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Colin Jamieson from Edinburgh wrote on 17. January 2018 at 19:54:
This site really brought back great memories for me when I was younger – Thank You!


David Alexanders from Manchester wrote on 17. January 2018 at 8:49:
Love this site – it brought back lots of good memories of the music. Now added to my favourites! Dave


Daniele Ortelli from Gallarate Italy wrote on 18. November 2017 at 0:58:
Thanks Thanks Thanks Marcia. You live in my ? Italy november 2017


Michael Gewehr from Kaiserslautern wrote on 14. October 2017 at 15:59:
Meine Liebe Marcia, ALLES Gute zum Geburtstag und hauptsächlich GESUNDHEIT !


Albert CAMARA from Conakry Guinée wrote on 14. October 2017 at 14:58:
Bonjour Marcia Une joie incommensurable pour moi pour la découvert votre site. le groupe Boney M m’a émerveillé avec tant d’autres amis(es)lors des soirées dansantes en 1979 – 1981 quand nous étions à l’Universté. Bonjour à Liz et Maisie à Frank;repos de l’âme de Boby Farell Amen!


William Anthony from Tucson wrote on 27. September 2017 at 13:36:
I spent 15 years as a DJ, and I never played or heard this wonderful music on the radio. I came across this two days ago, and the music is so uplifting and a pleasure to my ears. This group had an incredible harmony together. I would love to see the remaining group in concert someday. I am saddened by the passing of Bobby at such at early age. He is singing with the angels now. Thank you for all of your wonderful music


Mark Stout from Tokoroa, New Zealand wrote on 17. June 2017 at 5:35:
Any chance of Boney M featuring Marcia Barrett coming to New Zealand? I’ve seen Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell (2002) and Boney M featuring Maizie Williams (2015 and 3 nights ago) and it would be could to see ur version too.


Johan kuiper from Utrecht wrote on 8. April 2017 at 12:07:
You 3 Boney M. Ladies ever come together in a concert?


Music World from Kleve wrote on 7. April 2017 at 22:01:
Heard your earlier solo-single Could be Love.I find it your best work ever !Often is the oldest work the best.


Kakhaber from Gori wrote on 27. March 2017 at 4:43:
Dear Marcia ! I, your long-time fan of Georgia.You do not be able to send me your autograph? My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. 1400 Gori, Georgia. Kakhaber Saralidze. Sincerely. Kakhaber Saralidze . Georgia.


Prabath Kulatilake from Colombo, Sri Lanka wrote on 31. January 2017 at 10:18:
I love Boney M songs so much and you were the symbol of Love among the members of Boney M. Thanks a lot endow unforgettable songs to the world. We are also miss you lot as Sri Lankan. Wish you a long live with happiness and joy.


Carlos from Spain wrote on 19. December 2016 at 7:11:
I love the message, as I do every year before Christmas. But this year, for personal reasons, your message of HOPE and FAITH are more important to me than ever. Thank you for your art and inspiration. I hope that you and your fanmily will have many bright days, weeks, months and years in the future, all together. Love you! One Love, Marcia!


Miriam A. Trowers from Washington DC 20009 wrote on 17. November 2016 at 0:53:
My Dear Marcia. Greetings to you and all in your family. I hope you have received my Happy Birthday Greeting. Well my dear When I miss you I go to your website and watch you and your Team of Dancers. I would like you to know that you are loved and admired, and you are an Inspiration to the world, and all who loves you. One Love. Miriam A. Trowers.


CARLOS from BILBAO-SPAIN wrote on 12. November 2016 at 8:10:
Dear Marcia: I never have the chance to give thanks for the music you did with Boney M, earlies 70s. For me the group was the begining in a new way and fresh music. So many thanks to all the singers and Boney M crew for the beautiful moments I spent hearing your songs.
Roberto from Porto Alegre, Brazil wrote on 4. November 2016 at 1:30:
Hello Marcia. I was only 15. The year was 1978 and I became crazy in love with Boney M. To this day, it is my favorite musical group ever. There isn’t a word to describe the feeling I have when I listen to your voice. It brings so much good memories I could die of happiness. I really hope this message finds you well. Because I never had a chance to see Boney M. performing, I would love to meet you in person. It would mean so much to me and my family. I an from Brazil but now I live in the USA. Please let me know which part of the world you live and I would go there to meet you. My wife (she’s american) learned from me and also became a fan of yours. Wishing you happiness. Thank you.
Radka Hubatova from Prague wrote on 14. October 2016 at 19:39:
Dear Marcia, I wish you a happy birthday. You have an amazing voice and music. I like listening to your songs and songs of Boney M. I am your big fan, and I will always be.
Michael Gewehr from Kaiserslautern wrote on 14. October 2016 at 17:14:
Happy Birthday liebe Marcia u.Gesundheit !!!
Gregor Meroño from Vilassar De Dalt wrote on 13. October 2016 at 19:22:
Happy Birthday lovely Marcia,Deseo te encuentres bien y disfrutes este dia especial junto a Marcus, besos desde barcelona.
Miriam A. Trowers from Washington, DC 20009 wrote on 5. October 2016 at 17:43:
My Dear Marcie: I am wishing you a happy birthday even before it arrives. Oh my dear,I can see that God have made you beautiful for a reason. YOU HAVE INSPIRED SO MANY PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. I AM HAPPY TO BE ALIVE TO TELL YOU THIS. PLEASE SAY HELLO TO YOUR DEAR HUSBAND, FOR ME. ONE LOVE; YOUR FRIEND MIRIAM YOUR SCHOOL FRIEND MIRIAM



Miguel Mourelle from Düsseldorf wrote on 29. September 2016 at 13:43:
Hallo Marcia,ich war in meine kindheit ein rieseger fan von Boney M.Marcia war meine favoriten,Ich habe heute mit 50 jahre alle von Boney M lps,singles,maxi s usw.Heute sehe ich alles anders und bin schon sehr traurig was aus Boney M geworden ist.Liz betreibt immer noch seine auftritte fernsehen u.sw. als wäre Sie Boney M .Aber nein Boney M sind Marcia,Maizei,bobby,und liz.Auch die sendung von carmen wo liz einen ehre bekommen hat und ein neuer song präsentiert hat song of joy wo sie sehr wenig gesungen hat.Das hat mich verletz,den nur die wahre Fans wiesen wer Boney M ist.Der tot von Bobby hat mich sehr bestürtz. Ich möchte Boney M so behalten wie in den 70 und 80er jahre bis zum ende war ich von euch begeistert.Über Frank farian möchte ich nicht sagen aber er war kein guter mensch.Was mit MILLI Vanilli geschah,und so vielles schlechtes was er gemacht hat. Marcia du wars immer meine Favorite und hoffe das du all das beste erlebst in deine zukunft.


Andrew Grenenger from Qamea Fiji wrote on 24. September 2016 at 8:56:
Bula Marcia, Andrew here from Fiji… Can you believe it’s been 10 years since our festival? I’ve started up a resort in Fiji these days… Waruka Bay Resort… If you feel like getting away from the rat race for a bit drop me a line..we’ve found paradise here & yes it does exist… 70’s Jamaica without the political aspect I’m guessing. Would love to have you stay as a treat from an old friend… Love & life beautiful soul, sorry it’s been a while between drinks… It took a while to get rolling again after the festival… But I can see clearly now… Love to Marcus & hope all’s grand with love, health & outlook… Andrew.


Christine from Mississauga ontario wrote on 24. September 2016 at 1:22:
This is my first time of researching you on line and have over the years listened to your music and I might add have enjoyed it. My reason for looking for you on line is that I have befriended your sister Dawn who is now living in Toronto and has resently undergone back surgery, she is doing really well and walks without help.


Enrique Alba from Spain wrote on 18. August 2016 at 23:15:
I love your smile…


HENNION Jean-Marie from Armentières 59 France wrote on 10. April 2016 at 15:54:
Hello, I saw you in my city in 1991. I love Boney M since the beginning. Jean-Marie.


Titus Gatere Gachuhi from NAIROBI wrote on 5. April 2016 at 17:04:
Hello Marcia.My name is Titus and Iam an ardent fan of your music.I wish to commend you for your great works over the years.I hope you are all doing well in your various aspects of life.Your 1978 Kenya concert is still deeply embedded in our memories.Once again, we wish you the best.Can you consider a Kenyan visit as a trio one of these fine Christmas holidays.Your songs are the signature reminder to us that Christmas is around the corner. God bless.


Ksenya from Rostov-on-Don wrote on 13. February 2016 at 17:42:
Hello! I am your big fan of Russian ! I love tsozhdannuyu group you often listen to . I’d love to get an autograph from you ! My address : Dolomanovsky d.155 Rostov- on-Don Russia 344013


Kakhaber from Gori wrote on 30. December 2015 at 15:21:
Dear Marcia ! Please autograph requests. Thank you. Kakhaber Saralidze Dimitriy Kipiani street, House 18, flat 49. 1400 Gori Georgia. 30.12.2015


Date:   10/14/2015, 5:35 am, EDT
Name:   Carlos
Number:   293

Happy Birthday, Marcia!
I hope you a have a wonderful and happy B-day!
And that you will celebrate a lot more birthday parties in the future.
We love you!


Date:   10/12/2015, 11:28 am, EDT
Name:   Emile
Number:   292

I hope you have a nice birthday on 14
I hope that you and Marcus reach the
20000 lightyears before you leave
Planet earth to be taken to wilde.
Planet as said in your song exodus but than some years later where they
Quaranree freedom and health for
Alleternaty just relax


wilfred van van vugt from leeuwarden the netherlands wrote on 29. November 2015 at 21:17:
Hi Marcia,I am Wilfred van Vugt. I wrote the song ”Let it all be music”. We did a photo-shoot in Scheveningen at the Kurhaus I think it was 1981 or 1982. I wonder if you still have those pics.they’re very important to me.I somehow lost these pictures over the years. I also wonder how you are doing with your carrer.still performing I hope.well,I’m still writing songs so you’re welcome. I hope to hear from you soon.bye for now,God bless you.


Date:   9/11/2015, 5:42 pm, EDT
Name:   peggy
Number:   291

Diamands dvd & cd both fantasic.
Really good new songs-song of joy & franky is still on the run.great that there. After so many years booney m. More gold the last before (think of lady codiva) that there is now new music.i also like the new remixes’they are not so good as the old singels and also not so good as the mega-mix from the zfd fake show 10 jahre boney m.I find last one the best soud-
Hopely you get in the future a real solo. Top hit like the one of diana worwick (with the beegees)your boney m. Show’I don`t like it you
Opreating on daddy cool or rivers of babylon.daddy cool is bobby
rivers of babylon is liz
You dd singon the singels backing-vocals but i see you for a better performance singing your own songs from the albums during a show as a great singer from boney m. And not
As boney mAnyhow many succes in everthing.


Date:   9/1/2015, 5:12 pm, EDT
Name:   marcella
Number:   290

Elvis presley. – boney m.
Who will be the third original showman.i quess no bobby and boney m stays the basic of now todays show in the music/dance scene for the world’s rest time


Date:   8/26/2015, 9:51 am, EDT
Name:   ronnie
Number:   289

Take the heat of silent lover, King of the rode tank you for your great singing ,s,s


Date:   8/23/2015, 5:45 pm, EDT
Name:   jessica
Number:   288

Liz can say what she wants on tv but the scandal members of boney m. Are not bobby and maizie but
lIZ and Frank!!!!!!!!the first single liz
Was not in picture on tv and she is the
Only one out a big group who has no
Solo success!!!!!!
The best of the best boney m- is
The version of josephine baker.
that was the only reborned boney m.
Who had something!
Liz having succes by bobby and
Than talking him into the ground
Seeing on rtl 4 by liz mitchell-
Rivers of babylon- and believe me
There were people who believed
That only bobby did sing!!!!!!


Date:   8/22/2015, 7:04 pm, EDT
Name:   jessica
Number:   287

Boney m. In switserland.
What is bobby a good dancer in


Date:   8/3/2015, 12:50 pm, EDT
Name:   jenny kuup
Number:   286

The singer of the coombay dance band said  “boney m that is nothing!!!!!why did he than made the
Sound of rivers of babylon’mary’s boy child and boat of the river and also cover some showelements of boney m.????????wright!!!just for the money’
Boney m. Producer did also produce
Wann er schon in das geld swimmte!!!!!!so boney m. Had a heart
In the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date:   7/21/2015, 12:45 pm, EDT
Name:   curt janssen
Number:   285

Best. Album. Love. For. Sale
The. B-side_!!
Under. The. Level. Performance
Countdown. Voo. Nl. 79
Not. Strange. That. The. Succes. In. Nl. Went. As. First. Down
Why. Never. One. Live. Vocal in
She”s. Crazy. Like. A. Fool!
Who. Is. She????????liz,marcia of you???????


Date:   7/19/2015, 11:23 am, EDT
Name:   curt. Janssen
Number:   284

Dear. Marcia!!!!!!!!
My personal lists for. You!!!!!
The. Best. Quality. Songs
1. . Sunny
2. Never change lovers in the
Middle. Of the. Night
3. Motherless child
4. Boonoonoonoos
5. Love. For. Sale
6. New. York. City
7. Where. Did. You. Go
Shit. Songs:
1.bang. bang. Lulu
2.sad. movies
3. Oceans. Of. Fantasy
4.bye,bye. Blue Bird
5. Dreadlocks. Holiday,with only
Frankysboys. Voice
Best. Hits
1. Sunny. 2. Daddy. Cool
3. Gotta go. Home. 4.Rasputin
5. Kalimda. De. Luna
Best. Member. Bobby
Best. Voice. Marcia
Most. Beauty. Maize
Liz is,was. Perfect t. For. Boney. M.,
But she is not a. Star. As. Shirley
Bassey. Or. Diana. Ross!!!!!!
Most. Replaceable. Member
Since. 1980
Frankyboy!!!!! What do. You
Think of. D.I.s.c.o. and. Hands up
From Ottawa!!!!!that should be the
Boney. M. Songs in that. Year!!!


Date:   7/8/2015, 10:06 am, EDT
Name:   Sandra, the netherlands
Number:   283

I read in this book your vision
About diamands. You tells that
You dont like the new song
Joy and that you were Not
Invited to sing,its a crying shame,!
And no Roaylities
But in PRESS
Boney m. Producer farian parties
40 years alone
Yea, who wants to party which such a bad quy
Bobby kimball, keith forsy?
Diter Thomas heck, Andrew
Kiezels? Queen elisabeth, fax
Morgan?Thomas gottschalk,qilla
Maizie Williams? His dougther
Nicola of His died songwriter FRED.
WWhat did make hij so bad?
Even boney m man
Bobby farrell doesnt stand up
Out of His Grave to party wit
Him! ,,,,,,,!,,,,


Date:   7/6/2015, 12:22 pm, EDT
Name:   Jenny kuup
Number:   282

Did. See. The Video Josephine Bäcker
Fantastisch!The best Video oft YouTube!why was Frank so stupid
To cancell that Super Produkt?to
End that?


Date:   7/4/2015, 11:11 am, EDT
Name:   Marc Jayholland
Number:   281

Hey. Nog. Live. Concerten on tv!
The reiniging,the. Musici,the spinning,verrotting is bitter!


Date:   6/5/2015, 12:25 pm, EDT
Name:   Gabor Kiralyszeki

Number:   280

Dear Marcia !
In 1975 I was 3 years “old”, but my first single was daddy cool, and with Your wonderfol voice: Lovin’ or Leavin’. In socialist Hungary was impossible buy Your singles and LP-s, only from Jugoslawia…. But, the music of Boney M. was the freedom and happyness for us, for me too ! Thank You, thank You for the songs, thank You for Your voice, thank You for visiting to Hungary. I love You forever !!!! Your fan and friend from Hungary: Gabor


Date:   5/9/2015, 8:45 am, EDT
Name:   provi artache

Number:   279

I always remember you and hubby with love iam celebraiting my 75 birthday on may 19 and iwanted to share with you will love to chat withyou my #772-878-3842 love you both


Date:   4/2/2015, 3:17 pm, EDT
Name:   andrew birch

Number:   278

Hi Marcia just like to say been watching your interviews on youtube of your life and career before boney m and during boney m and your solo career and found them very uplifting and intresting , also hoping to hear more music from you very soon , i grew up listening to your music for years as boney m , also hope you are well , yours sincealey andrew birch xx


Date:   3/30/2015, 2:03 am, EDT
Name:   Jaime Javier

Number:   277

Saludos Doña Marcia Yo creci escuchando sus voz, en sus canciones maravillosas, le envío mis respetos y mi admiración.


Date:   3/25/2015, 6:35 am, EDT
Name:   Ali Fayez alahmad

Number:   276

l hope we hear your God given strong, golden womanly voice in the heavens in Paradise with the children of Paradise. Unforgettable, unforgettable matchless delicious voice especially in Belfast.
Please, please write to me eithereventhough 1 line.

20th Nov. 2014 – 23:42:04|Mis Siis|Marcia oled siin maailmas parim ,mis on siin juhtunud,Kui vaatan Su esinemesi ,pilte YOUTBE -s tundub et,tunneks Sind juba aastaid .Kurb .kuid pidulik,Marcia oled samas nii lähedal ,ja samas nii kaugelAustan .armastan Sind Marcia


11th Nov. 2014 – 08:26:57|Carlos |From Spain| Marcia, I love your letters, they are so nice and warm. Thank you for sharing your activities, the business and your happy private life with us. We appreciate and we love you so much! I´m so proud to be part of your Fanmily and only wish you come back to Spain soon. ONE LOVE!


09th Nov. 2014 – 23:08:51|Anne Demercado| Happy belated birthday to you Marcia. Wesley and I have been trying to reach you but we’ve lost the number we had and not able to make contact with any of the family. Hope you are currently in better health.


Date:   10/14/2014, 2:10 pm, EDT
Name:   Judit Gabor

Number:   275

I wish you a happy-happy-happy Birthday dear Marcia! With much love: Judit from Budapest (Hungary)


Date:   10/14/2014, 7:30 am, EDT
Name:   Carlos
Number:   274

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Barrett!
We all love you!!


13th Oct. 2014 – 14:10:31|Veronica Haynes|Blessings and love. Dearest Marcie – I wanted to ensure I did not miss your Special Day tomorrow, so am sending these birthday greetings early, with lots of love. Even though we haven’t seen each other in years, with a friendship spanning over half a century (lol), I will always consider you one of my closest and dearest friends. I wish you continued happiness, success and blessings. Affectionately, Veronica


Date:   10/1/2014, 1:29 am, EDT
Name:   Thushara De Silva

Number:   273

hi…. Marcia,
I am very glad to send this message because BoneyM is one of my favorite Group and I have been a fan of yours since my child hood, Now I am 45 still I love BoneyM
Sri Lanka


17th Sep. 2014 – 00:11:54|Edwin Retief|Hello |Marcia Do you remember me? You wanted to buy my house in Kingswood England. I live in Scottsdale AZ and would like to hear from you. Edwin


Date:   8/20/2014, 7:20 pm, EDT
Name:   Kurt Hanson

Number:   272

My dearest Marcia and Marcus. August 20, 1984, in the presence of your closest and dearest friends, I stood beside you both and watched you profess your love and joined hands in Holy Matrimony. I am so honored and blessed to be here 30 years later to share in this joyous occasion. Looking back at our reunion in May, and watching you both together, I know you saw the tears of joy. I love you both so much and I hope to see you soon. You are always in my heart, my thoughts and prayers…Your Little Brother….Kurt


11th Jul. 2014 – 11:22:13|EVANS KANINI|I feel greatly honored to write this message to you, our lovely queen, Marcia Barrett. I will never forget you all my life, after discovering you and your great talent in the 70’s, as one of the original members of the world famous and mighty Bony M music group, which is very likeable and unforgettable in the history of music.

Marcia Barrett, God bless you! You are one of the best singers the world has ever produced and one of the best voices in music. You are one of the best we’ve ever had.

I remember you everyday, and I really respect and like you very much. You make me happy every time I watch you performing your iconic hit song, ‘Take the Heat Of Me’, which will never die at all. This song is a classic, one of the best ever in life. You are a genius, a creator who crafted this beautiful song which has touched millions hearts around the world.

Whenever I watch and listen to this song, I feel very refreshed in my heart. I will always remember you together with Liz Mitchell as you have made me very happy in life.

Let us be grateful to those who make us happy in life. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Sorry for the shocking death of our dear brother Bobby Farrel. I was in a hotel in Nairobi reading a newspaper one day when I saw his picture and story that he had died in Russia. I was shocked and I could not believe what I was reading.

I thank you, Liz Mitchell and Maizie Williams for reuniting during his burial which was really admired by millions of people around the world.

Marcia Barrett, you are an inspiration, inspiring mankind in very special ways. I am very happy writing to you.

Even though we will never meet, I have your pictures and music videos which I keep watching and listening to.

Stars like you are hard to come by. So, Madam, I wish you a long life on earth and very good health.

May you live to blow a million candles. Bye bye and God bless you. Thank you and nice day, Marcia Barrett!

