIG one "Fear" that most times an unnecessary flow of bad energies should be a BIG "Brace", giving us time for deep positive thoughts for the "Better Bright" future that wants to caress us with "PEACE & LOVE".

One top of all that, we have "Global" natural disasters that all of us have to face when hit, where ever we are at that moment of destruction! OK, I think I`ll conclude this section because it would need a whole book to express myself fully on topics of our existence in this "Poor World" right now!

Let`s swing into some "Positive" energies friends!

So far this year my team and I have presented our shows in India, Azerbaijan, Eckernförde - here in Germany, and Crimea. This week, we`ll be off for another show but I`ll let you know where in my upcoming"Christmas Note"You know what I mean? Wink-Wink and a big smile - C h e e s e !!!!

Hey, guess what? Marcus and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on the 20th of August - just the two of us as usual - otherwise it wouldn`t be romantic would it? Ha! Ha Haaaaa! Life is a constant ball. I`ve displayed a couple of shots of our special evening.

After that we had a visit from our dear friend "Eddy Grant" and had a fantastic couple of days together, reminiscing the decades since we met him during our separate paths and both working with him on occasions since then! We even did a little jamming into the late hours of the nights, having fun together again. He presented us his latest CD entitled "PLAISANCE" Boy Oh Boy! Another "Master Piece" indeed. All 14 tracks are a "Must Hear". Don`t miss the release date and channels of publication! Here are some photos of his enjoyable visit with us.

On this note friends, bear in mind that my "Memoir FORWARD" will be published on the 1st of February 2018. Another little treat after the "Festive Season" that you deserve to have! (Smile)

In the meantime, take care!

Much Love & Respect!


(All Rights Reserved)

September 2017.

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Interview in Berlin - March 2017


My interview at Treffpunkt 24 in Berlin.


FORWARD - Marcia's autobiography


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Book Description
Marcia Barrett's memoir is much more than just a pop star autobiography - it is a charming, candid, laugh-out-loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and sheer force of will.





My Team And I After One Of Our Shows In Leipzig

My Dear Fanmily / Friends,

My Dear Fanmily / Friends, HO! HO! HO! It`s that special time of the year again "Christmas". Are you savouring all the yearly treats with the decorated lights and all the "EXCITEMENT" of the preparation to be with your love ones including your friends very much looking forward to next week?

I`m doing just that whilst awaiting the bright days, weeks, months and years to come that I can already smell the sweet essence in the air. MMMMMM very soothing indeed!

This is the time when we can glance back through the whole year and weigh up all that we have experienced. The GOOD - unfortunately the bad and the ugly. Our daily news from around the entire globe is not at all uplifting is it?

You know what friends? That`s when "HOPE" reminds us that all doors are still open for a "POSITIVE CHANGE" for our dreams to be answered, no matter how long it takes. To believe with "FAITH" is a very strong and mystical blessing to have.

I`m hoping that your weighing up balances off with lots of JOY, LOVE and most of all PEACE that has over powered any form of negativity that probably tried to sneak in your daily path!

I would like to mention that you are a big part of the "FORCE" behind me that enhances the "DRIVE" to stay "STRONG" and continue to walk through the battle field untouched! Thank you for your continuous support fanmily and you my personal friends.

You might have noticed on my website that I`ve written my "MEMOIR" and it will be published by next summer. Don`t forget to order your copy in time now! I`m delighted to be able to share with you some of my life`s experiences that couldn`t be fully expressed in the songs I`ve interpreted during my forty five years in the "Music Business".

NUFF gratitude to my "Team Mates" behind the scenes who are always in my corner and also to the chosen "Team Mates" that are on the road with me in presenting my shows professionally around the globe. WOW! I FEEL GOOD!

Marcus, here are some MORE  hugs and kisses for you. May God bless and keep you always!!!

Let me conclude this "Christmas" message and extend my sincere wishes for you to have a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and a HAPPY, HEALTHY "NEW YEAR" 2017. CHEERS!



All Rights Reserved: 18/12/16.


A Private Shot With Marcus And I After Another Show From Our Four Shows.  ( Leipzig 9th & 10th December 2016). 