Warm Regards,

Evans Kanini, Nairobi, Kenya.


Date:   7/2/2014, 4:53 pm, EDT
Name:   Hannah Dixon

Number:   271

Dear Marcia,
You cannot begin to know the impact that your music has had (personally) and I believe on the world. I recently went through a very, bad time and it was the music of Boney M that I pulled up and it took me through many dark days – thank God I have come through. Hope you are doing o.k. Love you lots! Hannah.


Date:   6/26/2014, 3:42 pm, EDT
Name:   richard

Number:   270

Hi Marcia, hope that all is well with you. Can u give us an update on your activities? You have been quiet for a very long time. X


Date:   6/14/2014, 4:23 pm, EDT
Name:   DJ Gravdal
Number:   269

Dearest Marcia! I’m a 50 yr male from Norway and hobby musician that grew up with Boney M in the 70s and 80s. I loved the songs then and have recently rediscovered the treasures you and your bandmates recorded…and especially the tracks you sing the lead …absolutely fabulous. I’m a BIG fan of your voice and your appearances. Very impressive to hear about your fights against cancer. I wish you well and healthy days in the future to come. Best regards!


30th May. 2014 – 22:27:29|Aidan |Thank you|Dear Marcia,

Because of the wonders of the world wide web I was able to see some wonderful Boney M. performances through the years and a few interviews with you, and between you and me, you were always my favorite member of Boney M., because of your voice and your charisma which I even as a kid recognize. And now in the interviews and a reading you gave not so long ago I see what a inspireing, positive, strong woman you are.

Thank you for lighting up my life for many, many years with your music. I write blogs and I felst I had to make one about you, it is in Dutch, but there is a translatebutton 🙂

With love,



Date:   5/22/2014, 1:57 am, EDT
Name:   Kurt Hanson


Number:   268

Marcia: My name is Kurt Hanson and I was the Asst Front Office Manager at the Half Moon Hotel where you and Marcus had your wedding in August 1984. There was a news article about the wedding dated August 30, 1984 in which myself, you and Marcus and my colleague Angela Reid were pictured. I was contacted by someone in Jamaica doing a retrospect and Marcia, I had no clue what he was talking about until I received the photo and original Daily Gleaner article. I can’t believe it was 30 years ago!! A very beautiful photo which looked like I was the bestman and Angela, your maid-of-honor. Anyway, I just wanted to reconnect and to say hello. Right after your wedding, I went to the USA and got hired by Pan Am Airways and in January, I retired from the airlines after 30 years. So, if you are still performing, I would love to come to one of your performances. Wherever you are, I still have lifetime flight benefits for free.


Date:   5/6/2014, 10:33 pm, EDT
Name:   Lenore Wallace

Number:   267

I Marcia I sent you a Email earlier, did you get? I hope you will get this one.


Date:   4/9/2014, 12:43 am, EDT
Name:   Karlene Robertson

Number:   266

Hi Marcia: I’ve always wanted to get in touch with you. I’m still working at the bank. Love and God bless you


9th Apr. 2014 – 05:05:17|Karlene Robertson. Happy to see you|So glad to get in touch with you. Over joyed that both Marcus and yourself are doing good. Thanks to technology. Watched an interview you had some time ago. Leaving you now it’s 1:00 am in Florida. God bless you my Jamaican sister. Love and keep in touch


Date:   3/14/2014, 7:25 am, EDT
Name:   Nastya

Number:   265

Dear Marcia Barrett, I like the song Boney M. My grandfather often includes listening to your songs, I’d love to get your photo with your autograph. Thank you. I love you and wish you happiness.

Date:   12/30/2013, 12:04 pm, EDT
Name:   janet wanyonyi

Number:   264

Dear Marcia,i was wa a fan of boney m while growin ,i have Thoroughly enjoyed all boney m songs and had so much admiration for you and the group ,too bad farrel is no more may his soul RIP . Thanks forr making my childhood memorable and my adulthood wonderful ,God bless n keep you for long .yout biggest fan janet from Kenya




Date:   11/23/2013, 9:55 am, EDT
Name:   Sam
Number:   263

Thank you!


6th Nov. 2013 – 20:31:52|Richard h|hope you are ok|Dear Marcia, it worries me when you go silent. For months it seemed as if we were building up to your much anticipated album and then everything went quiet. Please let us know that you are ok and that the album will be with us soon. Richard.


21st Oct. 2013 – 09:36:45|John Healy|Belated Happy Birthday !|Dear Marcia, I hope that you are happy and well and busy ! Can’t wait until we get your new album to enjoy – belated Happy Birthday with loves’n’hugs from Dublin x


14th Oct. 2013 – 17:35:42|Irina Malenko|#|Happy Birthday!!!|

Dearest Marcia!

A very happy birthday to you from your fan since the age of 9 (and I am 46 now!) and my whole family! 2 years ago I sadly lost my daughter who was just 18; she loved your music immensely too. When I listen to your songs now, it always brings back memories of her as well as of my own happy childhood and the life path that I have taken. We wish you good health, happiness, inspiration and many joyful days and years to come! I really would love to send you a small gift, even if just by email, but I don’t know how. I recently have written a novel which is a sort of memoir, but an adventurous one. Boney M was and is a big part of my life, and you will see from my book what influence did you all have on me when I was growing up in the USSR. Please let me know how can I email my book to you?

Warm hugs and lots of love,



14th Oct. 2013 – 09:25:51|Carlos |From Spain|Dear Marcia!

I hope you have a very good and happy day with Marcus and the people you love. Yours fans will celebrate it with you too deep in our hearts.


Date:   10/14/2013, 9:17 am, EDT
Name:   denise southworth

Number:   262

Just to wish the BEAUTIFUL Marcia, a very happy birthday and many more to come!!


Date:   10/14/2013, 5:26 am, EDT
Name:   Carlos
Number:   261

Dear Marcia!
I hope you have a very good and happy day with Marcus and the people you love. Yours fans will celebrate it with you too deep in our hearts.


Date:   10/8/2013, 3:56 pm, EDT
Name:   Emeka Ezechukwu

Number:   260

Dear Marcia, was a fan of boney m while growin up in the 70s and 80s. Thoroughly enjoyed all boney m songs and had so much admiration for you. Thanks forr making my childhood memorable,God bless n keep you.


22nd Sep. 2013 – 13:17:22 Richard Hingston|New Album|Hi marcia, when can we have some news on the new album, It feels like an awful long time coming.


Date:   9/20/2013, 4:59 pm, EDT
Name:   Karsten

Number:   259

Hey Marcia!
Schade, das es Boney M nicht mehr gibt, aber vielen
Dank für die Siebziger!
Als Teenager war ich immer in sie verliebt! Alees Gute für Sie!


5th Aug. 2013 – 15:38:39|Carlos From Spain|Marcia! How happy six hours you spent together with Eddy! I´m happy you met after such a long time! You look so gorgeous in the pics…

Just by coincidence, I´m listening to some songs from Eddy Grant lately this summer…

A big hug from Spain.


Date:   7/23/2013, 12:44 pm, EDT
Name:   Gerhardo

Number:   258



Date:   5/23/2013, 11:09 pm, EDT
Name:   Marcio Soares

Number:   257

Maizie, Marcia, Liz e Bobby fazem parte de minha vida. Principalmente na juventude. Inclusive Botei o nome de minha Filha de Marcia. Que Deus lhes dê em dobro, tudo que voces me proporcionaram. Abçs no coração.


Date:   4/11/2013, 2:45 pm, EDT
Name:   Miriam A. Trowers

Number:   256

Dear marcie;
your new song is brilliant.
I watched you and all the dancers, on youtube


Date:   3/17/2013, 5:42 am, EDT
Name:   Carlos
Number:   255

Hello Marcia, I have just bought your new single. You Can´t Fight While You´re Dancing is full of good energy and I love the message…my feet just move here at the PC…And Smile brings me memories of my trip to Jamaica. Just love it too. Thank you for your new songs, your enthusiasm and energy are just contagious. Your fans love you!


Date:   3/16/2013, 1:06 pm, EDT
Name:   Frank (the one you met 2002 in Bad Kreuznach)

Number:   254

hey you rockin’ lady! your new song “cant fight..” is brilliant. I admire you for your consequence in making music. you are the only member that brings fresh and high quality music. always full of variety also…dont stop, cherie. would you be interested in a accoustic concert, just your voice plus guitar? I will overtake a event location where regular concerts take place. but its not that big (space for around 100 people). but wouldnt that be nice to interpret your songs in that way? can imagine that quite well…rock on! frank (greets from my wife nicole, dont know if you remember…)




Date:   2/28/2013, 8:01 pm, EDT
Name:   Alfredo

Number:   253

Hola Princess Marcia :
Full of hope, I wait for a face than makes the dark days go and sunny days come here.


26th Feb. 2013 – 10:22:36|sultan alsalem|Hi Marcia| Hi Marcia. I am ur big fan through the years with boney m and after. I want to know when ur new album will be out? Sultan.


Date:   2/24/2013, 9:17 am, EDT
Name:   provi artache

Number:   252

hi marcia and marcus will love to see you or talk to you denny is ok he is in pompano we lost john he died on 11-6-2012 iam not doing too good we miss john every momfnt in our life love provi 772-878-3842 chao


Date:   2/19/2013, 5:47 pm, EDT

Number:   251

marcia barrett . good night muito sucessos pra vc abraços !


10th Feb. 2013 – 08:47:35|Carlos |From Spain|Marcia! I love your new video for A Boy Like You (a boy like Marcus…), I think it´s different, creative, fun…I would like to live in a London like that. Congratulations! Marcia4ever


Date:   2/8/2013, 10:09 am, EDT
Name:   Marco
Number:   250

Fantastica! Bravissima e bellissima , Boney M indimenticabili !!


Date:   1/27/2013, 10:22 am, EDT
Name:   Zdzislaw

Number:   249

Marcia I love You …. ..I remember Boney M concert in 1979. Sopot, Poland,,,
Best whishes


Date:   1/26/2013, 9:01 am, EDT
Name:   robert sollory

Number:   248

marcia is so sweet and beautiful, the other 2 Boney M girls are also and your music is so wonderful and catchy!! Love you all. Not forgetting Bobby, of course!!


Date:   1/16/2013, 6:15 pm, EDT
Name:   Dario
Number:   247

Eu amo você Marcia do Boney M.!!


Date:   1/9/2013, 1:12 pm, EDT
Name:   Ayo

Number:   246

I just wish u could go young again so i can find u nd be with u. . each time ma father plays ur music. .it brings joy to ma heart. . .i just love u most in dat group


Date:   1/9/2013, 2:19 am, EDT
Name:   pierre

Number:   245

bonjour, nous sommes nés le même jour !!? ? ?

Date:   12/31/2012, 3:24 am, EDT
Name:   Jose

Number:   244

Dear Marcia,
i love your songs. i have seen you have traveled many countries. Why not visit our beutiful country Kenya.
Merry X-mass & a happy new year


27th Dec. 2012 – 16:51:34|Julie|Awesome Mrs. Barrett|Hello! It’s there room for another member in your Fanmily, Mrs. Barrett? Although I’ve been a Boney M fan since I was a little girl, it is now that I’m getting to know your inner you better, Mrs. Barrett… Thanks to my friend Carlos from Spain now I know what a strong, brave, humble, grateful, beautiful human being you are. Your faith and attitude are praiseworthy too and I have to say that your laugh is so contagious… love it!! Thank God there are people like you in this world, Mrs. Barrett.

Wish you, your husband Marcus and your new double album “Seasons” a very very happy happy new year.

With Love & Respect,


P.S. Oh boy… I can’t remember the times I’ve dance to “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday”, “Rasputin”, “Gotta Go Home”, “Rivers of Babylon”… My hometown Mexico loves Boney M… Hooray!


Date:   12/25/2012, 12:04 pm, EDT
Name:   Sylvester Ndaba

Number:   243

Marcia you are wonderful, may the Most High give you long life.


24th Dec. 2012 – 16:17:34|David|Best Christmas wishes|My best wishes for you for all those years you have lightened our lives with your talent. God bless you


24th Dec. 2012 – 09:25:45|Carlos |From Spain|Marcia!!

I love your Christmas message, I wish that everybody in the world would think and feel like you. This would be a better place. Can you imagine if everybody in the world would be your Fanmily? WoW!! We´d live in peace and love forever!

I also love your interview, I have seen the four parts three times each and I have sent it to some special friends I have. Your interview is a LESSON for us, I love your attitude, strength and passion. I´m proud to be part of your Fanmily.

Merry Christmas Marcia and Marcus.

With love…ONE LOVE!!


24th Dec. 2012 – 00:35:04|Pedro Garcia|Thanks! | have just seen some of your interviews on youtube and just wanted to thank you for your energy and positive attitude. It has helped me in this tough times a lot! I have always followed your career (in and out Boney M) and looking forward to hearing more stuff! “A boy like you” sounds powerfull!


Date:   12/16/2012, 4:34 pm, EDT
Name:   Leszek I. Walkiewicz

Number:   242

Boney M. is my favourite group.
I wish you Marry Christmas
Happy New Year


Date:   12/12/2012, 10:32 pm, EDT
Name:   johnpupparo

Number:   241

marcia i just became a fan i have been seeing all the Boney, M music, and wow what a wonderful group, the best music ever, love all the christian songs you and the others did, are you a christian? can I be honest I think you were the most beautiful girl of your time,I never saw a women as beautiful as you were, and still are. I hope you and the rest of the band have a reunion again, it would be awesome, Bobby was very talented, I hope he is with Jesus, I hope he became a christian, hope to be life long friend please respond back, so I know you read this, it would mean so much to me i can tell every one that you actually read this, and responded, I know you have suffered lots with cancer, my father had cancer, and died of a heart attack, we all have to suffer in this life , but there is hope in the cross of Jesus Christ, thank you my new friend. I hope you and the other 2 members of the original will have a reunion in the memory of Bobby and for the fans again. you were so talented and still are may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all the days of your life


Date:   12/8/2012, 10:15 pm, EDT
Name:   Alex

Number:   240

Dear Marcia, thank you for amazing show by igus. You looked wonderful out on the stage and your voice is something special! Many thanks for the autograph and photo with you! I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


6th Dec. 2012 – 16:57:58|Carlos | From Spain|Hi Marcia!

I´m so happy of knowing that you´re so happy, fun and beautiful as always…I´ve just watched “The interview”, I love it! I love the strength and energy that you transmit. I repeat that you´re a lesson of life for all of us.

I can´t wait to have your new double album…Seasons!

And I hope to see you back again in Spain…



Date:   12/3/2012, 1:04 am, EDT
Name:   greg

Number:   239

i just wish you dear marcia a beautyful christmastime and happy new year. my best wishes for you and your family. your fan of ever. greg


29th Nov. 2012 – 18:48:58|Richard Hingston|New Interview|Hi Marcia. Its so good to see your interview on youtube. Its great to hear about the new album and to hear some of the fabulous music you are making. I am looking forward to hear the music that you made with Eddy Grant after such a long time. Great too to see you and Marcus looking so well and happy. Is the new album really gonna be a double?!! I am hoping that we will have some more good news about its release very soon.

Sooooo excited!!!


Date:   11/22/2012, 9:22 pm, EDT
Name:   John Healy

Number:   238

Hi Marcia and Marcus
lovely to hear ( and see ) you are working away in the studio on the album !
love’n’hugs gorgeous people x John


Date:   11/20/2012, 4:22 pm, EDT
Name:   BRENT C

Number:   237



16th Nov. 2012 – 17:14:58|humberto guillermo| |y|from Mérida México|Hello! I’m your fan since a long time ago. I wish to know you someday. I like your music, videos, all of you. I hope you can visit us here in Mérida, Yucatán,México. Love you Marcia


Date:   11/13/2012, 12:20 pm, EDT
Name:   humberto Guillermo

Number:   236

soy un gran admirador tuyo, siempre me has encantado y sueño con algún día poder conocerte. todo el tiempo veo tus videos y escucho tu música. saludos desde mérida, yucatán, méxico (sorry my english is very poor)


Date:   10/25/2012, 12:33 pm, EDT
Name:   caleoyang
Number:   235

I like your power


16th Oct. 2012 – 19:02:04|J D Baptist|HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCIA !|Have a great celebration and thank you for the new single ‘ A Boy Like You ‘ – LOVE it!


Date:   10/15/2012, 2:43 pm, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   234

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles gute zum Geburtstag,lass es dir gut gehen vor allem viel Gesundheit.Viele grüße aus Hessen
LG Frank


Date:   10/14/2012, 11:56 am, EDT
Name:   Carlos
Number:   233

Marcia! Happy Birthday!
I wish you have a very good day with the people you love.
It´s time to celebrate your courage, strength and enthusiasm to go on and on and on…
Please come back to Spain.


Date:   10/13/2012, 2:37 pm, EDT
Name:   Denise

Number:   232

Just to wish you a very happy birthay.I truly hope you get the wonderful day you deserve,I am the brown girl from Manchester England who came to your fan meeting in Berlin last year and i often look at the photo I had with you, Best wishes for the future


Date:   9/28/2012, 8:22 am, EDT
Name:   Carlos
Number:   231

I have just bought your new single…I love it! In fact, I love both songs…thank you!
I was one of the privileged guys who could listen to the songs live in Girona (Spain).
The wait was worth the while.


24th Sep. 2012 – 22:40:46|Vaghese |Hi Marcia, i always wanted to meet you or send you a private email but never got the chance. Hi there! How are you, i like the new song, catchy, for me I felt as though you sang the boney m songs after that.


Date:   9/18/2012, 4:27 am, EDT
Name:   John Healy


Number:   230

lovely photos of Jamaica and so wonderful to see that you and Marcus are well – loves’n’hugs from Dublin to you and all your team ( and friends )!


Date:   9/8/2012, 12:34 am, EDT
Name:   Hengki Mandang


Number:   229

Aku suka lagu natal Marrys boy Child Boney M, intro suara Marcia telah aku catat dalam blog aku…


3rd Sep. 2012 – 22:30:55|Joey | |Ich bin sehr aufgeregt, denn ich werde Sie in Braunschweig im Oktober sehen. Zuletzt habe ich Sie gesehen, als ich 9 Jahre alt war und das ist 32 Jahre her! Ich war einer Ihrer definitiv größten Fans. Durch Sie habe ich englisch sprechen gelernt und von meiner Mutter gelernt, dass es ein sehr harter Beruf sein muss, im Rampenlicht zu stehen. Das hat mir alle Flausen aus dem Kopf vetrieben und mich einen “sinnvollen” Beruf erlernen lassen: Ich unterrichte Kinder im Alter von 6 bis 16 in Musik, Kunst und Mathematik.

Ich war als Kind ein Riesen-Fan und konnte alle Texte auswendig. wobei mir die Gospelsongs am besten gefallen haben. Ohne Sie wäre ich heute nicht dort, wo ich bin. Den Konzert-Eintritt als Neunjährige habe ich als Belohnung bekommen, weil ich so ein gutes Zeugnis hatte. Meine Eltern waren schon damals sehr unkonventionell.

Ich ferue mich auf das Konzert in Braunschweig und werde superlaut applaudieren. Herzliche Grüße an eine tolle Frau von Svenja.


Date:   7/23/2012, 12:53 pm, EDT
Name:   Senuwan Withana

Number:   228

Hi… I really like of your song “Rivers of Babylon”… It is too old but still so nice… My Best Wishes for your life… Regards from Sri Lanka…


Date:   7/11/2012, 12:09 pm, EDT
Name:   Cristobal

Number:   227

Hello MArcia. First of all thanks for the show and after the show meeting in Spain. I have an old video, from the 80´s, and, before the performance of Boney M., one of the speakers ask the other: Which of the girls of Boney M. do you prefer? and the speaker answered: “Marcia, of course…” God Bles you (Marcia, of courser,,,(


Date:   7/10/2012, 6:04 pm, EDT
Name:   Martin

Number:   226

Dear Marcia,
it was such a pleasure to meet you at this gala in Berlin, tonight! You’re phantastic! I hope there will be an opportunity to see you on stage very soon.
Best wishes


Date:   6/30/2012, 4:29 pm, EDT
Name:   Peter Arenyeka

Number:   225

I have been an avid fan of yours since 1977 when I was 17 and I used to have boyhood on you from just listening to your voice on the ” Belfast track. Today I still and always watch and listen to that track on Youtube. you will remain the best in my heart forever.


Date:   6/24/2012, 11:19 am, EDT
Name:   Carlos
Number:   224

Hello Marcia!
I´m one of the guys that attended last night´s show in Spain….
THANK YOU for the show you presented to us…we danced like never before and it was full of light, energy amd magic. You´re an artist!!!
THANK YOU for the time spent with you after the show…for your words, your hugs and kisses, your smile, your affection, your love and friendship, your expression, your art and songs only for us…your strength and lesson of life… amd everything I cannot express with words.
And thank you Marcus for taking good care of Marcia and your art. Thank you for being so nice and affectionate to us.


21st Jun. 2012 – 10:09:50|Montse Turro|Thank you|Hola Marcia! I have been talking to you in the interview for Radio Olot. It has been a pleasure.

I think you are a wonderful person that spreads out joy, happiness and goodness.

Have a nice day, concert, live !!!


Date:   5/31/2012, 7:32 pm, EDT
Name:   Eric Buetens


Number:   223

So good to talk to you. My father and I I headed off to the State Democratic Convention in Tampa, Fl, hoping to be picked to go to the nation convention in Charlotte, NC in September to officially nominate Barak Obama for re-election.


11th May. 2012 – 19:52:13|Norma Wright|Thank you for being you|I had the pleasure of interviewing you yesterday and your honesty, warmth and genuine love of life made my “job” of interviewing you a most pleasureable experience and event – and not forgetting Marcus.

May you both have continued success.


Date:   5/2/2012, 3:19 am, EDT


Number:   222

hai dear marcia i am a great fan of you from india……really the boneym songs are fantastic and i am hearing the songs day by day……and my best wishes for ur new songs and life…….
by unnikrishnan


27th Apr. 2012 – 02:13:11|John Healy|Hi from Dublin !|Beautiful photos and a beautiful note about jamaica x


Date:   4/19/2012, 12:18 pm, EDT
Name:   andrew birch

Number:   221

Hello Marcia been A Life Long Boney M Fan AND Love Your Voice And Your Recent Singles Esp Seasons And Seeing Is beliveing And The Boney M Songs No Time To Loose And King Of The Road Have Also are Faves Of Mine Also Looking Forward To The New Single And Album, Take Care From Andrew XX


Date:   4/8/2012, 12:03 pm, EDT
Name:   Trygve Nes

Number:   220

Hello Marcia. I enjoy your performance in Rasputin Live @LaSberla 1978. You are an excelent dancer.


7th Apr. 2012 – 15:11:31|#|Igor||A kind of magic.|Black magic woman sings “Albatross”. It’s really a kind of magic! Go, Marcia, go! 🙂


Date:   3/6/2012, 2:38 pm, EDT
Name:   Sören Jonsson

Number:   219

I come to hear you in Langesund Norway in juli 2012. I am from Sweden and love your music. I wish you all best…….


Date:   2/15/2012, 5:46 pm, EDT
Name:   Cezar


Number:   218

I`m born with Boney M  in september 1976 in Gura Humorului town, Romania. After 30 years i listen and see Boney M, this time really, in concert in Gura Humorului…was a galactic day…oh…I love Boney M, I love you Marcia !!!




Date:   1/20/2012, 2:07 pm, EDT
Name:   Sabu M Varghese


Number:   217

Dear sister Marcia Barret,
Greetings in Jesus’ name!
I am a fan of you.And really have come to know about your plan in music.We pray that God make you wonderful again and you will be a great blessing to millions!
We have a ministry in India.We are in need of an English Song for our Crusades.Can you please sing .We have the lyrics for the same.Please let us know.
Thank you
Rev.Sabu M Varghese
Tree Of Life Ministry


6th Jan. 2012 – 08:29:15|Franzi Menke|Hy Marcia,ich freue mich sehr dich im Februar in Leipzig bei der TV Aufzeichnung für “50 Jahre Pop” zu treffen. Mein Gott,wie lange ist es her das wir uns das letzte mal begegnet sind…Klasse das du auch dabei bist. Ein wunderbares neues Jahr mit viel Liebe und Glück,Gesundheit und Erfolg wünsche ich dir. Bis bald.Franzi


Date:   1/3/2012, 11:08 pm, EDT
Name:   Pasquale
Number:   216

To you and all former members ,May Boney M be rememberd for the intelligent music they have produced . as i am writing this message i’m listening to Ma Baker gangster_clip from youtube . Bye from Québec

Date:   12/31/2011, 7:10 am, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   215

Hallo Marcia, hallo Marcus .Ich wünsche euch für das nächste Jahr alles erdenklich gute.Glück und Gesundheit und zufriedenheit.Lasst es euch gut gehen.
LG Frank


26th Dec. 2011 – 21:53:34|Richard|New Album|#|Hi Marcia, no mention of the album in your Christmas note? Hope you had a good Christmas and looking forward to some news


25th Dec. 2011 – 19:35:12|MarciaFan|MERRY CHRISTMAS|Merry Christmas Marcia,hope you have a happy,peaceful and wonderful Christmas with family and friends!*


25th Dec. 2011 – 14:43:14|judy archer|merry xmas| HI MARCIA






Date:   12/25/2011, 4:52 pm, EDT
Name:   Bob Frydell (Friedel)

Number:   214

Also enjoyed listening to your beautiful voice!


Date:   12/25/2011, 2:30 pm, EDT
Name:   Friedel
Number:   213

Enjoyed watching you sing in the Mary’s Boy videos!


Date:   12/25/2011, 8:58 am, EDT
Name:   maggie
Number:   212

all the best to you


Date:   12/24/2011, 9:45 am, EDT
Name:   Moses

Number:   211

Hi Marcia,
I have enjoyed the Boney M music since i was a child and it will never ever grow old in my ears especially during xmas season. Your group will always remain an icon in all seasons. I am however saddened to learn that Bobby passed on. It will be great if the three of you re-united even to sing the old songs. Many of your fans would really love that. A great opportunity was during Bobby,s funeral. As long as your are separate people will always come up with Bonney m groups because it is a strong brand name and you built it during your youth. Wishing you good health even after cancer attacks


Date:   12/21/2011, 3:14 am, EDT
Name:   Ove

Number:   210

You look like a clairvoyant person. With your hypnothic eyes and everything  Anyway what a beautiful voice you have. Merry Christmas to you.


Date:   12/19/2011, 5:41 am, EDT
Name:   Pervaiz ahmad


Number:   209

You are a great singer in your time. i solute you.
may God bless you.
i am from PAKISTAN AND am muslim


4th Nov. 2011 – 15:11:38|Anant Joshi|Dear dear dear, it was really pleasant and wow for me to see you on boney m vdo, thnx to youtube. how r u and i realy fall in love with u. the way all enjoyed the all the songs what i actully seen now. When i was kid i used to listen these songs and with that golden words and music it allways make me cry and feel happy too.

i really love you and gives you a hearty open invitation to my home, any time you wish to visit india pls come and i will be really obliged to see you here on my request. may god bless you and love you again and again. Do come to my house .

love you bye.

Anant Joshi.



Date:   12/9/2011, 9:18 pm, EDT
Name:   Pedro

Number:   208

Hola Marcia:
Tengo muchos videos de Boney M….Tengo 45 años y me gustan muchisimo como olvidar sus canciones…. Lamento el fallecimiento de Bobby Farrell Dios te Bendiga…..


26th Oct. 2011 – 18:55:06|DAMIR|MANY HAPPY RETURNS!|#|DEAR MARCIA,




Date:   10/25/2011, 7:09 pm, EDT
Name:   Miriam

Number:   207

Hi Marcia:
Happy belated Birthday. I had to make you a poem for this special occasion.
“Love Is Like A Bright Ensemble”
Standing tall like they were willows, cushioned by the air they breathe,
people walk like Armadillos, stop to kiss, on love they feed. Love is like a bright ensemble,
Many people, dress to kill,
Knowing not, it takes a gamble, Rocky roads, or over hills. Scientists have honored courting, Educators take the risk,
Doctors claim that all in sporting, Winning comes from all that bliss.
On the mall, were busy shoppers, hand in hand some stroll along,
Unaware of their surroundings, And the mantra of their song.
Beautiful, their signs of rapture, Lost for words, was joy and peace,
Solitude, stood next to splendor, Love had something, up its sleeve.
Miriam A. Trowers


Date:   10/23/2011, 6:39 am, EDT
Name:   Sandra Cairney BM

Number:   206

Belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a great fun filled day.


Date:   10/20/2011, 11:26 am, EDT
Name:   Miriam

Number:   205

My Dear Marcia/ Marcus What a pleasure hearing both your voices from a million miles across the world. I thank God for that special moment of contact with you both yesterday. Well it so happened that, I was so happy for the chance,to talk to you that I bottled that joy, to take with me, wherever I go. Today, I took a backward glance at the background from which we came. It was marvelous. We were the elites, without effort, and yet we did not know that it was no magic, that had caused us to walk,and talk, and to converse with others, and to carry ourselves in such fashion. That too, was quite unbelievable to others; for they did not know that on the Island, even though we were children, we were brought up to live by the rules, … and only the best was good enough. It was expected of us not to err . Oh my goodness. But we survived. And guess what? We are all better for that. I knew you had left about the time, the politicians were engaged in their talks with the Queen of England. Bravo! Marcie, you did it. No one will forget, the Boneym. Neither will they forget that you were quite instrumental, and an asset to their success. I would like to co-author a book with you. Just say when. Do you remember how ,even though the Island was on the verge of change, how charming, and frightened people were. It was a time when Jamaica was about to gain Independence. Some People were scared.frightened. happy. Sad. There were mixed feelings, but schools were never closed. Not even for a day. There was always a morning prayer. One student would always read from the Holy bible before the classes begin. In the evening, they would sing before we go home. Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh. shadows of the evening, moves across the sky. Although I do not know if you remember this song, I did. Goodbye for now, and may God bless you and Marcus always.
Your’s truly… Miriam


16th Oct. 2011 – 16:33:07|Veronica Haynes|FROM VERONICA …..|I don’t know if you got my previous msg as it stated (in German) that I needed to enter a subject matter. Pls email…Love to you and Marcus…..always


15th Oct. 2011 – 11:51:55|carlos |Birthday |Happy birthday dear and beautiful Marcia!

We love youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!


14th Oct. 2011 – 21:46:15|MarciaFan|Happy Birthday!|Happy Birthday Marcia,i wish you all the best!

have a wonderful birthday with lots of love, laughter and fun!!


14th Oct. 2011 – 13:09:02|Gabor Judit|Your Birthday|Dear Marcia! I wish you very happy Birthday and very nice day – and perfect healty! With much-much love: an “old” friend: Judit (from Budapest, Hungary).


Date:   10/9/2011, 4:53 pm, EDT
Name:   Miriam A. Trowers

Number:   204

Hi Marci: Did you know that I have listened to the song, “By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down,” and your voice was so distinct, it really carries. I was so touched, that I have played it over, and over again. Thank you for making such beautiful music. God bless you always. Love: Miriam, in Washington, DC


Date:   10/9/2011, 4:47 pm, EDT
Name:   Miriam A. Trowers

Number:   203

My Dear Marcia: God have really blessed you with beauty. I have been talking to my family in Jamaica, and I have told them how pretty neat you were, back in Elementary school. They all agreed that I was right
about that. Please consider me as a friend, for your name and presence has never left my thoughts. i hope to talk with you one day. However, if that is not possible, please remember me as one of your biggest fans. I can be reached at (301) 657-4000. May God forever bless, and keep you always. Your loving friend . Miriam. Washington, DC 20009


5th Oct. 2011 – 09:29:05|beijing backpackers|I’m grateful to you and anticipate much more associated with posts such as. Thank you very much.


1st Oct. 2011 – 17:45:55|Richard Devon| Marcia, I hope that you are ok. No news for a long time. Whats happening with the album?


Date:   9/30/2011, 2:41 pm, EDT
Name:   Carmen


Number:   202



Date:   9/20/2011, 11:25 pm, EDT
Name:   john pupparo

Number:   201



16th Sep. 2011 – 14:18:04|MarciaFan|Greetings |Greetings from Slovenia! Im a fan of Boney M, in my oppinion one of the greatest bands ever! 😉 You are and you still are my favorite Boney M member 🙂 im looking forward for your next projects and i wish you all the best in the future! thank you for you music!


6th Sep. 2011 – 19:10:35|1. JFC AEB Hildesheim|Greetings from Germany sends the first JFC AEB Hildesheim. You have a , made good site. Then you can be proud of. All the best for the future! I would be delighted if you visited our HP once.

Oliver Hilski, 1st JFC AEB Hildesheim


Date:   7/28/2011, 7:51 pm, EDT

Number:   200

My dear singer, I love you. Your´re fantastic. Boney M is a mark in my life. Yout songs are fantastic and eternal and we ´ll rememeber forever. Be happy for ever. Kisses and very very very sucess.
I ´m 41 years old.
I ´m coordinator of a Brazilian Folkloric group (Os Foliões – The Follypeople).
My family love you very much.


Date:   7/23/2011, 10:23 pm, EDT
Name:   john pupparo

Number:   199

Marciia you were the most beautiful women of your days in boney m. and you had and still have the most beautiful wonderful voice of yester year. what a fantastic group you 4 were and individually still are. the Christian songs are so wonderful. and now even more Christian songs are sung by the 3 women of boney me. i know it will be a long shot for you to ever write back to me but i would be so happy if you took the time may the lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family all the rest of your lives here on earth as a Christian i have that hope of being with our lord and savior some day this life is short and he will be back soon. i hope to hear from you god bless you john


Date:   7/20/2011, 9:18 pm, EDT
Name:   Dave

Number:   198

Watching you and boney m in the 70s gave everyone such a buzz,it was such happy music and you are such a beautiful lady.good luck with your future xx


Date:   7/6/2011, 10:02 pm, EDT
Name:   Charles

Number:   197

I will never forget how you lightened up my heart in the 70s. You rocked my world then and you still do now. Keep on keeping your fans happy.


Date:   6/18/2011, 7:02 pm, EDT
Name:   Kyle Hines

Number:   196

Always The Best Awesome Show and A ´
Wonderful Woman


Date:   5/18/2011, 1:38 pm, EDT
Name:   Winston

Number:   195

whats up with tou guys hope all is well, hows the music scene/concerts. well i’m now living in Atalanta , Bones trying to contact you, you must have moved, if you see this contact me,
would be nice to hear from you guys.


Date:   5/7/2011, 6:05 pm, EDT
Name:   Akkashh

Number:   194

33 Years back when I was born here in India everybody had there own choice to to hear Indian Songs. And I have grown up listening Ur group Boney – M. Starting from Jingle Bells, By the River of the Babylon, Brown Girl, Dady cool, Ma Baker,oonoonoonoos & so on…I always dreamt of seeing U live atleast touch and feel – “Yes I am with Boney -M” …Got opportunity twice to see U when U were in India…Unfortunately I missed. Before I leave I wud love to see & feel U live. People have been praying for you. I am being mean..Could U please pray for me so that I can see U live atleast once. Can U please send me a photograph of urs by post ? I know I am demanding…I am sorry about it…Love U Marcia. Regards


Date:   5/2/2011, 9:10 am, EDT
Name:   Majani Rwambali

Number:   193

Hi Marcia,
Hope The Almighty God is still keeping you with sound health.
Every time when I play Boney M short video ‘I Shall Sing’ it makes me feel proud and yet sad. It was a beautifully composed piece of song with winning melody that takes me aback to early 80’s when I was a small boy attending my school in Tanzania. I wish I’ll live to see and touch any member of your group. You were and will remain my heroes., till my last breath. Long live Marcia.


Date:   4/29/2011, 4:36 pm, EDT
Name:   Miriam A. Trowers

Number:   192

Hi, Marcia. Bravo! I migrated to the United States in 1981, but I have never stopped trying to get in touch with you. You were my favorite School Mate. Your dynamic personality lasted. My dear, there is so much to talk about. Can be reached at (301) 657–4000 Hope to hear from you some day. I have become a writer, and have not been doing a lot of travelling back home. Your friend: Miriam


21st Apr. 2011 – 10:30:54|Florence Morah|Florence |The lord kept you for a special purpose|I was so thrilled to stumble unto your interview on you tube and I was so awed by your survival and testimony. I am originally from Nigeria but I did enjoy Boney M Music a lot. I was actually downloading my favourite and like you said most of your music was so good. Your frankness and clarity is a model. Thank God for your life, I am really grateful to God. I am a born again Christian and I was always wondering if you guys were born again christians too.It will be the greatest for you to have it great here in this present life and to be with the Lord God in jesus name after this life.










Date:   4/10/2011, 12:55 pm, EDT
Name:   antonio nunez

Number:   191

Hi Marcia iam from cuba and i love you. God bless you.


10th Apr. 2011 – 05:03:15|john pupparo|Marcia i just became a fan i have been seeing all the Boney, M music, and wow what a wonderful group, the best music ever, love all the christian songs you and the others did, are you a christian? can I be honest I think you were the most beautiful girl of your time,I never saw a women as beautiful as you were, and still are. I hope you and the rest of the band have a reunion again, it would be awesome, Bobby was very talented, I hope he is with Jesus, I hope he became a christian, hope to be life long friend please respond back, so I know you read this, it would mean so much to me i can tell every one that you actually read this, and responded, I know you have suffered lots with cancer, my father had cancer, and died of a heart attack, we all have to suffer in this life , but there is hope in the cross of Jesus Christ, thank you my new friend. I hope you and the other 2 members of the original will have a reunion in the memory of Bobby and for the fans again. you were so talented and still are may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all the days of your life


21st Mar. 2011 – 17:42:47|John Healy|Love from Dublin|Hi Marcia and Marcus, really great to read your recent note and so looking forward to you r new album – loves and hugs from Ireland X John.


Date:   3/14/2011, 5:24 pm, EDT
Name:   Andrew Kisoni

Number:   190

Hi, Marcia! Thank you for the music your band Boney M gave us. All over Africa especially Tanzania, people love your music very much, bye for now.
Mwanza, Tanzania.


Date:   2/24/2011, 6:11 pm, EDT
Name:   yoy
Number:   189

You and Bonney M gave a lot of happiness to a generation. I have to say that you have an inmense personality on stage and that i love you


Date:   2/24/2011, 1:51 pm, EDT
Name:   Simon

Number:   188

Hi Marcia
I enjoyed Boney M music since I was 10.It was a shock to learn about the passing away of Bobby.Hope you will one day visit South Africa.
lots of luv,Simo


Date:   2/22/2011, 4:06 pm, EDT
Name:   Rizwan Farooqi

Number:   187

Hi Marcia, Let me be honest that not only I loved your elegant attire and style while singing your songs but also the other old members of Boney M. Your Group is always there when I look back. Whenever I would sad, I listened to Boney M. Boney M took away the pain of my lonel< childhood and gave me so much joy and fun and peace that I cannot explain it. May God bless you all. I am turning forty and have been fan of Boney M since I was just 7 in 1976…Thanks for maing me and million of thers happy…lots of love and regards and respect.. from Rizwan (RIZ)


Date:   2/20/2011, 10:18 am, EDT
Name:   Edou Nze Stéphane

Number:   186

Bonjour madame
Depuis bientôt 15 ans, je m’intéresse au groupe de musique auquel vous apparteniez dans les 70 jusqu’en milieu des années 80. Boney M. Lorsque vous entamiez votre carrière dans ce groupe, je n’étais même pas encore né !
J’ai eu l’occasion de le découvrir par le moyende la télévision; mais vraiment le succès était foudroyant !
Lorsque je revois la chorégraphie ou les pas de danse du très énergétique Bobby Farrell, que Dieu ait son âme, à travers des Hits comme Rasputin, Sunny, Daddy cool et j’en passe.
J’ai beaucoup apprécié la chanson Belfast dont je détiens les paroles, une très belle chansons par laquelle vous rendez un vibrant hommage à l’Irlande du nord. Parlant des chansons, que voulez-vous dire dans El Lute ?
J’apprécie bien votre musique, ayant fait un tour en France, je n’ai pas manqué d’acheter certains de vos disques.
Cependant, je voudrais savoir quelles relations entretenez-vous aujourd’hui avec Liz Mitchell et Maizie Williams ? Mais aussi Bobby Farrell avant sa mort ?
Voyez-vous toujours vos deux consoeurs ? Habitez-vous la même ville ?
Allez-vous souvent en Jamaïque chez vous ?
J’ai un ami personnel qui disait en vous voyant que vous ressemblez beaucoup plus à un homme, moi aussi à un moment donné, j’ai eu cette impression lorsque j’ai vu pour la première fois les photos des pochettes de disque de Boney M !
Je voudrais savoir si une enquête a été diligentée au sujet de la mort de Bobby; c’est quand même étrange sa mort ! Le même jour, la même date et dans la même ville que Rasputin !!!
Je demande des excuses par rapport au fait j’écris en français, c’est la langue que je connais plus ou moins.


18th Feb. 2011 – 11:41:05|Olga|Minsk, Belarus|Hello, dear Marcia! This is Olga from Minsk, Belarus, I was organizing your concert in Belarus in August, I was accompany you for three days while you were standing in Belarus. Maybe you remember me? I wonder if I may get the photos with you and me. I love you so much! Meeting you was the most special and wonderful expression I had in my life!

With love and best wishes!



Date:   2/9/2011, 1:59 am, EDT
Name:   Nackson

Number:   185

Hi Marcia Barret.
I just love your music. Especially Mary’s boy. At that time you really rocked them. I was young and am now a man but I just get affection for you and your music.