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Coming to London aged thirteen from desperate poverty in Jamaica; pregnant at fifteen after being abused by a family friend; fifteen years later singing in Boney M, one of the biggest international groups of the late-1970s; a messy group split and millions in unpaid royalties during the 1980s; a 1990s solo career interrupted by six bouts of cancer - ovarian, breast, lymph node (twice), spine and oesophagus - and having to learn to walk again. Yet throughout Marcia Barrett has remained totally cheerful, relentlessly optimistic and a shining inspiration, looking on every obstacle as a mere inconvenience rather than anything insurmountable. Now, she is ready to tell her fantastic story, which is much more than just a pop star autobiography. It is a charming, candid, laugh-out-loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and total upfullness, often driven by sheer force of will. It is also that very rare thing in British publishing, a feelgood story for black women that has real significance among the UK's African-Caribbean population - there are very few middle-aged black women in this country (a keen book-buying demographic) who didn't, as youngsters, have hairbraiding copied from Marcia Barrett. But of course it has a mainstream audience too: the battles against cancer are relevant to all women, as is much of her early personal life and balancing looking after her mother and son with life on the road in Boney M.

Book Description
Marcia Barrett's memoir is much more than just a pop star autobiography - it is a charming, candid, laugh-out-loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and sheer force of will.

About the Author
Marcia Barrett, now relocated to Berlin, is still making music and touring both as a solo artist and as Boney M. Lloyd Bradley is one of the UK's leading experts on modern black music from Great Britain and Jamaica. He has written extensively on health and fitness and is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and broadcaster.





Fanmily - Friends!

Lend me an ear or better still, both ears whilst I`m sending you heart felt warm wishes for this summer. I`m hoping that you are lapping up every minute of the cool breeze being embraced by the hot sun whenever you can.

The world is in trouble right now with the day to day pain and sorrow that is thrown upon us from the cascade of mishaps that have evolved around us globally. It is like "Catching Us Off Guard" each time you listen to the news from the four corners of the world, which leaves us in a state of shock when all we want to do is to get on with our lives and make the most of it!

Let us not be in despair but must stay "STRONG" and continue to enjoy the positive things in life, giving thanks to every new day that we are "BLESSED" with. After the storm there must be a calm which will indeed inject a good portion of "Peace & Love", enough for all mankind to share and savour.

Well, just to let you know my dear friends that I`m keeping fine, "VIGAROUS" Firing on all twelve cylinders as usual, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!! and at the same time looking forward to a "Bright Future" with exciting projects that I`m preparing right now so to speak!

Oh! Oh! My "Double Cd" will be published when the right proposal is brought to the table from people who can get what I`m offering. Not to worry, it will happen without a doubt. The good thing is that this body of work is indeed timeless! Bear in mind that most of the songs are over thirty years old of which Marcus and I as well as the other patient collaborators went back into studious and added quite a few modern touches on the tracks! You are in for a long awaited treat and this is coming out of my mouth. OK? Go on S M I L E!

In the meantime, do enjoy the photos and remember that you are always in my thoughts. Let me also share with you that on the 20th instant, Marcus and I will be celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. We are looking forwards it immensely, I guess that we are both "Keepers" hey, how wonderful. Sure ain`t no "Hollywood marriage". You know what I mean?

Last but not least, I would like to THANK my entire team behind the scenes that have stood with me for decades with abundant support contributing lots of time and sincere efforts towards my "Exciting Career".

Another big THANK YOU to all my team from my roster of talented artistes that I have hand picked to assist me on stage, making our presentation of my shows a thrill each and every performance globally!

May "GOD BLESS" and KEEP you always. Fanmily / Friends, Much love and "WALK GOOD"!

Marcia - "Queen B".
(All Rights Reserved - August 2016)




Leaving Us Peacefully!

The first time I heard and eventually saw David Bowie on T.V growing up in Brixton-London, I became a fan instantly!

I loved his unique voice, his gentleman`s attire and the way he moved demonstrating his well written and arranged songs that injected total rhythm.

Not everybody gets the same gifts when we were created but this incredible man explored all corners of his talent in entertaining us "Globally" for over four decades.

Longevity is a big achievement in every business but in our field "Show Business" only a few of us can be acknowledged.

Mr. Bowie, you have made your mark superbly up until the release of your last CD "Black Star". The video for the track "Lazarus" brought light to us that you choose this way to say goodbye. What A Gentleman!!!

Marcus and I are sending our condolences to his wife Iman , his children including the rest of his family and of course we the FANS that have loved and followed his body of work over the decades and still mourning!

May you rest in Peace and continue your craft rejoicing in Heaven!