Date:   2/8/2011, 8:21 am, EDT
Name:   John Joseph


Number:   184

Hi Sr. Marcia,
we are great fans of you & BoneyM. e pray for your Speedy Recovery and e looking forard your return to stage! May God Bless You!
If possible, can I get a copy of your Biography “SURVIVAL”
With Love & Prayer,
John & Susan
with Kids: Percy & Praison.
Delhi, India.


26th Jan. 2011 – 05:49:33|Kim Lumsden|It’s been a very long time|Hi Marcia,

I was so excited to find you on FB, Unfortunately I could not post a message for some reason. You probably wouldn’t not remember me, We were both friends when we lived in London in the 60’s-70’s. It’s really wonderful to know you have recovered from your illness. I am now living in the USA, but prior to coming here I would make enquires obout you from your brother in JA. I am really sorry to hear of the passing of Bobby. He will be missed. It would be nice to hear from you. I’m also on FB. Best of luck with your tour for 2011.


18th Jan. 2011 – 15:12:10|Owoeye James|We Missed Bobby|

Oh…………., Ah…………… What a great loss, we missed Bobby. Boney M………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Shall see again in the paradise. But till then i will continue missing the great Bobby.


Date:   1/18/2011, 6:06 pm, EDT
Name:   Johann Helgason

Number:   183

Hi I did live in Iceland and i did excape from my horible family 2 years ago ,i did live in Germany for one year ,my family came after me there i live ,know in Vancouver earia.Good luck Marcia
Best regards
Johann Helgason


Date:   1/18/2011, 6:03 pm, EDT
Name:   Johann Helgason

Number:   182

Hi Marcia This is me Johann Helgason I live know in Vancouver Canada <i have been on run last 2 1 /2 year ,i was born into large family of satanist in Iceland they sold me into human trafficing to old pepole i m here to seek imgration
you can see my videos on youtube 1967johannhelgason
also on facebook.


Date:   1/12/2011, 5:00 am, EDT
Name:   esther

Number:   181

dear marcia,
i was happy to see you after all those years…
thank you sooooooooooo much and may god bless you and marcus…. love, esther……….


Date:   1/11/2011, 1:17 pm, EDT
Name:   carlos (spain)

Number:   180

Dear Marcia, I still cannot accept the idea that Bobby is no longer with us…I suppose you and Liz and Maizie must be so sad right now remembering the good times with Bobby. You have been so lucky, you have made something big with your lives. The four of you have made a brighter life for all of us, full of fun and colour. Please keep on working and making music for all of us, we need you!
Im so sorry that I will not be able to attend the fan meeting because of work. My boss is fed up with me asking for holidays, but February is a difficult time for us. I´d like to be a millionaire and be free from working!
Hope is the last thing you lose…
One Love!


Date:   1/9/2011, 1:57 pm, EDT
Name:   windell barrett

Number:   179

Hi Marcia
Sad sad news about bobby passing on, it came as a real shock. All my teen memories came back to me when i heard the news on the bbc.
Nottingham, England


Date:   1/9/2011, 10:31 am, EDT
Name:   lotte jonker

Number:   178

Dear Marcia,
My condolence over Bobby!! I loved your music in de seventies and found you a beautiful woman!! I would love to meat you. I found it a pitty not been able to be at the funural. I didn’t know, otherwise I would have been there. I hope you send me a mail.
God bless you!!!
with love, Lotte


Date:   1/6/2011, 10:32 pm, EDT
Name:   Dhammika

Number:   177

Hello Marcia, i have been a lot of fan of Bonny M all my life? I am a big fan of yours. And i love your teem a lot. Also, Love you always and 1977 your look is very nice and very attractive and sexy.i cant forget your face at 70′ era .l love you!!!!


5th Jan. 2011 – 15:54:46|Hilko Rensel|Hi there|Hi Marcia

I just found out about your website while i was searching for any news about you and the other members of Boney M after the sad news about Bobby passed away last week.

I’m sure i will visit your site many times from now on.

I always loved Boney M and still do, and you were my favorite member because of your voice and your looks.

Wish you all the best for this new year.




3rd Jan. 2011 – 09:32:29|Foti|Greetings |Boney M will always exist! A truly friend and admirer lots of love! Greetings from Athens


Date:   1/4/2011, 10:23 am, EDT
Name:   georges
Number:   176

Wish will to someone he would enjoy fulfilling. Watch it being fulfilled time and again. The earlier you start the more funyou will have! Try it and I will return with another key.


Date:   1/4/2011, 5:51 am, EDT
Name:   georges
Number:   175

and for you he will influence the physical world.


Date:   1/3/2011, 7:31 pm, EDT
Name:   georges
Number:   174

He is not really gone.


2nd Jan. 2011 – 12:28:19|ernst hanel|40 years |Hi Marcia,

Ernst is still alive. The death of C.F. in St. P. gave me the idea to look for your website.

I wish you all the best for 2011 a lot of success and


Love Ernst


Date:   1/1/2011, 3:25 pm, EDT
Name:   Patrick

Number:   173

Hello Marcia, have been a fan of Bonny M all my life? I am a big fan of yours. And i love you guys a lot. Also, accept my ondolence on the demise of Farrell. May his soul rest in perfect piece.
Keep up the good work. Love you always and forever.


Date:   1/1/2011, 11:38 am, EDT
Name:   Richard Devon

Number:   172

Dear Marcia, it is so sad to hear about Bobby. It seems doubly bad coming as it does at Christmas. I hope you are well and have been able to enjoy a break. I am enjoying your single and am looking forward to the new album. Take care.


31st Dec. 2010 – 11:16:01|Veronica Haynes-Woodall|Reaching out|My dearest Marcie..I wish I’d remembered you were going to be in San Fran!!! Hope to hear from you after you’ve returned home. The new CD is awesome!!! I sympathize w/you on the loss of Bobby. As always, my love to you and Marcus


31st Dec. 2010 – 01:17:05|Jen Rubinstein|Happy New Year|Hi Marcia!

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best! Am I ever going to get to see you and Marcus again? I miss you both!




Date:   12/31/2010, 6:07 am, EDT
Name:   Jacek

Number:   171

Marcia Barret – wybitna postać światowej sceny muzycznej. Od wielu lat lubiana i kochana przez fanów na całym świecie. W Polsce kojarzona głównie z zespołem Boney M, ale wielu fanów docenia też jej solową karierę. Unsere Dankbar, die wir zu ihnen haben, ist sehr gross. Wir danken, dass du bist. Polen liebst du! Mit Freundlichen Grussen – Jacek aus Polen


Date:   12/30/2010, 6:17 pm, EDT
Name:   Lawrence Philip SAbah

Number:   170

It was beautiful and enjoyable listening to your music continuously while driving 8000 km around Australia for ten days during the Chrismas period. Suddenly the anti climax was unexpected the passing away of Bobby Farrell while on tour. This is indeed unacceptable and sad to hear.


Date:   12/30/2010, 1:13 pm, EDT
Name:   alain

Number:   169

mes condoléances pour bobby…
vous etiez vraiment un super group.
toute ma jeunesse


Date:   12/30/2010, 11:10 am, EDT
Name:   Sam Yaroson

Number:   168

Dear Marcia,
Accept my condolence over Bobby’s death! I Have always been a great fan of boney M since was a kid in the 80’s and YOU were my favorite out of all of them. Am glad i finally found a way to connect with you. Please how can I get some of your albums? I hardly know your music.


Date:   12/30/2010, 9:44 am, EDT
Name:   John Healy


Number:   167

Dear Marcia,
it is a very sad day for me and many Boney M fans with the passing of Bobby Farrell – may he rest in peace X


Date:   12/30/2010, 8:53 am, EDT
Name:   Pete Le Vine


Number:   166

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To You.
God Bless you Both.
I just read that news.
Thinking of you in my heart.
Call sometime.
772-286-9114 Peace and Love To You.


11th Dec. 2010 – 12:25:50|Indiana and Jackie Robinson|HOW ARE YOU AND MARCUS DOING?|Hi Marcia,

I wrote you on the old site but did not get a response. I am so glad I stumbled on this new site via facebook. Its lovely to see you out there kicking it as they say. Congrats on the new single.

Take care.

Indiana and Jackie


8th Dec. 2010 – 10:30:24|DJ Duggy Day|Hi Marcia, more greetings from chilly Beijing, China.

Just a wee note to wish a wonderful festive season, and all the best for 2011, and the coming Year Of The Rabbit!



8th Dec. 2010 – 10:29:25|Hi Marcia, more greetings from chilly Beijing, China.

Just a wee note to wish a wonderful festive season, and all the best for 2011 and the coming Year Of The Rabbit!


Date:   12/6/2010, 4:08 am, EDT
Name:   Daniel D.
Number:   165

What great news about the new single SEASONS!! A beautiful track! Congratulations Marcia & Marcus. The intro done by Clarence Clemons is cool and the raving at the end is awesome! A “Boney M track” at its best! You did it again.


3rd Dec. 2010 – 00:57:59|Albgardis|New single “Seasons”|#|Hey Marcia,

I am just listening to your new single, and I am loving it! What great tracks! This would have been a really great BM track back in the day, but you know what – it is their loss that they didn’t want to record it. Now it is your turn, and the result is really great! I am enjoying it very much and I can’t wait to play the tracks to Hubby later.


Date:   12/3/2010, 6:18 am, EDT
Name:   albgardis


Number:   164

Hey Marcia, yesterday I learned on your facebook page that you have a new single out, and I went immediately to get it (from, it was very easy and safe, I recommend that site above itunes and amazon!!).
I love that single, I can actually hear the BM sound in it. Yes, one can tell this was meant for an 80s style Boney M.
But you know, it is their loss that they didn’t take it, now it is your song alone. Wonderful song, I love it! Can’t wait for the album!!


23rd Nov. 2010 – 17:04:08|Carlos|Marcia!|Marciaaaaa!!

There is going to be a meeting in Berlin WITH YOU!

I´m shocked and just praying and praying to all the Gods from all religions in the Universe…That´s a difficult time for me at work and I´m not sure I will be able to attend the meeting WITH YOU….

That would be a DREAM that comes TRUE to me because I have admired you for all my life. You are always present.

Marcia!! You´re such a good person! We love you!

Carlos from Spain.

(Beautiful new site!)


21st Nov. 2010 – 14:16:07|Valentín – Spain|Lot of love from Spain|Dear Marcia,

Congratulations for the new design in your site. We´ll be waiting for your news.

Love, Valentín.


21st Nov. 2010 – 13:48:10|J. Baptist|Great News !|Love the new site and the great news on the new album !! Loves’n’hugs from Dublin X

Date:   11/19/2010, 5:48 pm, EDT
Name:   pete

Number:   163

wish U all the best…
born 1976….


Date:   10/27/2010, 12:10 pm, EDT
Name:   Angie

Number:   162

Dear Uncle & Auntie hope u both enjoyed your birthday’s God Bless u both always
Angie xx


Date:   10/25/2010, 2:38 am, EDT
Name:   Daniel
Number:   161

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCUS! You and Marcia have a lovely day and celebrate your special day! Hip-Hip-Hoorray


23rd Aug. 2010 – 16:03:19|Albgardis|Radio Interview in Amerika|#|Hallo Marcia, letzten Samstag haben wir eine Stunde lang Dein tolles Radio Interview gehoert! Wir waren ganz ueberrascht, denn hier in den Staaten kennt ja niemand BM.

Mary’s Boychild wird zu Weihnachten gespielt, aber niemand fragt, wer das singt. Und dann kamst du und hast es allen erklaert, es war klasse!!

Sehr toll auch, dass Du Madeline Davis erwaehnt hast, die wird ja immer gerne vergessen. Ich habe uebrigens alle 3 Versionen von Josephine Baker damals gekauft! (Single, Maxi und CD-Single) War ein sehr sehr toller Song, ich mag ihn immer noch sehr gerne. Eine Schweinerei, dass FF den so gekillt hat, bloss weil er nicht von ihm war.

Schoen zu hoeren, dass es Dir gut geht und Du so aktiv bist. Wenn Du einmal an die Ostkueste kommst zu einem Konzert, dann kommen mein Mann und ich ganz sicher! Nach Frisco (Dec 2010)ist es zu weit, da muessen wir passen.

Mach so weiter!


Date:   10/15/2010, 1:32 pm, EDT
Name:   Helge Morken

Number:   160

Happy belated birthday Marcia! Hope you had a great day, and thanks for all the music and energy you have given us. BM’s music is in many ways the “soundtrack” of my life. Looking forward to more! Best, Helge


Date:   10/14/2010, 5:50 pm, EDT
Name:   Judy

Number:   159

Dear Marcia!
I wish you very happy Birthday. I hope: you are very well now!
Marcia, still do you know Adriana “Bonnie” Doban from Canada? She is my “old” friend, but I lost her address… Sorry, but I disturb with my question. Love: Judy from Hungary


Date:   10/14/2010, 8:28 am, EDT
Name:   carlos
Number:   158

Marcia…HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Spain!
I hope you have a special day next to the loving ones…and be sure that your fans will have you all day in our hearts.
You have made our lives happier since we were children.
Thank you…WE LOVE YOU!


Date:   10/14/2010, 2:24 am, EDT
Name:   Daniel

Number:   157

Happy birthday Marcia! Enjoy that special day to the fullest (I know you will
Looking forward to see you soon. One love, Daniel


Date:   9/8/2010, 7:10 pm, EDT
Name:   Ainsley (Georgie) Slater

Number:   156

Hiya Marcia.
Greetings and Blessings to you, husband and families.
I have followed you career over the many years and felt very, very proud of the achievements you have collated over these years.
I was very sorry to hear about your illness and sincerely hope that you have recovered well, anyway you still look very good.
I don’t see you saying much about your sister “Blossom” this is a hint for you to search your brains, but I do hope she and everyone else are doing well, especially Wayne.
I have’nt been able to attend any of your shows as yet, although I did have the intention when I last heard that you were touring in the UK.
I hope you will return this mail and possible we can continue to correspond – if and when you find the time, so please make me one of your many thousands of (fan) friend.
Stay Blessed with much love and Respect.
Georgie (Ainsley-G. Slater


Date:   8/25/2010, 7:09 am, EDT
Name:   Indiana and Jackie Robinson


Number:   155

Hi Marcia and Marcus,
Happy belated anniversary. God bless!
Indiana and Jackie


Date:   8/23/2010, 11:02 am, EDT
Name:   albgardis


Number:   154

Liebe Marcia, vorgestern abend um 8 habe ich eine tolle Ueberraschung erlebt: wir fahren vom Einkaufen nachhause, da wird ‘Nightflight’ im Radio gespielt. Ich wohne in Amerika! Hier kennt niemand BM und schon gar nicht ‘Nightflight to venus’! Aber es kam noch viel toller: eine ganze Stunde lang ein telefoninterview mit Dir! SUPER!!!!
My husband and I enjoyed it so much listening to you. You explained everything so honestly and openly, and you were so nice. We were so happy to have caught that coincidentally, because we had no idea of it coming. So great to hear you are doing well.
Wasn’t it odd when Shadoe complimented you on your good english, ha ha ha? What was he thinking is spoken on Jamaica and in the UK?
Congrats to that fantastic interview and a full hour airtime!!! Wonderfull!!!


Date:   8/12/2010, 7:50 am, EDT
Name:   projekt hex


Number:   153

hello marcia. here is Tanja, one of the crazy dressed people that played a song for you the other day. it was very nice to meet you and I wish you and your friend much more happiness.


Date:   8/9/2010, 2:00 pm, EDT
Name:   elias cardoso santos

Number:   152

Hi, Marcia,
I love you voice,
jah bless you,


Date:   8/4/2010, 7:03 pm, EDT
Name:   Sergio
Number:   151

Hi Marcia, Sergio from Italy. So glad to see you again, Boney M were amongst my favourite bands in my childhood and adolescence and you’re still amazing!


Date:   7/31/2010, 12:14 pm, EDT
Name:   manuel Antonio Vázquez

Number:   150

Hello my dear Marcia, Im your bigger fan frm Cuba, still living in Dominican Republic. Im not witing to you so much but your music always is in my music equipment…I love you and Boney M too. I wish you many health nad happiness.
Kisses and hugs


30th Jul. 2010 – 12:41:21|Linda Maestrini|Say Hello|Hallo Marcia.

ich hoffe es geht Dir gut, vielleicht können wir uns mal in Berlin oder in München treffen, hast du vielleicht einen Auftritt in München oder Berlin???

Liebe Grüße Linda.


Date:   7/16/2010, 12:27 am, EDT
Name:   DJ Duggy Day


Number:   149

Hi Marcia, greetings from Beijing in China. Boney M is awesome and their music is forever! I was getting my haircut here the other day, all the hairdressers were young guyz so I was surprised when the Boney M song ‘Gotta Go Home’ came on the CD player, I asked them do you like this? Yeah! they said and I thought wow! Boney M is still popular in China, grrreat! All the best Duggy Day


Date:   5/18/2010, 3:18 pm, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   148

Hallo Marcia ich hoffe es geht dir gut,das gleiche was ich von mir auch behaupten kann.Wann kommt den eine neue Single von dir auf den Markt? Die letzte war echt gut.Kannst ja mal zurückschreiben.
Viele Grüße


Date:   5/4/2010, 3:30 pm, EDT
Name:   Dilan biyanwila (singer maldives coco palm)

Number:   147

Hi Marcia, I,m really happy to see you in my life time. cause BonnyM is my favourite band in my childhood so I love Boney M so much. GOD BLESS you all


28th Apr. 2010 – 07:05:26|Maldivian fan|Thank you so much|You are a living legend Marcia and it has been an honor for me to see you performing in Maldives you rock the whole crowd and you sang so well like you performed in 70’s and 80s i love all of your songs and i have been a great fan of yours and i cant still never believe i could see u real in my life performing from your original voice you are amazing thank you so much for coming to Maldives and i hope you will back once aagain with full team. Boney M rocks and god bless you xoxo Your Maldivian fan.


Date:   4/27/2010, 5:23 am, EDT
Name:   ayesha

Number:   146

hi marcia
your performance was amazing. it was lovely.. enjoyed every single moment.
come back to maldives again.. hope you enjoyed your stay!!


Date:   4/27/2010, 12:05 am, EDT
Name:   manel desilva

Number:   145

hi marcia it was a life time chance i got to c u here in maldives i love u soooo much long live boneyM it so overwhelming i cannot over that i saw u on stage in maldives.


27th Apr. 2010 – 13:38:10|Hassan|Hi Marcia. I thoroughly enjoyed the show you gave in Male’, Maldives on 26th April 2010. I was longing to see you perform for over 30 years! It was a great show. wish you all the best and all your team members.

Hassan, Maldives.




Date:   4/26/2010, 4:50 pm, EDT
Name:   adam

Number:   144

hi marcia,
the show was amazing and it was great to see u here in Maldives. ur voice is beautiful and we all love u so much!!


Date:   4/26/2010, 4:20 pm, EDT
Name:   People of Maldives
Number:   143

Awesome show in Male’ – Maldives. Your daddy cool remix was amazing! Is it available for download?


Date:   4/26/2010, 1:46 pm, EDT
Name:   HAMDH

Number:   142

hi Marcia I’m from MALDIVES… hope you had a great time here…. i love the show you gave at dharubaaruge.. cheers



Date:   4/23/2010, 10:09 pm, EDT
Name:   Veronica Haynes

Number:   141

Marcia/Marcus: I guess you’re on the road, as I haven’t been able to reach you. Would love to hear from you once you’re at home for a bit. Love…V


Date:   4/11/2010, 3:48 pm, EDT
Name:   Flori

Number:   140

war heute auf einem boney m konzert in sulden/südtirol. wollte nur fragen ob das wirklich boney m war oder nur irgendjemand der sich als solcher verkauft. das konzert war super toll… grüsse


Date:   3/31/2010, 5:17 pm, EDT
Name:   Manfred Krabbemeyer

Number:   139

Hallo Marcia,
ich hoffe dir geht es gut. Schöne Grüße aus Osnabrück


Date:   3/29/2010, 2:38 pm, EDT
Name:   yana

Number:   138

Hi Marcia,
I am only 8 years old, but my mom has recently introduced boney m music to me, and I loved it. My favorite songs are Daddy Cool, The Rivers of the Babylon, and Rasputin. I think you sing awesome, and I think you are beautiful.


Date:   3/14/2010, 6:18 pm, EDT
Name:   Betty Plunkett

Number:   137

Hi Marica,
You look as beautiful as ever and hope you are feeling fantastic. I’m so happy to see you are looking so great. I met you on Hope Sound Beach many years ago. I wonder if you ever go back there. All the best to you. Love, Betty


Date:   3/8/2010, 3:19 pm, EDT
Name:   Gleb Vasiliev

Number:   136

Знайте, что в России, в бывшем СССР вас всех очень любят, ценят, и помнят ваш поступок в 1980-м году. Вы всегда можете расчитывать на нашу поддержку.


Date:   2/15/2010, 5:39 pm, EDT
Name:   ahmed

Number:   135

hello marcia this is ahmed from morocco
i hope all good thingd for you


Date:   2/15/2010, 1:47 am, EDT
Number:   134

happy valentine’s day
i love you


Date:   2/12/2010, 8:33 pm, EDT
Name:   Tinkertim
Number:   133

oct 18 1949


Date:   2/12/2010, 8:26 pm, EDT

Number:   132

Well ,how could a old fella not fall in love when Boney M sings. you sure get the mo jo working lol.


Date:   2/2/2010, 2:57 pm, EDT
Name:   Timo

Number:   131

Is it true that you now live in Florida? I live in the Tampa Bay area.
Best wishes, Timo


Date:   1/5/2010, 3:43 pm, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   130

Hallo Marcia hallo Marcus! Ich hoffe ihr seid gut in das neue Jahr gestartet.Ich wünsche euch beiden weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles gute für 2010,vor allem Gesundheit das ist nicht selbstverständlich
Viele Grüße


Date:   12/31/2009, 8:06 pm, EDT
Name:   nancy

Number:   129

happy new year my brave and strong women!!!
you look so cute in your pictures!
you will shine forever!
god bless you!
i love you my DIVA!


Date:   12/31/2009, 6:40 pm, EDT
Name:   Lloyd[Blue]

Number:   128

Nuff love and hapenness
keep you,r head,s up as
allways. God is love
Love you both
One love


Date:   12/23/2009, 7:48 am, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   127

Hallo Marcia ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest und alles gute für das neue Jahr.Lasst es euch gut gehen und Gottes Segen
Viele Grüße


Date:   12/20/2009, 9:13 pm, EDT
Name:   Mrs. Shaheen Bhatti


Number:   126

Dear Marica,
Peace, Blessing, Happy Christmas and cheerful 2010.
Mrs. Shaheen Bhattim


Date:   12/17/2009, 10:59 pm, EDT
Name:   Inderias Bhattii

Number:   125

Dear Monica,
Peace and Blessings from Pakistan!!!
Attached with is the prayer of thew Pakistani Brick Makers. They are
straving to return to their “ZION” to get back their freedom and broken smiles.
Pakistan Christian Congress,
Lahore Council,
We admit our disobedience oh Yahweh;
Bring us a Moses who can get us;
Love instead of Hatred;
Earnings instead of Wagelessness;
Health instead of Diseases;
Food instead of Hunger;
Joys instead of Sorrows;
Clothes instead of Nakedness;
Shelter instead of Homelessness;
Relaxation instead of Human Tensions;
Security instead of Fear;
Righteousness instead of Guilt;
Certainty instead of Anxiety;
Divinity instead of Demons;
Truth instead of Injustices;
Attention instead of Carelessness;
Equality instead of Inferiority;
Fortune instead of man-mad disasters;
Wisdom instead of Discouragement;
Understanding instead of Prejudices;
Compassion instead of Loneliness;
Light instead of Darkness;
Guidance instead of Wilderness;
Condolence instead of Cries;
Comfort instead of Mourning;
Compassion instead of Sufferings;
Excitement instead of Stresses;
Growth instead of Sterility;
Truth instead of Doubts;
Modesty instead of Harshness;
Tolerance instead of Religious Orthodoxies;
Goodness instead of Corruption;
Justice instead of Violence;
Nobility instead of Pressures;
Non-Violence instead of Tortures;
Enough instead of Poverty;
Love instead of Hatred;
Forgiveness in our sins;
Solidarity in our Voiceless;
Morality in our Temptations;
Mutuality in our Divisions;
Oh Yahweh!!!
When would our cries reach to you?
When would You remember?
Covenant made to Our Father Abraham;
The Covenant of the Holy Land;
Where we can;
Praise You in public rather secretly;
Serve You openly rather in Silence;
Witness You freely rather being invisible;
Oh Yahweh!!!
How much more should we wait?
To be delivered;
From the hands of our enemies;
From our Captivity;
Oh Yahweh!!!
Ignore our astray;
Yes our Captivity;
Is the Ultimate Reason!!!


Date:   12/16/2009, 1:57 pm, EDT
Name:   SAKA


Number:   124

Welcome to Mizoram


Date:   12/15/2009, 4:40 pm, EDT
Name:   Helge Morken

Number:   123

A little christmas message from one of your Norwegian fans.
So sorry to learn that you again have had health issues this year, but delighted to hear that you once again are back on your feet, determined to share your wonderful talent with us all. You are a true inspiration to everyone! Looking forward to hear your new material next year, I really enjoy both your remix singles from 2009. So Cool!! So here’s wishing you and those close to you a very merry christmas and a happy, healthy and succesful 2010. You deserve it! Lots of love from Helge, Bergen, Norway


Date:   12/11/2009, 5:48 pm, EDT
Name:   Edward

Number:   122

hi marcia,
I grew up with your music and I must confess your God givien voice is enchanting.I heard you recently came to Ghana.Good to hear you are now singing for the Lord as well.Christmas is joyous because God also gave to the world your voice to do the most captivating carols.God bless you and I want to personally hear from You.luv u


Date:   12/2/2009, 6:45 am, EDT
Name:   Wilson da Silva – (BRAZIL)

Number:   121

My dear Marcia,
I just want to say you: YOU ARE MY IDOL!! I love you since 1976 when I have heard your voice singing TAKE THE HEAT OFF ME, and untill today it is my favourite one.
God bless you for ever my DIVA!!


Date:   11/24/2009, 1:31 am, EDT
Name:   Charles Ndoro

Number:   120

I was only 8 years during your Boney M days but I am now enjoying your music. Thanks a lot.
Zimbabwe, Africa


Date:   11/17/2009, 10:30 am, EDT
Name:   Andreas Schäfer

Number:   119

Hallo, Marcia….ich bin Jahrgang 69….als Kind war ich total verliebt in Dich…Du warst für mich immer die von Boney M. mit dem größten Sexappeal…richtig sexy….ich habe gelesen, daß Du eine harte Zeit mit schweren Krankheiten hattest…aber Du hast es geschafft…Du bist noch da….das macht mich richtig froh….ich weiß auch, daß Dir der verlust Deiner Haare sehr nahe geht, aber für mich bist Du trotzdem noch meine “Königin”…ich werd Dich immer mögen….würd Dich gerne mal privat kennenlernen….aber das bleibt wohl ein Traum….rauchst Du eigentlich noch? ich hoffe nicht…..hab Dich früher im Ma baker-Video rauchen sehen…alles Liebe, Marcia….wäre super lieb von Dir, wenn Du mir antwortest….Kuss….und alles Gute und viel gesundheit….du bist stark,Marcia…..bye Kuss…Andy


Date:   11/11/2009, 5:40 pm, EDT
Name:   Ilona
Number:   118

Hallo Marcia,
Ich hoffe es geht und deinen Mann gut? Haben schon lange nichts mehr von dir gehört. Alles Liebe und weiterhin viel Erfolg. LG Ilona


Date:   11/10/2009, 9:02 pm, EDT
Name:   nancy

Number:   117



Date:   10/25/2009, 10:04 pm, EDT
Name:   Sandra Cairney

Number:   116

Happy Birthday Marcia.


Date:   10/14/2009, 4:33 pm, EDT

Number:   115

Dear Marcia !
Happy Birthday To You !
I Love You forever ! Your Smile, Your voice, Your songs…
Hungary Loves You !
Boldog Születésnapot !
Your hungarian Fan and Friend:
Gabor (37)


Date:   10/14/2009, 2:50 pm, EDT
Name:   nancy

Number:   114

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY BRAVE AND STRONG WOMAN !!! I hope you have a wonderful day beside marcus who is great man ,that has been by your side through the good and bad.I wish you the best ,you deserve it.I hope one day my dream of meeting you will come true,that will be a honor.God blessed every moment of your life.Millions of kisses and hugs.I love you so much. This is my new email.Keep in touch when you can o.k?


Date:   10/14/2009, 9:11 am, EDT
Name:   carlos
Number:   113

Marcia! Happy birthday!
You know very well that every day is a present…thank you for making our lives happier for so many years.
Kisses from Spain


Date:   10/14/2009, 2:43 am, EDT
Name:   Daniel
Number:   112

Happy, happy birthday Marcia! Good health and lots of happyness! Love, Daniel


Date:   10/14/2009, 2:03 am, EDT
Name:   Marco van Beek

Number:   111

Happy Birthday Marcia! Hope you have a grand one! Love, Marco


Date:   9/21/2009, 1:35 pm, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   110

Hallo Marcia ich hoffe es geht dir gut ich würde mich freuen wenn du mal irgendwann bei uns in die Nähe kämst zu einem Auftritt, ich wohne in Biedenkopf eine Autostunde von Rosbach weg kannst mir ja mal gern zurückschreiben sobald du Zeit hast.Viele Grüße auch an Marcus.Viele Grüße aus Hessen .Frank Heck


Date:   9/14/2009, 4:19 pm, EDT
Name:   Edson Rosa

Number:   109

you are beatiful.


Date:   9/12/2009, 1:41 pm, EDT
Name:   susann
Number:   108

Hello Marcia barrett of BoneyM Thank GOD for sending YOU to us YOU ARE A FOURCE TO BE RECOND WITH And they know ii TELL THEM WHAT TIME IT IS CHAMP .


Date:   9/6/2009, 11:51 pm, EDT
Name:   lenore wallace barrett

Number:   107

marcia finally my search is over this is God’s will that i was browsing through the internet and decided to goggle your name and found all this information. Thank you Jesus for my sister please email. I am living in the USA


Date:   9/1/2009, 4:28 am, EDT
Name:   gregor

Number:   106

hi marcia! huggs and kisses! my best wishes! greg


Date:   8/22/2009, 11:48 pm, EDT
Name:   david kublin

Number:   105

You are one true diva that will shine forever! You get better with age!!!! If your ever in Delray Beach,Florida would love to meet you!!!! Stay healthy and you are the best!


Date:   8/20/2009, 3:55 am, EDT
Name:   Gabor Kiralyszeki

Number:   104

Dear Marcia !
You Are The Best ! The Voice, The Smile, The Songs… WONDERFUL !!!
Gábor, (37) fan from Hungary


Date:   8/10/2009, 6:56 pm, EDT
Name:   mike

Number:   103

hi again!! just been listening to some of your songs, i love hello friends, i dont know how you do it !! take care!


Date:   8/10/2009, 1:59 pm, EDT

Number:   102

Hola Marcia, soy de la generacion bonney M (43 años). He disfrutado mucho con vuestra musica y lo sigo haciendo , tengo todos los CD del grupo. Un beso.


Date:   8/7/2009, 12:25 pm, EDT
Name:   NANCY

Number:   101

My brave and strong woman There wiil always be people in this world that can’t see others succeed and be happy in life. I want you to know that you’re a fantastic artist and a beautiful person and the best of boney m.I will always admir and respect you for who you are and always have my support.thank you for sharing oll the difficult obsticles that you faced in you life and for oll the beautiful music. MARCIA YOU’RE THE BEST!


Date:   8/1/2009, 2:01 am, EDT
Name:   ippy & larry mast

Number:   100

We are very happy for your success. You both look great. Next time you are in Florida, please call.


Date:   7/30/2009, 7:23 am, EDT
Name:   Winston

Number:   99

Marcia Marcus
How are things long time dont see ; see you have a new single out ; surprise ‘ surprise yes I do surf now and again ; areyou still in europe, shout me next time you’re in Croydon


Date:   7/24/2009, 5:56 pm, EDT
Name:   nancy and mary

Number:   98

Hello,my Brave and strongwomen!
My name is nancy I’m 25 year old.I born Mexico but now living in Dallas tx.My family and I played your music when I was a little girl,but you were still the best in your group.I love your songs Belfast,wi kill the world,come into my life and bad guys say really good songs.My dream isto go to one of yours concerts.I hope it comes true.
It’s true only the strong survives,you’ll always by my favorite artist,don’t ever stop you music.
I hope you can respond my message.
I love you
god bless you!!!
Marcia Forever kisses…


Date:   7/18/2009, 1:44 am, EDT
Name:   Pat Hansen

Number:   97

I want to join your email list.


Date:   7/14/2009, 7:12 am, EDT
Name:   Indiana and Jackie Robinson


Number:   96

Hi Marcia,
Glad to see that all well with you and Marcus. Congrats on coming back and putting down the music even better than before. Jackie just returned from Germany but we didnt have a number to contact you on. Please email us so we can chat.
God bless to you both


Date:   7/6/2009, 4:00 pm, EDT
Name:   manuel antonio

Number:   95

Hello Sweet super star
Im your fan number one..from Cuba but living in Dominican Republic. I ahve been remembering you ( Boney M ) all recently becouse happyly I bought a new collection of Boney M and I saw you dancing so beutifull and sensual as ever…I would like have ateh amchine time to be young againa nd dance at rith your music and great voice.congratulation for continue being healthy and great singer as ever.
Manuel Antonio


Date:   7/5/2009, 11:48 pm, EDT
Name:   nancy y mary

Number:   94

una vez mas te dejamos un mensaje solo para decirte que eres geneal esperamos que entiendas este mensqje o escuentres la forma de entenderlo solo queremos decirte que nos encanta tu musica te escuchamos todos los dias la oiamos desde que eramos chicas esperamos en verdad que puedas responder este mensaje seguimos amandote y esperamos tu respuesta me encanta the lute y belfast solo queremos que sepas que sigues siendo lo mejor de lo mejor.por favor contestanos los mensajes.te amamos .peace and love.


Date:   7/3/2009, 2:39 pm, EDT
Name:   mary and nancy

Number:   93

hola somos tus fans admiramos tu musica esperamos poder tener contacto con tigo en verdad eres una gran cantante te amamos.vivimos en usa pero somos mexicanas. amor y paz.


Date:   6/27/2009, 11:09 pm, EDT
Name:   Jen Rubinstein

Number:   92

Hey Marcia and Marcus- Was thinking about you! Hope things are fantastic! Hope to talk to you soon!


Date:   6/6/2009, 10:45 am, EDT
Name:   Steve Brazil

Number:   91

Fantastic sexy!


Date:   5/19/2009, 7:29 pm, EDT
Name:   Monika

Number:   90

Hello Mrs. Marcia!
I’m 14 years old and I’m a big fan thanks to my dad (you may know him) Robert Z. from Poland! It’d be amazing if we’d ever met and good luck in the future! Keep using that beautiful voice! Do your best!


Date:   5/17/2009, 10:31 am, EDT
Name:   Filippo


Number:   89

Hallo Marcia and Marcus i Love your new song (I Don’t Know Why) it`s real nice sound!
All Fans buy (I Don’t Know Why)!!!

Date:   5/11/2009, 10:55 am, EDT

Number:   88

Thank you very much for being part of so many unforgettable hits. Good luck in every venture. GOD bless you & family


Date:   5/11/2009, 3:02 am, EDT
Name:   simon calab

Number:   87

Hi Boney m im simon 19m from india i love all the boney m songs i want to meet you aunty…please give me your number or home addreess.


Date:   4/30/2009, 3:48 pm, EDT
Name:   Dawn Barrett

Number:   86

Hi Cherry, How are you doing my sister. I am here in florida chilling out
on the beach wondering where in the world you are. Please say hi to Marcus for me, and i look forward seeing you in July. I love you both.


Date:   4/30/2009, 3:27 pm, EDT
Name:   Everton Blake


Number:   85

Hi Marcia, Cherry,
I was always a fan of you. continue to stay strong and possitive. Good Job. Hi Marcus


Date:   4/29/2009, 3:00 pm, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   84

Vielen Dank für die signierte Autogrammkarte wenn es musikalisch was neues gibt kannst mich ja mal informieren. Die neue Single ist echt gut . Viele Grüße Frank


Date:   4/11/2009, 6:51 pm, EDT
Name:   Kathryn SMith

Number:   83

Hi, i listened to your albums as a child (I was born in 1971) and then again in my 20’s. I found your album and have it in my car, its been there for the past 4 months, my children are now avid fans too, including childminding children who sing along to the album. Recently my sister in law saw you in Egypt, I was so jealous, as I would love to have been there for your gig. My sister said she spoke to you at the hotel and got a pic of you which is fab. Sending blessings to you this Easter. xx


Date:   4/8/2009, 5:43 pm, EDT
Name:   Andreas Lindahl

Number:   82

I have rediscover your amazing voice in “Belfast”. You are a great singer!!!
I Love You


Date:   4/4/2009, 5:54 am, EDT
Name:   Peter

Number:   81

Hallo Marcia, ich bin seit Jahren ein großer Fan von Dir. Ich hoffe es geht dir gut. Wenn möglich maile mir bitte mal ein aktuelles Bild von dir. Danke und alles Gute. Gruß Peter


Date:   3/31/2009, 2:49 pm, EDT
Name:   magnus sweden
Number:   80

Hello Marcia!
You have always been my


Date:   3/28/2009, 9:43 am, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   79

Hallo Marcia woltte mich mal wieder melden. Die neue single gefällt mir ganz gut mach weiter so und schick mir doch bitte mal ein Autogramm oder als E mail vielen dank Frank Heck


Date:   3/6/2009, 3:09 am, EDT
Name:   Marco

Number:   78

Just bought “Seeing Is Believing” and I’d say you’ve done it again Marcia: you ROCK!!  )) Thank you so much; it was absolutely worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Love as always.


Date:   3/2/2009, 11:46 am, EDT
Name:   rakdao wongthongbang

Number:   77

Hi Marcia,
Greeting from Thailand!
I’m the one who really like and love your songs. I feel the world happy and warm.. the way to sing and dance. I’m 41 years, can I’m your daugther? I really love your songs. Hope you stay with me every day in my mind even we’re far from each other.
Wish to hear from you…
Love you so… much.


Date:   2/28/2009, 7:09 am, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   76

Hallo Marcia hatte dir ja schon einmal geschrieben wenn es dir möglich ist kannst du mir entweder per post oder über Email ein Autogramm von dir schicken habe alles von Boneym. was es überhaupt an cd gibt meine Adresse lautet Frank Heck Schützenstr.15 35216 Biedenkopf – Wallau besten Dank im vorraus. Viele Grüße Frank.


Date:   2/26/2009, 5:28 pm, EDT
Name:   Naci+Dilek+Abdul+David


Number:   75

Hi dear Marcia and Marcus, I (Naci) was your driver in Berlin from KaDeWe to your hotel. Miracle-like you choose my cab although I was not first, so I came to meet and talk to you. You were sooo nice, like we were old friends from old days. It was nice of you to give me for cards for me and my friends, here they are, it took very long to bring them together, because if one or two came together, the third or fourth was ill or had to work. When I told Dilek my girlfriend that i met you, she got crazy, she loves you since your first successes, and Abdul, my brother killed me for the shame that I didnt recognize you instantly, he was so touched by the whole story, he knows everything about you, where you came out first, who was your producer, he is really a crack on good music, and David with his 3000 music cds knows very well about good musics and whom to show respect love, he only buys original cds, to support all he loves for their superb music, because he is an artist too, he is a painter.
If you will ever to happen to be in Berlin for some days then please drop in to have a cup of tee, we would love to host you. We would like to send you a photo from us four, can we send it to the contact adress?
we will be back, all luck and happiness in your shows and in private, love and hugs and kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date:   2/26/2009, 5:18 pm, EDT
Name:   Frank Heck

Number:   74

Hallo Marcia bin ein großer Fan von dir würde mich echt total freuen wenn du mir mal zurück mailen würdest und ich mal etwas musikalisch neues von dir hören würde bis dahin viele liebe Grüße Frank Schützenstraße 15
35216 Biedenkopf


Date:   2/26/2009, 1:56 pm, EDT
Name:   Laurence

Number:   73

Hi Marcia.. Hope you are keepng well…
Thank you for the signed picture you gave to my friend Dermot for me when he met you in Berlin recently… i am thrilled…Dermot is still talking about meeting you… hopefully you will come to Ireland so I can get to meet you…
Love always


26th Feb. 2009 – 20:02:03 | Rowland & Sabina | Marcia, my dear, how are you and Marcus doing? We all hope fine, from your engagements, I guess that you are still in Ireland. I am so happy and proud to see everything that you both have accomplished over the years. We wish you both nothing but the best. Love Rowland & Sabina, Irie Mon.


Date:   2/25/2009, 10:10 pm, EDT
Name:   Joanne

Number:   72

Who was the player in the English Premier League that relates to the song Daddy Cool?