One Love!


January 13th 2016. (All Rights Reserved)


From Kiel to Bremerhaven - July 2015

My team and I had a show on a beautiful "Kreuzfahrt" from Kiel to Bremerhaven during the first week in July 2015.

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November 2nd 2015

"Act Now Jugend Award"

Marcus and I meeting Dr. Auma Obama, President Obama’s sister, at the “Act Now Jugend Award” which was held at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin.

Kim, the other lady, is a representative of the organization for World Peace.

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Christmas Note 2015_News 

Helloooooooo  Fanmily!


What will be cooking in the kitchen this Christmas? I`m sure something delicious full of festive spirit!


Here I am again feeling "BLESSED" to sit down for a special moment and more or less, have a fanmily chat with you. Let me hope that you are all keeping fine and dandy even in these days where our beautiful world is crumbling down around us one way or the other!


I feel as if I can share with you a few thoughts, developing into methods that I have injected into my day to day life, which has moleded me into the person I am over the years.


Live and Let Live, bear in mind that no other human being is better than you are being created in the same way. Tollerance, Respect for each other, Inner Peace and Love will indeed bring lots of "JOY" to your soul which leads into having a free conscience at all times.


Another New and Bright year will be dawning shortly upon us and guess what friends - I`m "READY" to embrace 2016, are you? I`ve got things to do and can`t wait! Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaa!


I`m going to conclude this note but before I do, it is indeed a pleasure to thank a few people that has stood and still standing in my corner over the years through THICK and Thin.


First and Foremost, my darling husband Marcus who has taken care of me with such love and devotion for over thirty one years of marital bliss. Thank you baby!


Danni Lange, Daniel Diezi, Shaun O`Shea, Valentin, Bonnie, Dermot, Denise and many many more friends from my "Fanmily Circle" during years of loyalty in supporting my work.


Let me also add a special "THANK YOU" to all my team mates from my roster of talented artistes, who are hand picked in helping me to present my shows globally.


Well, I`d like to say thank you friends for your patience. Good things comes to those who waits! A hasty man drinks water with a fork but a patient man uses a spoon. You know what I mean? (smile)


THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! Here`s wishing you a "Merry Christmas" and a Healthy and Prosperous "New Year 2016".


Peace And Love!



(All Rights Reserved)
December 2015.





 Warm Greetings Fanmily!


I'm feeling over-whelmingly honoured and blessed in having this opportunity in celebrating with you, our 40th anniversary. Thank you with my sincere love for making this prestigious experience possible.


You have proven that our songs with the right ingredients of good, melodic hook lines enhancing the blend of well demonstrated vocals along with creative fresh producing have paid off abundantly with our unique demonstrations within the arts.


Fanmily, let me make this statement that I'd like to imply. You are the "Magic Of Boney M" You went out to the stores, year after year and bought vinyl after vinyl, cassettes after cassettes, Cds after Cds as well as DVDs even through hard financial times going with the huge competition of other well talented artiste's globally during these forty years. WOW! you are truly loyal.


Now, with gratitude I'm giving you my "STANDING OVATION" Fanmily, I can actually see and feel you modestly accepting this mystical award which makes me feel good - just like when James Brown expressed himself in one of his master pieces "quote" I FEEL GOOD!!!


Sitting back down for a bit, I'd like to address our "Boney M" Diamonds Cd that is released to continue the flow of the M M M "Money Making Machine" for some people but unfortunately not for me - still experiencing "EXPLOITATION" who have worked so hard, a vital contribution for the SOUND and PERFORMANCES worldwide as well as my image with "STYLE, CLASS and GLAMOUR" (if I might modestly say so).


The presentation of "Diamonds" is as dark as the souls of the team who constructed it. I find it shady that a couple of so called new tracks are included without my vocals. OH! that's the new sound of "Boney M? I'm trying to figure out why the disrespect after our SOUND has done so well since 1976 until recordings ceased? Birds of a feather flock together, some amongst them are even chickens who can never reach and touch the "EAGLE" that soars high up in the skies!


This is also insulting "You The Fans Globally" them taking for granted that you wouldn't detect our "Original Sound. Well, I've never seen or heard of such liberties, even though I know that the "Music Business" is rough and tough.


Mind you dear friends, I'm happy that I was not a part of those recordings which I find quite weak and boring! One should only write, sing and produce when one is inspired, not when one is tired - you know what I mean? Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaa.