Date:   2/25/2009, 10:29 am, EDT
Name:   Deanna Gooden

Number:   71

Hi Marcia, (Hi Marcus – aka Dread or jed!)
I was thinking about you guys and was about to call my brother Conroy to ask for your email when I thought, why not Google? As Conroy may have told you I am now living in New York and working as an agent – I have been here for 9 years now and finally missing London. I am probably tougher than the last time you saw me though, being an NY agent means you can’t be “fenke fenke” as Marcia always puts it!
I got married too – will tell you all about it amd introduce you to the lucky fellow one day. Marcus he treats me like a gentleman – the way I always saw you treat Marcia.
Marcia your pictures are fierce and it is nice to hear that you have been glob-trotting and doing the work you love best.
I hope you guys remember me and that we can catch up soon. Let me know if you are ever in New York because I would absolutely want to see you perhaps for dinner? Much love.
Deanna (Conroy’s little sis)


Date:   2/16/2009, 2:26 am, EDT
Name:   addis

Number:   70

I love Boney M SO MUCH


Date:   2/8/2009, 6:56 am, EDT
Name:   Karsten/cap K


Number:   69

Hi Ho Marcia,
it’s been awhile, but I hope you’ll remember. We did 2 Radio-Specials for my show “Handmade”. Since then we promised to meetup, then I was ill, not able to call… so I hope, it could happen this year, when you are in Germany again. Let’s meetup soon… all the very best: Karsten/Cap K ~~~ (The Sailor-Guy)


Date:   2/3/2009, 2:10 am, EDT
Name:   Arjuna

Number:   68

Pleases! pleases! come to SriLanka.


Date:   1/31/2009, 4:36 am, EDT
Name:   Thomas Kahnert


Number:   67

Sehr geehrte Marcia.
Ich bin ein GROSSER Fan und seit ein paar Tagen stolzer Besitzer eines Autogramms mit Widmung von Ihnen. Vielen lieben Dank ! Alles Gute und weiterhin viel Erfolg wünscht Thomas aus Berlin


Date:   1/29/2009, 4:34 pm, EDT
Name:   jim nielsen

Number:   66

A GREAT big hello, Marcia, and Marcus from Northern British Columbia, Canada. Marcia, I think I fell in love with you on the Daddy cool or Ma Baker video. You were had a cigar in the video. So “cool” parden the pun. Marcus is a very furtunate man to have you by his side. Your vocals with Liz were simply some of the best I’ ve ever heard, ever. I was always kind of a rock music guy, but your vocals caught my attention in a big way. I just wanted to say Hi to you two and wish you the very best.
ps. This is the first as well that I’ ve ever sent a note to celebrity guest book, (giggle, giggle) .
Hope you enjoy,
your fan from bc.
jim n.


Date:   1/25/2009, 1:17 pm, EDT
Name:   Johann Janosch


Number:   65

Hi Marcia und Marcus,ich hoffe Ihr seid gut in Berlin angekommen.Habe mich sehr gefreud Euch Fahren zu dürfen.
Liebe Grüsse Euer Chauffeur Johann.


23rd Jan. 2009 – 02:36:44|John|Congradulations on the new single and album!! Can hardly wait I loved ‘Come Into My Life’ – listening to the album I fell like I have been allowed in -thank you and Marcus for the great music you make X jdbaptist


Date:   1/1/2009, 11:32 am, EDT
Name:   Lisa75


Number:   64

Hi Marcia! How are you? I am a Boney M fan and i love all the good 70`music ..difficult to find as beautiful a voice as yours and Liz were super ! By the way my Christmas greetings and happy 2009!

Date:   12/28/2008, 2:30 pm, EDT
Name:   Leighton Rowe

Number:   63

Greetings Marcia. Whenever “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” gets played on RJR Radio, the whole atmosphere comes alive, and I must say that this happens every …single …year. From ‘likkle bwoy’ days until now, this song still gives me the goosebumps. Christmas in Jamaica will not be as true in meaning without hearing this song. Thank you & Boney M. for creating a bonafide Christmas classic. Best wishes & God’s richest blessings for the coming new year.


Date:   12/27/2008, 12:59 am, EDT
Name:   Alvin Williams

Number:   62

hi iam a youngster from jamaica and i have always loved Boney m’s songs and i am very pleased to know that you are a part of such excellence, you have made me proud to be jamaican.
thank you and i wish you the best always.


24th Dec. 2008 – 13:06:54|Carlos|Marcia, thank you for your Christmas letter, it really touched my heart. You´re such a good person, your life is a lesson for all of us….your strength and humanity. And besides….such a talent! Merry Christmas for you and your people. Peace and love. Carlos (Spain)


Date:   12/23/2008, 10:39 am, EDT
Name:   Paul Bailey

Number:   61

Hi Marcia,
I have been listening to your Boney M Christmas Album recently and it reminded me that you and your sister (Cherry or were you Cherry or Blossom) were an integral part of my family’s lives.
You were the chief bridesmaid at my mother (Muriel Cunningham – Tats) and my father’s (Andy Bailey) wedding in 1965. I was 3 and a half at the time but I still remember you at the wedding. I also think that you were related to Uncle Bertie and Auntie Icy (both deceased).
My Mum lives in Brooklyn but she is not doing very well health-wise and I know she would love to hear from you. My Dad has remarried and lives in Jamaica.
I am a teacher and I live in England with my wife and 2 boys.
I hope I hear from you especially to pass on contact details about Mum.
Have a great holiday
Love Paul


Date:   12/16/2008, 12:15 am, EDT
Name:   Ake Wantwadi

Number:   60

Growing up in Zaire(now Congo), Boney M. was my whole family’s favorite group and seeing you guys on youtube brought back sweet memories. Malaika (makeba’s remake) was my favorite and don’t forget Jimmy. Are you guys going to have a reunion soon? Are you coming to the USA anytime soon? I live in Raleigh, North Carolina USA. Please let me know! Love you Marcia! ? Ake.


Date:   12/15/2008, 8:12 pm, EDT
Name:   antonios efraimidis

Number:   59

frohe weihnachten wünsche ich dir..
antonios langen hessen greece


Date:   12/12/2008, 3:25 pm, EDT
Name:   Stefan Weber

Number:   58

Hello Marcia, Hello Marcus, I hope you´re fine. Please let me know about your tour-dates in Germany 2009 per e-mail, too. I´d like to meet you urgent. O.K. see you next. So, merry christmas and a happy new year, In the trust of godfather and son many kisses from Stefan


Date:   12/10/2008, 2:53 am, EDT
Number:   57



Date:   12/9/2008, 11:44 am, EDT
Name:   Jennifer

Number:   56

Hi Marcia,
I don’t know if you remember me and my mother Teresa, but we visited you at your lovely home in Hobe Sound, FL.
I found you on the net and I wanted to see how life has been treating you and Marcus! I am great and have 3 beautiful children now that are 7,6 and my little girl is 3 and half months old. I have a wonderful fiance and I am currently living in Cocoa, FL. Well hope all is well with you and yours and if you want to drop a line sometime you can email me @ and I could show you some pictures of my children if you like! Take care!
Jennifer Burkey


Date:   12/6/2008, 2:42 pm, EDT
Name:   Mercedes


Number:   55

Hi Marcia!
I am from Cuba. I just knew from a cousin of mine that she and others made make-up and costumes for a Boney M show in Havana. It was a hairdressing and make up school graduation, but they did it very seriously and with respect. Cuban TV did an interview; it said they will do a documentary.
I am sure Cuban people would love to know about you and also what happened with the Boney M. They would be crazy if you visit Cuba. You are still a goddess there as well as the rest of the group. My regards, Mercedes


Date:   12/3/2008, 8:49 pm, EDT
Name:   Yvonne

Number:   54

Hi! You made the BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER!!!!! I LOVE the song Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord. I just bought your Christmas CD and Boney M’s Greatest Hits CD! Your sound and harmony was FANTASTIC!!! Sincerely Yvonne N. in FLORIDA


29th Nov. 2008 – 06:43:44|Bhairavia|Hi Marcia, I’m from Indore and my name is Bhairavi.Hope you recall me.We had a telephonic conversation through my doctor friend who treated was such a pleasure talking to you,listening to your voice.I attended your concert too at the hotel sayaji.It was wonderful to watch you perform. thaks for talking to me on the phone.Bhairavi.E-mail


Date:   11/23/2008, 10:31 am, EDT
Name:   serena littlejohn

Number:   53

hi marcia you are still a great singer after all these years i have listened to your music for over 30 years and still a massive fan god luck to you now and in the foture thank you for all the great times your music has given me god bless you


Date:   11/22/2008, 6:37 am, EDT
Name:   Rez tha poet

Number:   52

its a small big world and you never know what the turning event of a life will be but when it does come, you don’t even realize it until time tells. You have brought change to a life, lives and indeed the world. i grew up on your good works and i’m still feeding my soul on them. All i can say is keep doing what you know how to do best…touching lives. Your life has got the divine touch, in itself it’s a testimony…
i luv you (and thanks for that autograph)


19th Nov. 2008 – 02:47:34 Thank’s Marcia for all the good music, you are and will always be a DIVA good luck for you future.


18th Nov. 2008 – 00:01:50|Hi, Marcia I write from Italy. Very beatiful your voice. Remember always belfast. I’m big collection of 12″ and lp .I have all the 12″ and Lp Boney M from 1976 to 1985…It’s really impossible new song in boney m style? Regards


Date:   11/13/2008, 9:26 am, EDT
Name:   Rudi Splittgerber

Number:   51

Hallo, Marcia!
Seit vielen (30) Jahren bin ich nun schon ein großer Fan von Dir und Deiner Musik.
Auch ich habe eine schwere Krankheit gut hinter mich bringen können und verstehe sehr gut,wie glücklich Du Dich nun fühlst.
Für Dich und Deinen Marcus ein friedliches Weihnachtsfest und ein glückliches,erfolgreiches,aber vor allem ein weiterhin wirklich gesundes 2009
Greetings – Love -Rudi


Date:   11/6/2008, 7:46 pm, EDT
Name:   Horst

Number:   50

Hallo liebe Marcia,
Lass mich hoffen das es dir gut geht.
Stell dir vor heuer im juli
war ich in Berlin und habe im “graffiti” sehnsüchtig gewartet…
leider hat damals Gottes wege uns nicht zusammen geführt….
Und weisst du warum. liebe Marcia weil ich da noch in sünde gelebt habe….
Letztes wochen hatte ich eine begegnung mit dem lieben GOTT…
und habe mich bekehrt… und empfange GOTTES gnade…
klar freue ich mich rießig darüber!
Marcia ich möchte DIR sehr danken. Du hast in schwierigen zeiten gekämpft wie eine löwin….da hast du meinen großen respect.
Deine (solo) songs und deren massage haben mir
in meiner schweren zeit geholfen, sie bauten mich auf. haben mich bestärkt NICHT aufzugeben….
Marcia, herzlichen dank dafür(auch für die zeit bei/mit Boney M.)
Ich hatte (GOTT SEI DANK) keinen krebs …
mein leiden war Depressionen, Burn-Out….usw
Liebe MArcia stell dir vor
…alles dieses zeug ist weg…
der HERR und GOTT ist unbeschreiblich groß
Ich bin Horst aus Österreich wir hatten vor 7-8 jahren regelmäßigen email kontakt…
You Know? Egal, wenn nicht…
Marcia ich hoffe du bist mir nicht böse…wenn ich erst jetzt dir zu deinem Geburtstag gratuliere…
Best Wishes! gesundheit
GOD bless you
danke nochmals DU und deine songs sind voll
Power, Heart and MARCIA BARRETT!!!
Liebe grüße
von Horst Tschematschar
aus Klagenfurt(Carintia)


4th Nov. 2008 – 19:32:17|Manuel|Dearest Marcia: Good bless you..really make me very happy to know you continue with many hits and everybody continue loving you…I always continue your music..Im cuban profesional( medicine ) living in Dominican Auto.named “the fisrt cuban fan in the wold of Marcia Barret. This site is wonderfull…Happy new year and I hope we continue listening and enjoying your wonderfull voice and melody for many many years more. Kisses and hugs Manuel Antonio.


26th Oct. 2008 – 20:57:03|Mr. Kone|When I arrived in the Netherlands in mid-April 2007, the first thing that came to my mind has been Boney M. I quickly went to a music and movie shop in Hoorn/NH, where I bought a DVD of the group. Although I was certain that this money was not going to the members of the group’s pocket, I was honored to pay respect to you and your friends of that time. I am much more honored today to be able to leave a few word to you personally and my eyes are feeled with tears. Thanks awfully Marcia, your loving songs are simply the joy that nurtured my childhood. I will always remember. From Leeuwarden, M. Kone


Date:   10/25/2008, 6:29 am, EDT
Name:   lai[pd

Number:   49


Iwas there at the pink ribbon concert in hyderabad and i should say you were BRILLIANT!!:d
oh and the italian dancer is cute.


23rd Oct. 2008 – 19:21:25 | Manuel | Hi Marcia. Im Manuel from Managua, Nicaragua. Everydays watch the Boney M videos with my sons and we enjoy all the songs.


Date:   10/19/2008, 1:26 pm, EDT
Name:   Gábor Királyszéki

Number:   48

Dear, Seher Geliebte, Imádott Marcia !
Happay Birthday /Boldog Szülinapot/ ! Good Health, and Happyness To You !
Your Hungarian Fan /Magyar rajongód :
Marcia Barrett FOREVER !!!


Date:   10/17/2008, 9:28 pm, EDT
Name:   Marco

Number:   47

Dear Marcia! Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope you had a fab day. Lots of love from Turkey.


Date:   10/16/2008, 8:05 pm, EDT
Name:   FFFclub


Number:   46

The best regards from Russia!


Date:   10/14/2008, 2:34 pm, EDT
Name:   Helge

Number:   45

A very happy birthday to you Marcia!! Hope your day will be filled with joy. Love Helge, Norway


Date:   10/14/2008, 1:03 pm, EDT
Name:   Andrzej Wojtowicz


Number:   44

Happy birthday to you Marcia. “I tell you what is true, I’m still in love with you” Kisses from Torun, Poland. Andrzej


Date:   10/14/2008, 12:30 pm, EDT
Name:   carlos (Spain)
Number:   43

Happy Birthday, Marcia!
Here you are and even better than before!
We all love you!
Thank you for all these years of joy for all of us.


Date:   10/14/2008, 8:27 am, EDT
Name:   John D. Baptist

Number:   42

A very Happy Birthday to you beautiful Marcia Barrett – Loves Hugs and Bubbles from Dublin X


Date:   10/14/2008, 6:59 am, EDT
Name:   Frank and Nicole

Number:   41

My dear Marcia!
All the best for your birthday! Enjoy the day and keep your optimism. We haven’t met for the last two years, but I still follow all your news and hope you will be close to frankfurt soon.
your true fan
Frank (and greets from my wife Nicole!)


Date:   10/14/2008, 6:31 am, EDT
Name:   dermot,Ireland
Number:   40

Many happy returns on your birthday and lots of love from Ireland ,now and always from Dermot.
“Survival is the only way and I’m going to push on through” You really are an inspiration. XX


Date:   10/14/2008, 4:17 am, EDT
Name:   Irina

Number:   39

Dear Marcia,
I am thinking of you today first thing in the morning. A very, very happy birthday to you, lots of happiness, good health, and may your wishes come true,if not all, then at least the main ones!!!!
I am Russian living in Northern Ireland for the last 10 years (“Belfast, Belfast!”) and you and Boney M have had a great impact on my life throughout the years. Can I tell you a little secret? My uncle who was (and is) my very best friend, was always in love with you and was hoping to find a wife that would remind him of you  )
Hope that this will make you smile
When I think of you and your music, I think of the best years of my life!
I have to see you perfoming sometime, that would be lovely. I have already met Maizie and Liz and I have been in touch with Bobby over internet – and I’d love to meet you too!
Have a great day!!!


Date:   10/14/2008, 3:36 am, EDT
Name:   wayne demercado

Number:   38

Happy 60th Birthday, MUm!!!
Enjoy your day, whatever it may bring
With much love from Wayne & Bradley xxx


Date:   10/14/2008, 3:16 am, EDT
Name:   ian lucas


Number:   37

a very happy birthday to you Marcia – hope you’re enjoying yourself, keeping well and making fantastic music. Do drop a line if you get tehchance ONE LOVE ian xx


Date:   10/14/2008, 1:33 am, EDT
Name:   Bonnie

Number:   36

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY MY DEAR MARCIA!!! May God bless you with happiness, good health, love and all the best wishes!! You are a FANTASTIC person, who brought so much joy with your voice and music. You are a wonderful person who cares for her fans and that’s why I LOVE YOU sooooo much!!! You are the best! Love always from Bonnie.


14th Oct. 2008 – 20:31:30|Valentin|My dear Marcia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for all, for your voice, for your power, for your feeling, for all!!! You know in Spain you have a good friend and fan. Enjoy a lot with your special day!!! Valentin


14th Oct. 2008 – 14:25:33|John|Happy Birthday Marcia ! Have the greatest day and celebrations X John D. Baptist


14th Oct. 2008 – 13:49:35|Manuel |Feliz cumpleaños Marcia,gracias por tantos buenos momentos,gracias por la magia que nos transmites con tu voz tu carisma y tu personalidad, Un abrazo muy fuerte desde España. MANUEL.


14th Oct. 2008 – 07:59:42|Bonnie|HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY MY DEAR MARCIA!!! May God bless you with happiness, good health, love and all the best wishes!! You are a FANTASTIC person, who brought so much joy with your voice and music. You are a wonderful person who cares for her fans and that’s why I LOVE YOU sooooo much!!! You are the best! Love always from Bonnie.


13th Oct. 2008 – 03:56:50|Betty|Hi Marcia, I met you on the Hobe Sound beach years ago and wish you and your husband, Marcus, a wonderful healthy and successful life. You are truly a beautiful person on the outside, heart and soul. Love, Betty Plunkett email:


9th Oct. 2008 – 02:57:33|”Everybody wants to sing like Marcia Barrett”. Really good voice.


29th Sep. 2008 – 15:58:40|Daniel | Hi Auntie Marcia and Uncle Marcus! its Daniel. Glad to see that you both are still rocking hard! love you both and hope to see/hear from you soon xxx


28th Sep. 2008 – 04:18:04|Hello dear Marcia! Was it really you in Novoaltaisk, Russia, on September 27? I really liked that show of yours – thank you ever so much!


Date:   9/25/2008, 12:01 pm, EDT
Name:   Sandra Vos

Number:   35

Dear Marcia , thanks to the internet I learn about you. As a child I admired Boney M and you were always my favourite. I am so happy that you have overcome the sad period in your life and that you can live again to the full. God has blessed you .I like you even more now I saw pictures of Sascha. I see how much you loved her , like I loved my big black dog (died 4 months ago , almost 16 years old ) I hope that my dream will come true to meet you in person.
My roots are in India , but
born in Surinam and was adopted by Dutch people.
In 1970 I came to Holland. Listened to Boney M and the Jacksons
Well I can go on and on ,
hope you read this . all
the best wishes and good luck in what you do
Who knows I may give you a hug one day !


Date:   9/19/2008, 10:48 am, EDT
Name:   Tee Banigo


Number:   34

Just to give my love to u. Are u married with kids, how many?


Date:   8/23/2008, 6:22 pm, EDT
Name:   Richard H

Number:   33

Hi Marcia. I am hoping that you will be releasing some new recordings soon. I have always loved your voice and enjoy listening to all your Boney M solos together. They would make a really great album. Wishing you all the best for the future. You deserve all the success in the world.


Date:   8/20/2008, 4:08 pm, EDT
Name:   Comfort

Number:   32

I cherish your visit with Marcus. It was a pleasant surprise.
May God bless you both abundantly.


9th Aug. 2008 – 11:48:49|Zaki|My name zaki ibraheem i’m from YEMEN simply i loved Bony M group they was in my days of youth so i want to tell them Liza Maizie Bobby Marcia dear Bony M stars i’m still enjoying with yours beauty songs i wish from allah to keep yours a happy life and to enjoy safely life I wish to heard about Bobby Farrell news is he still a live ? with my love zaki


Date:   8/4/2008, 9:51 am, EDT
Name:   Mike Davis

Number:   31

I met you and your husband in Shortys BBQ, in West Palm. I perused the site, awesome! I hope to see you perform live.


1st Aug. 2008 – 03:56:15|HelloMarcia greetings from Mexico, we love your music and we will always remember the old good days of Boney M.


Date:   7/27/2008, 2:37 pm, EDT
Name:   peter Basler

Number:   30

hello marcia
hope asll is well – love and best to marcuss as well
peter basler


Date:   7/23/2008, 5:34 am, EDT
Name:   Hazel Geanas

Number:   29

hi loveyou


19th Jul. 2008 – 15:58:26|Carlo|Gday marcia a note to say thank you for the wonderful music you sang with boney m your songs are wonderful and happy i wish you all the best in your personal life thankyou soo much


Date:   7/16/2008, 4:37 am, EDT


Number:   28

Hello Marcia,
greetings. I am Mrs. M. MARY VIJAYA, chief functionary of UNITY CHARITABLE TRUST, a registered NGO in India. working in the fields of women and children.
Your group’s contribution to music is memorable.
Thanks and CHRIST bless,
Chief functionary,


Date:   7/15/2008, 8:16 pm, EDT
Name:   Helge Morken

Number:   27

Hi Marcia! I have written to you from time to time just to express my admiration for you as an artist. Believe me it still goes on. When I have friends over I often have your “Come into my life” album playing in the background, and people always say “wow! This is really good. Who is this?” Espacially “come into my life”, “hey joe” and your excellent lyrics to “Albatross”, which captures the mood of the melody perfectly, make people stop talking and start listening. Even my friends who are reallly not into Boney M at all, have to admit that your music rocks and that your sensual, edgy voice lifts the songs to a new level. Why you didn’t get to sing more solos on BM-albums, I’ll never understand. Take the Heat off me, Lovin’ or leavin’, Belfast, Silent lover, Never change lovers in the middle of the night. Need I say more? I wish you all good and look forward to hear more from you. Helge, Norway


14th Jul. 2008 – 21:08:20|Hola Marcia, soy un fiel admirador de tu persona y te amo desde toda la vida!!!!


7th Jul. 2008 – 00:30:59|It was so sadly to hear “Never change…” again much years after. Sorry, I am crying. With love from Russia.


Date:   7/6/2008, 3:38 pm, EDT
Name:   Wolfgang Keilhauer

Number:   26

Dear Marcia,
how wonderful to have a look into your homepage and read about you after all you have to go thrue…Do you remember me? 1982-1984 at Far-Studios?
“Somewhere In The World”is the song I composed for BONEY M  I never will forget”this fantastic time” and wish you all the best untill we meet again
God bless you,
Lots of Love,
Wolfgang Keilhauer


Date:   7/2/2008, 3:24 pm, EDT
Name:   ma.l.


Number:   25

Dear Marcia,
you are a wonderfull woman and artist. Your voice and songs are very strong. I want to say thank you for the beautiful songs. I hope, we see much more of each other.
Kind regards,
Mathew from Cologne


Date:   6/29/2008, 3:27 pm, EDT
Name:   Ralph RUIZ


Number:   24

Dear Marcia,
a couple of years ago, I posted a message on this site to express how much I appreciated you. I’m a Dutch born French fan of Luv’ (Holland’s greatest girl group ever). You may know Luv’ as like you they performed in German shows like “Musikladen” and “Disco” in the late 1970’s. Your music is part of the soundtrack of my life. I was born on May 25th 1978 as “Rivers of Babylon” was a European #1 hit. So it’s a special sign to me.
Wish you all the best.
Best regards,


Date:   6/28/2008, 11:25 am, EDT
Name:   wayne demercado

Number:   23

Hello mum!
Just stopped by as i was thinking of you whilst watching the nelson mandela concert on tv. i think that you are equally as charismatic as one another so i though i’d drop a little note.take care & say hi to croc.
your son Wayne xx.


Date:   6/20/2008, 12:09 pm, EDT
Name:   Tim.
Number:   22

Marcia, thank you for the fantastic years as a vital vocalist and performer with Boney M. However I must congratulate you for the work you have put in to demonstrate your SOLO skills. Continue
to supply us, your FANS with your inspiring and uplifting songs that you and Marcus created. Your Survival Cd,No war Peace and Love and Come Into My Life are all classics.
Can`t wait for the surprises you mentioned in your last two notes.


19th Jun. 2008 – 14:45:52|Scott|Hi Marcia!! Love you loads!! xoxo I live in Belfast Northern Ireland, it would be out of this world if you came here for a gig, Belfast is my fave tune, but thats hardly surprising!!!:);) I got your album from, I love it. You should set up your own channel, it would be great to see and hear what you get up to. Much love and big hugs and kisses, Scott E


16th Jun. 2008 – 23:07:59|John|Fantastic Marcia! How wonderful each new message comes from you! Love and Respect – can’t wait to hear what’s next? Loves, hugs and bubbles from Dublin X John D. Baptist


15th Jun. 2008 – 21:15:27|Ronald|Dear Marcia I’d like to know if you planing to come to Berlin or somewhere in Germany in the next month for a concert? Only the best for you and your family from Ronald


Date:   5/31/2008, 11:50 am, EDT
Name:   steffen

Number:   21

Berlin – see you and your husband, hi maricia, you said I should send a message in your guestbook – you remeber? I wish your all the best – greetings from Steffen.


24th May. 2008 – 21:35:54|Hallo Marcia, ich habe Dein Interview auf Dragonland-Radio in Berlin gehört, Habe mich sehr gefreut deine Stimme wieder zuhören. Deine lustige Art war wie Früher, Du bist ein wunderbare, nette und tapfere Frau. Ich hoffe Du bist bald auch Mal in der Nähe von München, dann könnten wir uns treffen. Alles Liebe Linda Meine E-mail:


Date:   5/12/2008, 5:25 pm, EDT
Name:   Kim nails
Number:   20

Hey Marcia
greats to you
Love Kim Nails in Göttingen


Date:   5/6/2008, 6:45 pm, EDT
Name:   carlo

Number:   19

good night Marcia wherever you are Carlo Italy.


Date:   4/27/2008, 4:39 pm, EDT
Name:   Dora Palomeque

Number:   18

I come from Ecuador a small country in Sudamerica, but i love your music a love Boney M, now i live in USA, but i hopr see you here some day God bless you with love Dora.


27th Apr. 2008 – 22:26:40|Greg|Hi Marcia! im Greg from Poland. Im verry happy to have find You here! i want to tell You simple “theanx” for all what You make good and nice in my live. for Your voice close with my sweet memorys from the times when i whose young. I Your live full of events i dont know if You remember “Sopot Festival 79” You whose there with Liz Mazie and Bobby like a guests and after quickly You come to my city Zabrze for another concert on “Gornik stadium” i whose there and i remember emotions and energy of this show! thats whose wondetfull time! now enyone Liz Bobby Mazie make our little boney m but it is not the same. for me rest the beautyfull memorys. sorry for my english;-) huggs! best wishes! Your great fan Greg


24th Apr. 2008 – 19:35:48|M. L.|Liebe Marica, es freut mich besonders wieder Ihre wunderbare Stimme zu hören. Ihre CD “Come into my life” gefälltm ir ausgesprochen gut. Ich höre jedoch auch gerne die Musik, die Sie gemeinsam mit den Mitgliedern der Gruppe Boney M. gesungen haben. Ihnen weiterhin alles Gute und vor allem Gesundheit. Herzliche Grüße M. L. Köln


Date:   4/22/2008, 1:16 am, EDT
Name:   Arjuna

Number:   17

Sri Lanka is waiting for you.


Date:   4/18/2008, 8:25 pm, EDT
Name:   carlo

Number:   16

Good night Marcia Carlo from Italy


Date:   4/15/2008, 4:39 pm, EDT
Name:   A De Kraai

Number:   15

Marcia You are the most beautifull woman of Boney M, Arie.


Date:   4/14/2008, 9:46 am, EDT
Name:   Flory Sinsi Walala

Number:   14

I’m very happy to read an article talking about you today. Because, i’ve been listining songs of Boney M, since i was 10 years old. Today, i’m 36.
A day i had been informed that the Boney’s M group was divided, i did not believe.
Because Boney M was a sign of love, peace and unit.
I wish good luck to each of you, with his group.
Lots of love.


Date:   4/14/2008, 9:19 am, EDT
Name:   Flory Sinsi Walala

Number:   13

Really, i’m very happy to read an article talking about you today. Because, when i’ve been listining to Boney’s M songs, I was 10 years old. Today, i’m 36,don’t happen to understand why Boney M is devided.


11th Apr. 2008 – 23:38:12|Oh woman you touch my soul(spirit)i liked ‘belfast’, but when i saw video on youtube(unfortunately it happend just in a 30 years) i like this song 10000 times more. i wish to buy video of this song, any advise where? Ogis(lithuania) all the best for everybody


7th Apr. 2008 – 18:50:35|Mathew|Dear Marcia, you are a wonderfull women and artist. Your voice and songs a very strong. I want to say thank you for the beautiful songs. I hope, we see much more of each other. Kind regards, Mathew from Cologne


7th Apr. 2008 – 18:47:42|Mathew|Dear Marcia, Dear Helga, you a wonderfull women and artist. Your voice and songs are so strong! I like your songs so much! Hope, see much more of each other. Kind regards, Mathew from Cologne very best greetings from me. Your voice


Date:   4/6/2008, 3:24 pm, EDT
Name:   Si Thu

Number:   12

I very like your all songs.
Never forget Boney M.
Boney is Masterpiece.
Good luck.


Date:   4/3/2008, 5:13 pm, EDT
Name:   Tom
Number:   11

Rock on marcia we love love.


2nd Apr. 2008 – 00:44:39|Hola Marcia, hoy despues de tanto tiempo vuelvo a ver los videos de Boney M y parece que el tiempo no ha pasado los he admirado mucho a los cuatro, porque cada uno tiene algo especial, tu tienes algo mas de ese algo especial (?) podrias enviarme algunas fotos? please! thanks!


Date:   3/29/2008, 4:43 pm, EDT
Name:   ADOLF H.

Number:   10



Date:   3/24/2008, 12:42 pm, EDT
Name:   Gabor Meszlenyi

Number:   9

Dear Marcia,
Your voice and acting ability is marvellous. I am 55 years old, but the hits of Boney M have been nowadays fantastic. I have only one question: Now I already know that Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter were performed by Sphinx, but in 1979 an LP was on me and I remember Boney M as the performer of it. That memory can be false, but I wrote your name (Boney M) beside Judas Iscariot based on the LP of that time.
One of your numerous fans: Gabor.


Date:   3/19/2008, 8:45 am, EDT
Name:   Benje
Number:   8

Marcia thanks for a fantastic show in Bangalore. Your team was
wonderful and you are looking just FABULOUS! Hope to see you again soon in India. We love you!


16th Mar. 2008 – 23:07:54|Lisa|Hey Marcia…..remember me…I was on of the flieghtattendants who flew you and your husband to Germany ( LTU Miami -MUC Buisness Class) …I am the one with the strawberry blond hair.. You both were one of the nicest guests i ever had on board. Thank you! It was a blast. Hope you got setteld in Berlin. XoXoXo Lisa ( !


14th Mar. 2008 – 02:00:28|I blame you for monopolizing my musical appreciation recently! I just discovered your “River of Babylon” video from ’78 and it is inspiring. I end up humming that song throughout the day. Are you planning on ever appearing in South Florida? Best wishes from a new fan in Palm Beach.


11th Mar. 2008 – 01:07:16|Suzy and Jenny|Hey Marcia and Marcus- Nice site! Awesome pictures.. Thanks for the messege. Did you get the email I sent? It’s exciting to see you both so happy at work! Great seeing all the pictures – We’ve enjoyed catching up with the info on the site. We miss you and love you! Suzy and Jenny


8th Mar. 2008 – 11:41:35|Hi,! I`m from Maldives, 18 years old, just wanted to say: Thanks for your nice music, I will always listen to it! I`m a big fan of Boney M! Wish some day I would see you and get an autograph! Wish you all the best!


Date:   3/8/2008, 2:48 pm, EDT
Name:   vinod


Number:   7

I luv ur voice marcia.iam a mad fan of boney age is just 28 but i luv boney m songs.iam a student of iipm bangalore.with lots of lots of luv.may god bless u


Date:   2/29/2008, 7:39 am, EDT
Name:   karunakaran

Number:   6

Hello Marcia, i would be very happy to meet you in Bangalore on the 8th 0f march 2008. i am a photographer by profession , you can contact me on +91 80 9341693959 bangalore, and i would be very pleased to do some great portraits of you .
looking forward to hear from you. with lots & lots of love , may god bless you Marcia.


Date:   2/29/2008, 7:32 am, EDT
Name:   karunakaran

Number:   5

Hello Marcia, i have been listening to only Boneym music since 1978. a die hard fan of boneym. waitin to see in bangalore 8-02 2008 at palace grounds. may god bless you with very good health and long long life.
with lots & lots of love from karunakaran & family.


27th Feb. 2008 – 04:42:29|Hello Marcia and Marcus. This is the young lady you met at the optical in North Palm Beach, Florida. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and I hope you’re enjoying your glasses Marcus. Peace be with you both.


23rd Feb. 2008 – 19:14:20|Hi Marcia I’m Nelson India Kerala Boney M Old (1978) Is Good Songs But!! Now Remix No No No No No 100% Nogood


23rd Feb. 2008 – 00:54:06|John|Happy Fantastic 2008 Marcia! It’s only February!John D. Baptist


12th Feb. 2008 – 22:00:07|Gregory|My wishes to you beautiful Marcia are enjoy for more years to see you next time in spain. A lot of kisses Gregory a fan of Barcelona.


2nd Feb. 2008 – 19:31:20|Ingrida|LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂 YOU ARE THE BEST 🙂 I’LL NEVER FORGET “Boney M ” and YOU 🙂 You always be in my heart. Best wishes from Lithuania Ingrida


  1. Jan. 2008 – 21:34:30|#|Ingrida|#|none|#||#|*|#|Marcia… You’re the best 🙂 I like you very much 🙂 Thank you for the amaizing concert in Lithuania on 31th of Dec. 2007. I.m waiting for you in my country the next concert. See you , Ingrida


24th Jan. 2008 – 22:54:18|Hi, Marcia and size, scants here.i have seen trying to reach you for months.i no longer live in catford,i have left my phone number with bloss on two occausions.hope your both email adress is,TONYBROM34@HOTMAIL.COM.all upper case.ONE LOVE….


23rd Jan. 2008 – 07:15:17|Natasha & Rocky|Hello Marcia! Happy New Year and all best wishes to you and your family! This is Natasha and Rocky from New York! How is everything? We try to reach you by the phone, but something wrong is there… Anyway, if you have a chance just call us 718-440-4429(Rocky), 718-440-4428 (Natasha)! Send our best regards to Marcus! Natasha, Rocky and Mariella(4,5 Y.O. She SO cute!)


Date:   1/22/2008, 4:00 pm, EDT
Name:   KIM
Number:   3

Marcia it`s nice to see that your GUESTBOOK is
working again. Willl we be able to continue to view your previous ones?
That would be nice.
Thank You.


Date:   1/22/2008, 6:41 am, EDT
Name:   tom
Number:   2
We love you marcia your voice is fantastic. God bless you.




13th Jan. 2008 – 23:03:05|Hi Dear friends, I need some help here , i want to purchase the Marica’s Original Release CD Album [Survival] , please contact me on Warmest regards and thank you


Name: Jazmyn City: Long Beach Calif. Sent: 09-Jan-2008 07:07 PM Please dont stop recordin so we all your fans can continued enjoying your Giftead Voice. Love Jazmyn born in Mexico.

Name: Ronald Koster City: Gorinchem, The Netherlands Sent: 29-Dec-2007 10:24 AM Hello Mrs Barrett! Always have been a big Fan of You! You are a fantastic person and like your voice so much! Already since I’ve heard you my first LP Take The Heat Off Me! I wish You a very happy and healthy New Year. Regards Ronald Koster

  1. Oct. 2007 – 18:15:32|Hi Marcia, We need to organize Boney’M re-union concert in somewhere in the world at any time.
  1. Oct. 2007 – 13:03:44|#|Manuel|Feliz cumpleaños Marcia,te deseo lo mejor en este dia, y deseo que sigas muchos años alegrandonos la vida con tu musica y tu personalidad,un beso muy grande. MANUEL.
  1. Oct. 2007 – 13:03:44|#|Manuel. Feliz cumpleaños Marcia, te deseo lo mejor en este dia, y deseo que sigas muchos años alegrandonos la vida con tu musica y tu personalidad,un beso muy grande. MANUEL.
    1. Oct. 2007 – 22:32:32|#|Sharon| Marcia and Marcus; Enjoy Germany, Miss not seeing you this year in Florida. I ask how your doing when I run into the Hope Sound Store. God Bless you on your journey. Your Truly Sharon Norris Photos by Shanor
    1. Oct. 2007 – 19:31:46|#|John| Happy Birthday Marcia! Hope the concert in Georgia was a lot of fun. Loves, hugs and bbbles x John D. Baptist
  1. Oct. 2007 – 00:24:30|#|Jens| Dearest Marcia. Happy Birdsday Today, I Really did’nt know it was today.. Horay For You,,, I’ll You are Still very Good, More powerful voice like in the old Boney M. Time – I had bought your hey Joe Album ” It’s Fantastic… good songs,text’t I’ll hope you had survived the Canser, hope you got your long slim dreadlocks back…I really like them… Love from Jens in Denmark
  1. Oct. 2007 – 20:31:30|#|Heike| Dear Marcia, I wish you everything good to the birthday. Much health, luck, and God bless. kind, best regards yours Heike from Germany.

Name: POLARD Fabien City: France Sent: 14-Oct-2007 03:55 AM Dear Marcia, I miss you so, on the french TV show and on stages. I hope to hear from you soon about. Well, I kiss you. Greatly Fabien

Name: Bonnie City: Vancouver, Canada Sent: 14-Oct-2007 02:14 AM HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARCIA!!! Today, Oct. 14th 2007 is your day!!! All the best wishes, good luck, good health and lots of happiness!!! LOVE,

Name: ken legge City: iceberg ally , twillingate newfoundland canada Sent: 13-Oct-2007 01:08 PM love your web site and boney m music , you are simply the best. love you all . thanks for everything Ken

Name: Dr. Hamid Ishaq City: Brisbane, Australia. Sent: 13-Oct-2007 11:02 AM Dear Marcia, I had an amazing day today. It all began reading a news article on that Boney M is going to perform in Georgia. This gave me the idea to check out a famous website where I hoped to find Boney M songs. You guessed it right that I found the songs there. I clicked ‘ river of Babylon ‘ first. And that is it … it was AMAZING … it took me 28 years back to that fine morning to my school where I saw a band performing live for the first time in my life. They performed this one and few other songs. From that performance, I bought the cassettes of Boney M. Those were such great songs. And when I listened to them today, I found them probably the best English songs ever composed, sung and recorded. While watching the videos of songs like by the river of Babylon [ which I watched over twenty times today lol ], I saw you in brief glimpses. While yours and Liz’s voice were magical, I felt a tremendous attraction in your smile and face. Later, I got on wikipedia to read more about Boney M. The first thing I looked for your name and immediately went to your page on that site. From there, I opened your website. I read few things and looked through few of your pictures. I am very sad to learn that you had ovarian cancer. I truly hope that you are absolutely fine now. I pray to God that He blesses you with best health and happiness. I felt very sad after reading few things about you that your producer was not fair with you … and things didnt remain as good with your most wonderful group Boney M as they should be. But I am happy to see that you did not stop singing. I stop writing here telling you that today I found your songs after about 28 years and listened to them discovering wonderful things about your songs and music which I didnt realise as a child when I listened to them at first. I would be honor if you can write me back on my email but would understand if you dont. I have all the best wishes for you and your family. Good luck Marcia.

Name: sam Sent: 10-Oct-2007 03:15 AM Hi marcia I JUST WANT TO SAY WE LOVE YOU MARCIA.

Name: Loldspoopay City: Ligatne Sent: 09-Oct-2007 06:18 AM hi, good site Whish you good luck!

Name: PhilX City: Colonia germany Sent: 25-Sep-2007 04:27 AM Misses marcia, You sooo fantastik !!! Gratulation for the giving chikenfell Album “come into my life”. I send you best greeting and send you force to live long long time. Philippe

  1. Sep. 2007 – 15:21:11| My Dearest Marcie (who else calls you that?) You are constantly on my mind, especially now, with your birth date drawing near!! I kept wondering “where is she?” “how can I reach her?” Then I remembered your website, so here I am, the only way I know of to reach you. Hopefully there’s an email on this site somewhere that will enable me to drop you a line. This is one of your childhood (Parkside days) friend. You remember – it was always “the three of us?” I am elated to see that you are still doing that, which is close to your heart – performing! Love (ALWAYS)to you and Marcus! (Out of sight does not mean out of mind.)

Name: Lisa City: München Sent: 23-Sep-2007 08:07 AM Hey Marcia, Wie ich versprochen habe schau ich mir die Website an.Hab den Flug Mia-Muc wirklich genossen und wünsch Euch alles erdenkliche Glück in Berlin. Liebe Grüße Lisa( LTU ).

Name: Victor Bamidele City: Vancouver, BC Sent: 23-Aug-2007 01:43 AM You guys were superb in 70’s; from the time I grew up to know disco tunes, among others then were Donna Summer,Munich Machine, Brass Construction and all. You folks were great inspiratory vehicles. Regardless what the situation, I am still your loyal fan. As the old adage would put it “Twenty friends cannot live together in the same town for twenty years without an incidence of some sort. Cheers to all! Victor.