As to the Remixes on the third Cd called "Bonus tracks" was also a mishap. A wall of continuous NOISE! how loopy. Oh God help us please!please!


By the way, who is this strange individual posing on our Cd as if he also contributed to the work and image of "Boney M"? I don't know him or ever saw him in studio. Which hole did he pop out from? Maybe trying to get into the "Hall Of Fame"? I'm afraid, to achieve fame you have to work hard and take the bitter with the sweet. For me that's the last nail in the coffin.


Why not go and play in the traffic or jump in the lake, getting you calm for good. I can imagine that being a "Neuter Gender" idleness is aptly welcome. Things have really gotten into the shambles! I would have been more refreshed if my former team mates displayed current photos of themselves, wouldn't you agree?

Do enjoy my current photo taken two months ago, when we had a couple of winter days. I was ready to go out and Marcus wanted to take a snap as usual (smile).


Well friends let me conclude this note, wishing you a beautiful spring with Easter leading into summer having good HEALTH, real JOY, PEACE and LOVE! Stay tuned for some surprises OK?


One Love!

Marcia - Queen B. 

All Rights Reserved - 28/04/15.


Warm Christmas Greetings - 2014!


Dearest Fanmily and Friends,


Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way - can you hear them? What a beautiful sound of that special time of year again. Christmas is only a couple of days away but I have to say HELLO! as usual, which is a ritual for me over the years.


I enjoy keeping in touch with you by writing my notes on the occasions that I do because I know you read them even if we haven`t seen each other for years or not even having the chance to meet face to face as yet, which is always a possibility with GOD`S will. Let`s keep HOPE ALIVE!


Let me sincerely hope that everybody are keeping well and on top of life`s game with all the sad, disappointing news globally that is fed down our throats day after day when we least expect such mental turbulences but have to deal with it in our way, which is the only way. I find it a good method in keeping the FAITH, with some TOLERANCE which enhances PEACE and LOVE for each other.


My team and I have just arrived back from Cyprus where we presented another heart fulfilling show that was enthusiastically received from "Boney M" fans in Cyprus. OH! what a lovely country. The people are very warm and peacefully natured, which gave me a certain calm after a stressful journey with four flights in three days. Our show made up for everything though and we enjoyed the entire trip. Thank you Cyprus for your kind hospitality during our stay.


Now Fanmily! let me give you an insight of what`s delaying the release of my "Double CD" entitled "SEASONS". I`m searching for publishers who can get what I have to offer after so many years in the "Music Business" with experience in doing my job with perfection.


I`ll go on to say that it seems as if these A & R representatives are not OR do not understand to market a "BODY OF WORK" instead of just a single, thrown out on the market every six weeks - like the "FAST FOOD" conveyer belt productions rather than having a nutritious meal with a good glass of wine , being enhanced with a lovely atmosphere.


I have "Total Respect" for my work with my husband Marcus and all the established  composers, musicians and performing artistes who collaborated on this seasoned 40 tracks "Double Cd" because they trusted me with their songs to re-produce or to portray them which they composed for me  as an established songstress / composer and entertainer.


At this point of my career, I will not be abused any longer with this digital exploitation that has taken over our "Music Business". I can wait and I know that you can, in trusting my faith that the right time is indeed neigh for us to enjoy the fulfilment thereof. This body of work is indeed timeless so we don`t have to rush to get on the band wagon of today. The race is not for the swift but for those who will get to the winning point, no matter if it takes a bit longer!


Let me leave that chapter for now until I can announce the arrival of our "CD" when GOD permits dear fanmily and friends. Let`s look forward to celebrating a "Merry Christmas" and a Healthy, Happy "New Year" 2015. On this note, sing together with me "Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad - Prospero año y Felizidad!


To all my team mates behind my websites including my "Facebook" page as well as all my other team mates who are contributing to my "Solo Project" with me on stage - a "BIG THANK YOU" with GOD`s BLESSINGS!




(All Rights Reserved: December 2014)



(Autumn 2014)


Greetings Fanmily,


How are you keeping? I`m hoping very well and that you are enjoying this special time of year. I`ve been enjoying a couple of personal occasions with Marcus, like our thirtieth "Wedding Anniversary" in August and last week my birthday on the fourteenth which was quite EXCITING!


I hereby want to thank everybody that signed with their warm wishes in my guestbook and my "Facebook" page as well as all the phone calls and E-Mails I received from dear friends the entire day. I felt very special and enjoyed every minute of the day. I love birthdays and look forward to everyone like a child! Our celebrations are going to take us into Marcus`s birthday which will be the 25th instant.


To all the "Librans" born under the 7th sign of the zodiac in astrology and "Scorpions" under the 8th sign of the zodiac, I would like to say BIG UP! and "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! Ha Ha Haaaaaa.


Let me share a bit of my latest activities with you. My team and I presented shows in a few countries during the summer - leading into this lovely autumn. We had three shows in July taking us to Venice, Rome and Milan. It was so lovely to be in Italy again performing and meeting long time FANS for the very first time which was a thrill indeed.


One of the highest moment was when Kurt, stood in front of Marcus and I, who we hadn`t seen for thirty years since we took our marital vows in Montego Bay - Jamaica, when he attended our ceremony. Now, listen to this! Kurt flew all the way from Atlanta - Georgia to see us in Rome when he learnt that we were going to be there. I cannot express the joy we had to re-kindle with him after so many years! What laughter we had going into our Jamaican patois when the three of us were alone.


After that we had a show in Switzerland - Kloten for the "Ice Hockey Club" there and met up with Daniel Diezi which was so lovely to have been able to see him. The photos that are displayed on my "Facebook" page on stage was from that concert and was taken by Ta Ta Lorenzo. Funny enough, we had another show beginning of last month in Zürich when Marcus and I  had the pleasure of meeting Daniel`s parents for the very first time and Daniel again. Daniel dear! you have "Awesome" parents! The evening together on the 5th was sooooooo enjoyable!


Prior to our Swiss concerts we had a show in "Riga" at the "Beach Resort Hotel" which was also enjoyable and would go back anytime. After the last show in Zürich, we went back to beautiful "Venice" for a private wedding party, presenting our show in the same hotel that George Clooney usually reside when he visits Venice. We were there two weeks before his wedding. What a MISS! (smile)


Back in June "Massive Attack" gave a concert in Berlin and Marcus and I were invited by his niece "Debroah Miller" who is one of their vocalists for years. We were introduced to the established Jamaican singer "Horace Andy" who is also a long time vocalist for the group and the American actor " Delroy Lindo" in the V I P lounge after the show. We enjoyed that most awfully!


I can see that you are enjoying the postings of my two latest clips for my "Dance For Peace Movement" with the "I C D" crew and the interview on the "MS BERLIN" which was quite informative as well as getting down to a bit of "Nitty - Gritty" regarding the "Rough" imitations out there on the market of "Boney M". Where were they during all our recordings and intense PR work for so many years GLOBALLY?


At this point I`d like to thank you for your attentive support that each one of you my "Fanmily" have shown me during my entire career through thick and thin! Enjoy the photos that we have taken on the road just for you as a little treat!


Danni and Daniel, you two are doing a "FANTASTIC JOB" in running my "Facebook" page, thank you, thank you and thank you!  Valentin, you are a champ, thanks for all your efforts with the Boney M site!!! On that note, I`ll simply close for now in case this note gets too long! (smile then laugh)


Many Blessings!


(All Rights Reserved - October 2014)




At this point of my career, I`d like to make this statement that everybody should know, especially the agents that have been working with me "GLOBALLY" in presenting my "Boney M" show.

After coming back to Europe in 2005, I decided to take charge of my own business, of course with my small team of people who have supported me over the years, in setting up my booking website on my behalf as well as my official websites which includes my "FACEBOOK PAGE".

The point that I really want to make clear is that I`m working with several agents but at the same time, I`m not contracted to any one of them. No agent should use the term "EXCLUSIVE" because that is totally false information which unfortunately is sending  out the "WRONG MESSAGE".

My terminology of the situation is that I`m a "FREELANCE" artiste who manages herself - including "BOOKINGS GLOBALLY" welcoming any booking agent who knows how to seal a gig efficiently. This is quite a new side of the business for me but have chosen to work this way for now.

To sum up everything I must admit that I`m totally "FED UP" of the all round "EXPLOITATION". I`ve learnt my lesson well. There is no "EXCLUSIVE" tag on "SHOWTIME with Marcia Barrett Of "Boney M". I`m opened for respectful business mannerism. For contacts regarding the topic, go to "Contact Info" on the

Peace & Love! Marcia.

June 26th 2014.

(All Rights Reserved)