  1. Aug. 2007 – 17:13:37|#|Torun| Hello Marcia I would like to thank for fantastic music. I hope to see you live on a stage someday. All the best. Kisses from Poland. Andrzej from Torun.
  1. Aug. 2007 – 13:04:11|#|Angie| Dear Aunt Marcia & Uncle Marcus, Congratulations on your hard work. great to hear that your busy & thanks for keeping us up to date. God bless & keep you alwayz. Love Angie xxxxxxxx
  1. Aug. 2007 – 14:09:58|#|John| Dear Marcia and Marcus, It isso fantastic to see that you are performing! Rock On! Is there a chance thta we will see you in Dublin? Love from Irelan John D. Baptist

Name: Aaron Miller City: London Sent: 07-Aug-2007 10:31 AM Hi I am trying to get through to Marcia, I am you cousin from England.. Your uncle Daniel’s ( mums brother) grandson Aaron.. My mum Shirley told me to check you out, well hop all is well…

5th Aug. 2007 – 22:07:28|#|Mike. Hii Marcia: D King of Boney M I love You ! / Mike from sweden


Name: pete Sent: 30-Jul-2007 03:30 PM god is with you marcia you are a wondereul person.

  1. Jul. 2007 – 23:08:28|wau marcia soy de chile , y te admiro mucho a todos los de la compocicion de boney m los quiero mucho


Name: chizi Ilo City: lagos,Nigeria Sent: 20-Jul-2007 05:41 PM I’ve always loved your music right frm childhood,you all are the best,and your looking so good,keep up the good work.cheers!

Name: Christian City: Angermünde Deutschland Sent: 20-Jul-2007 03:45 PM Hy, vielen Dank Marcus, dass du von Marcia und mir 2 tolle Fotos ins Net gestellt hast.Es war einer der grössten Erlebnisse in meinem Leben. Ich hätte nie gedacht, eine der grossen Stimmen von BoneyM. mal persönlich kennen zu lernen. Nochmals Danke! Euch viel Glück und vorallem Gesundheit!!!

Name: jake Sent: 20-Jul-2007 12:38 PM marcia you rock girl.

Name: Amanda Mcleary City: Bronx New York Sent: 19-Jul-2007 01:30 PM Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to hear that you’re doing well and to tell you that when I was in junior school in Nottingham England going to the swimming baths on the bus with my school we would all be singing brown girl in the ring but I think we would say in the rain. I was nine or ten then and still remember the song I even sang the it to my son, I will be ordering your new song in the near future. All the best for the future From a little Britt Jamaican gal

  1. Jul. 2007 – 12:26:04|#|Kristian| Very nice note Marcia (new note) its great hearing about you and to know you are well, is your own site not working? as i try to load your page and nothing happens? all the best kristian.

Name: joao amaral City: Açores Sent: 17-Jul-2007 03:43 PM to listening your voice and to see your beuty is the prove gods exists keep doing the good job love you.

  1. Jul. 2007 – 12:42:02|#|Fransisco. Hi,Marcia.I´m Francisco (from Seville,Spain).You are great,Marcia!.I don´t have words to express how admire you,and thanks for all your songs,the music of all my life.Silent lover,No time to lose,Never change lovers…thanks for all. All the best for you always, Marcia. Kisses.

Name: carlos City: spain Sent: 20-Jun-2007 12:16 PM Marcia, I agree with you in every word you´ve written in your last message. I really know that things find their place with time. You are such a good artist and better human being. God bless you!

Name: Bozena City: Warsaw, Poland Sent: 13-Jun-2007 05:07 AM Hello Marcia, greetings from my beautiful country. You and your Band still have hot fans in Poland (do you remember great Sopot concert?). I hope You are fine and sorry for my poor english.

Name: Manuel Ortiz Nuñez City: Blanes ( Spain ) Sent: 05-May-2007 07:59 AM Hello Marcia; On April 26 I had the chance to know yourself in person in Berlin. Maybe for you i was only a fan, but for my it was a dream made true. Always dreamed with this day, the day in which my dream was making real, stay a few minutes with Marcia Barret. Thank you very much for your friendship and sharm. I have a photo with you and with Marcus and your autograph; I keep them as a treasure. Thank you for being like you are Marcia, thanks for so many songs that so good moments have made happen to me, thank you for “Belfast”, “We kill the world”, “Silent lover, king of the road”, “Never changed lovers in the middle of the night”, “Take the heat of me” … and many other songs. Thank you very much for being like you are Marcia, a very strong embrace of a Spanish fan that takes you in my heart. MANUEL

Name: Ralph City: Salon-de-Provence, France Sent: 30-Apr-2007 06:58 PM Dear Marcia, I’ve seen on Liz Mitchell’s site that you and her have recently attended “Daddy Cool”‘s premiere in Berlin. It was nice to see you besides you Boney M colleague. You should be proud of what you’ve done with Boney M. What a wonderful time!!! By the way, I have a blog about Luv’ (the famous girls band from Holland). You can have a look at it: Greetings from France, Ralph

Name: Eduardo Arencibia City: Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Sent: 27-Apr-2007 10:44 AM Hi Marcia, I was born and grew up in Cuba listening to Boney M’s music, you were the number one band there for many years. I stumbled into your website when I was trying to find where the Boney M guys were. I am glad to hear you are healthy and recording. God bless you and Marcus, Eduard

Name: Damion Forbes City: Ocho Rios, Jamaica Sent: 16-Apr-2007 10:41 PM I found you, jus want to say that I really enjoyed the little time we spend together ant to me in HONORED, I wish you all the best and hope to see you again. Damion a mi yuh meet in a piana bar @ couples so nuh fi get mi.

Name: Ibe Pax City: Atlanta, GA Sent: 16-Apr-2007 08:49 PM I missed you all Bonny M. Goodness you guys were the best in the 70’s and 80’s. I just stumbled into your site. We grew up with your music in West Africa(Nigeria)God bless and guide each and everyone in your group. Peace

Name: wayne demercado City: purley (surrey) england Sent: 07-Apr-2007 12:58 AM It was marvellous to speak with you today.What a beautiful way to start a Saturday!Cannot wait to meet up for the Daddy Cool show.I am counting the days! Take care,much love,Wayne xx.

Name: Gabrielle A. Solomon City: New York, NY Sent: 03-Apr-2007 03:10 PM Hi My name is Danielle, and I am 7 years old. One day, my dad played Boney M. and since then, I am stick on to your songs. The melody is fine and I enjoyed it with my dad. In fact, I am practicing the songs so that I may sing one day in my school…Thank you for the music. Danielle

Name: Rita City: Forchheim, Germany Sent: 30-Mar-2007 02:42 PM hey Marcia! you were and are for my the greatst band in the world!…I love your music, because it is very good!…Your Fan, Rita =)…P.S. sorry for my mistakes…I can’t speak/write very good english…

Name: Indiana and Jackie Robinson City: Miami, FL Sent: 25-Mar-2007 06:07 PM Hi Marcia and Marcus, Glad to see that you are both fine, working and travelling. Do call when you get back home so we can catch up. Love Indy and Jackie

Name: karsten Wagner / Cap K City: Kassel/Germany Sent: 22-Mar-2007 05:34 PM Dear Marcia, it’s fantastic, that you are back in business so well again! Do you remember our telephone-interviews for my radio-show HANDMADE some time before?I saw, that you where in my hometown Kassel last time. It’s a shame we didn’t knew from each other, that we where in the same city, when you joined my radio-colleague’s studio on HR4. Oh, dear…. wish, we had a meeting. Maybe, when you come back to germany next time. All the best, yours: Karsten ~

Name: Gail, Ron, Kayla, and Cody Patak City: Sanibel, Florida Sent: 17-Mar-2007 02:06 PM We just wanted to say hi to Marcia and Marcus. We think of you often and hope you are doing well. It looks like you are doing great and having fun on your travels. We hope our paths cross again. Love, The Pataks


Name: Manuel Antonio Vazquez Alvarez City: Santo Domingo Sent: 15-Mar-2007 07:07 PM Hello Dear our always first cuban fan living in DR, Im glad to know about you..your health and popularity…good people as you ever survive…Only the stronge survive ! Good health..long live Marcia Kisses and many hugs Manuel Antonio

Name: Ratu City: Adelaide, Australia Sent: 12-Mar-2007 03:17 AM Hello, my name is Ratu and i just love Boney M and their Song Im born again, I was wondering if you can tell me where i can download the backing track, instrumental?? for it!! thanx!!

Name: Joseph Beaty City: Port Saint Lucie, FL Sent: 05-Mar-2007 11:25 AM I remember when you were recording with Scott at Avalon years ago…I was the rocker guy that played with Joey Butera…still listen to Boney M to this day…hope to see you all soon…take care joseph beaty

Name: peter andersson City: malmö sweden Sent: 28-Feb-2007 02:33 PM please……. all fans waiting for the originalmembers of boney m to get together. call Farian and get to the studio in germany. The sound would be so damm good in 2007. We still need you……………

Name: Donald Klasson City: sweden stockholm Sent: 23-Feb-2007 05:07 AM Hi Marica I think you are best.

Name: madhu.g City: bangalore Sent: 16-Feb-2007 05:01 PM Im madhu from India. I was watching boney m, I was so impressed that I was carried away to a separate world where there is peace and love. You sing exceptionally nice. I want autograph from you. Will you visit India? Please let me know my dream is to meet you once in life.

Sent: 15-Feb-2007 02:51 PM hi marcia. you are the most beutiful woman that I ever known… I lover you so much…. my love. (sorry, I don’t speak english. a mexican man)

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 13-Feb-2007 11:41 AM Dear Marcia! Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you. Really hoping we can meet again, after so many years… One love, Marco

Name: Henri Boeck City: Berlin Sent: 29-Jan-2007 05:12 AM Hello Marcia… i wish you all the Best. I love your Songs. Lovly Greetings from Berlin. Henri

Name: Rathna S. Munasinghe City: Los Angeles, Sent: 27-Jan-2007 11:29 PM I Love Boney M music. you are my favorit. I love you. Can you please let me know where I can buy all my favorite Boney M DVDs. Good Luck Rathna.

Name: Samm De Lorenzo City: London, Ontario CANADA Sent: 25-Jan-2007 01:35 PM Hye there Marcia! I just wanted to say that I got your Brilliant CD Come Into My Life today in the mail and I am dancing around like a mad fool. It has been way to long since I heard your voice and now to hear you again is just be best feeling. I hope you continue to record new music still. You are the best! All my love and appreciation! Love , Samm

Name: jorge WilsonMoreno Nogales City: Potosí _ Bolivia Sent: 19-Jan-2007 08:33 AM Hello Marcia. It`s nice for to visit your web site, I should confes that i admirror your acting and performing in the boney M band, mainly the song BELFAST, i like your voice and your dance, I hope you can send me a message. Love Wilson

Name: Yelena Kin City: 29 Boxwood Lane, Langhorne, PA 19047 USA Sent: 11-Jan-2007 01:32 PM Me and my husband Alex remember the group “Boney M” and we are still listenning your’s CDs. I got your CD for my spouse for the New Year as a present. And I brought CD at work and all my co-workers were listenning. WE are loving you, guys!!!!!

Name: Samm De Lorenzo City: London, Ontario CANADA Sent: 08-Jan-2007 06:24 PM Dearest Marcia, I am very proud to say that I have finally got a copy of your new album “Come Into My Life” comming in the mail. After trying to find and website that i could get it from (I only speak write and read english)I finally found someone on who had three copies for sale. I am looking forward to hearing this album and I know it will be a favorite among me and my friends along with the New Boney M DVD that I bought this year. Thankyou for all the years of great music and God Bless you and Marcus in 2007 and beyond! You Rock baby

Name: arnab City: Hamilton, Canada Sent: 08-Jan-2007 09:16 AM Dear Ms Marcia!!! Hope the new year 2007 redeems a new dimension to your songs and kindle the message of peace through out the World.Regards Arnab

Name: Helmut City: Innsbruck Sent: 06-Jan-2007 03:13 PM Hello Marcia. Just this moment I have running the Boonoonoonoos-Album and your song “We kill the world is playing. It reminds me again -how so often- of my childhood. Abig dream for me would be, when Boney M reunites again. Is there any chance ?? I wish you a healthy year 2007. Helmut

Name: kristian City: scotland uk Sent: 04-Jan-2007 11:57 AM hiya my darling lady, hope your well!!! Boney M in GOA wow wow wow wow seen the fan recording and wow!! the way u sang no woman no cry was stunning marcia please please please record your own version its a MUST omg its a must, i was crying when watching u sing it with such soul and power, we the fans need a studio version from you(a totaly solo version) no backing singers!! do your own! hope your well and going strong and may it last like this forever as you said in a intervew inh germany in 2005 your time is now!!! and yes it is love to you and big kiss xxx happy new year Marcia.

Name: celeste City: chile Sent: 02-Jan-2007 03:30 PM hello marcia single queria to decer Happy New Year to him, and to say to him that she is a really brilliant singer. hopefully you responded to me.

Name: John Packbier City: Simpelveld Netherlands Sent: 29-Dec-2006 08:58 AM Nice to hear your great new record

Name: Bruno Garza City: Monterrey, Mexico Sent: 28-Dec-2006 03:39 AM Hola. No se si alguien me entienda. Hace poco que escucho la musica de Boney M. Desde entonces me gusta, primero escuche Sunny y Daddy Cool y luego fui bajando mas mp3 de internet (sorry, aqui no venden discos de Boney M). Me fascinan Marcia, Liz y Maizie. Las felicito y las quiero, un saludo a Marcia pues veo que se mantiene al tanto de la pagina. Un beso marcia! Me fascina Belfast! Saludos desde Mexico!

Name: Koen Van Rompay City: Davis, California Sent: 27-Dec-2006 01:53 AM Dear Marcia, Ever since I was only 11 years old and saw you and Boney M on television for the first time performing “Daddy Cool”, I became a great fan of the music (and had a big crush on you and your great voice!). When I moved from Belgium to the USA for my research, I brought my complete collection of Boney M tapes and CD’s with me, and still listen to them regularly. The poor Americans are clueless when I talk about all of this…but there is hope here in California, as it was yesterday on Christmas day that I heard for the first time a Boney M song on a local radio station (they played Mary’s Boy Child). The rest of the world still remembers you well: today while having met 3 international university scholars (from Tajekestan, Syria and Mali) at a local Christmas dinner, it turned out that they are also all big Boney M fans so we had immediately something to talk about! I am going to try to buy some of your more recent music (although it’s not easy from the USA). Thanks for all you have done; I hope to meet you in person some day! Have a great start to the New Year!

Name: Ingrisch, Reiner City: Auf der Heide 18, 34454 Bad Arolsen (Germany) Sent: 26-Dec-2006 05:18 PM Hallo Marcia, (sorry for my english) first I hope you had very nice christmas-days. I read your greetings, wishes and minds about 2006 on your webpage. I was surprised that you had a interview in Kassel (near my hometown). I am a great Fan from Boney M since the beginning of your career. In the early days of Boney M you have a performance in my town, Arolsen, in a discotheque, it calls “Le Piano”. A live performance from the songs “No woman no cry”, “Daddy Cool” etc. and the beginning of a great career. This date and this sound I´ll never forget…I hope you come 2007 to Germany for an Concert, I would be delighted if it is possible. Marcia, last I have a great wish, please send me a picture with your autograph!!! I wish you all the best especially good healthy, God bless you Your Reiner Ingrisch 26.12.2006

Name: Kiran City: Bangalore Sent: 25-Dec-2006 02:27 AM Hi, I have been a fan of Boney M ever since i was 5 (I am now 28), i think. I have been listening to all the songs. I rerun the songs so many know. Have a magnetic attraction towards the songs. Rarely do I listen to other songs.

Name: Isabell City: Kassel Sent: 24-Dec-2006 04:43 PM Dear Marcia, dear Marcus! I wish you merry christmas and a happy new year! Furthermore I wish you all the best for the next year…

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 24-Dec-2006 10:12 AM Dear Marcia! Merry Christmas to you and Marcus! I trust you will have a glorious time together. Wishing you both a healthy and prosperous New Year. Love, Marco

Name: Richard Winkler City: Bonn, Germany Sent: 20-Dec-2006 08:08 PM hi marcia, at this moment, i´m watching the zdf kultnacht of boney m on video. i like to remember my childhood, when the musik of abba and boney m was always around me. i love the songs and the performance and want to say ” thank you for the music ” best regards and merry x-mas from a big boney m fan

Name: René City: Neuenkirch/Luzern Schweiz Sent: 20-Dec-2006 02:47 PM Hallo kommt Boney M wieder zusammen? Liebe Grüsse René

Name: Pilulkin City: Seoul Sent: 19-Dec-2006 03:10 PM Finding more info aboute investor koyukuk

Name: Manuel City: Gerona-España Sent: 18-Dec-2006 02:38 PM Feliz navidad Marcia, te deseo unas felices navidades i un prospero año nuevo 2007. happy crhitsmas. manuel.

Name: Duane Wood City: Manchester, United Kingdom Sent: 16-Dec-2006 07:52 PM Hi there.. May I first of all thank you for your timeless music. It is always a pleasure to listen to. May I make a suggestion to re-release the song “We Kill The World” as it’s lyrics today have a great effect on our society and planet. Many Thanks for your time. Best Regards Duane Wood.

Name: Dhiraj Sahay City: New Delhi Sent: 16-Dec-2006 02:58 AM Hi, I am a big fan of Boney M since my childhood days. I still have my old Boney M LPs & tapes as well as new CDs. I travelled to Goa from New Delhi just to catch the Boney M show at Goa on 30th November 2006. It was “once in a lifetime experience” and the live Boney M performance was truly enchanting and mesmerizing. It was truly magnificent to be so close to the stage and see Marcia performing right in front of me. I hope to see her perform live again in India soon and hope to meet her in person.

Name: Anne Dunphy City: Souris, Prince Edward Island , Canada Sent: 16-Dec-2006 12:44 AM Hi Marcia, I worked with your sister quite a few years ago in Toronto, Dawn Barrett . Since then I am enjoying my time back home on an Island on the East Coast of Canada. I was just listening to your music on internet. Hope you health is good. Love & Prayers, Anne Dunphy PS. I wonder how Dawn is doing, Is she still in Toronto . The last time I seen her was at the CN Tower. TAKE CARE.

Name: ARJUNA JAYASINGHE City: colombo Sent: 12-Dec-2006 12:32 PM How nice to see about you.We miss you with BoneyM. Wshing you all the best.

Name: Susanne Struck City: Hamburg Sent: 10-Dec-2006 07:22 AM Hi Marcia, viele liebe Grüße von Susanne, ehemals DJ im Top Ten Harburg, Cuxhaven und letzter Treffpunkt Suzie Wong Lüdenscheid.1969 bis 1973. Lang lang ist´s her. Susanne

Name: Mike City: Hamburg/Germany Sent: 10-Dec-2006 05:27 AM Hi Marcia, saw last night on German TV the film (Boney M)was graet to see this, love that music u played its remembring my time i was child(born in 1969) . Wish u the best for 2007 – Mike

Name: Marcelo Sànchez City: Cuautla, Morelos Mexico Sent: 27-Nov-2006 06:22 PM Dear Marcia I am a big Mexican fan of Boney M , so for me it was and still one of the dancegroups I ve ever seen so the big influence of the videos since the gold age of Boney M is v ery great, I wish to born time before to enjoy the Boney M`s performance I m on my 30 Year old, many congratulacion and I hope one day that the original line up will recruit againg Best regsrds. Marcelo Sanchez

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 24-Nov-2006 05:33 AM Dear Marcia! How are you? Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you often, hoping you’re doing well. Love, Marco PS. What’s up with the guestbook?

Name: petar City: London, United Kingdom Sent: 31-Oct-2006 05:38 PM Dear Marcia, You are really keeping Boney M magic alive as the lunatic is going through the Sunset Boulevard motions… That is very sad but your charm and magic works its way for over 30 years now. There was always something special about you and some quality without Boney M would not be what they were. I dream about seeing you live on stage at some point as the only time I bought tickets to see you live in 1978 the concert got cancelled. Can you tell me why that was? I would be grateful if you could give me that information through my e mail. Your great fan, Petar

Name: Vince City: falmouth Cornwall UK Sent: 26-Oct-2006 02:17 AM Wow Marcia, found this site by chance wow 😉 Boney M is still alive with your old and new fans after 30 years (yes im and old fan hehe now 42)I so hope one day the orginal Boney M make up and return to the stage, it would be so cool!!!!! life is so short, I really hope you guys make up….please!!! Xx Good health my love, keep well, please give my love to your family and the other members of Boney M Liz Bobby and Maizie Vince Baker Xx

Name: Sharon Mccleary City: London Sent: 25-Oct-2006 09:13 AM Happy Birthday Uncle Marcus!! One love… Sharon Bloss Mick Sam Jim & Elaine Hope to see you guys real soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: Sharon Norris City: Stuart Sent: 24-Oct-2006 07:12 AM Hi Marcia; This is Sharon You remember me best for working in the Photo lab years ago. I show your web page and I wanted to say hi to both you and Marcus. I am not work now, I am keeping myself busy. I thought I would drop you and Marcus a short note. God bless you and your family Sharon Norris

Name: kristian City: uk Sent: 22-Oct-2006 04:56 PM “Daddy Cool” premiere was in london and “you” was there!! it was amazing to see you with liz and reggie, it was, amazing!!!, nice seeing frank as well. my pen pal from london was there on the night(thanks for the pics) you rock stuart!! marcia its great to see you looking great! and may long it last, there was to great woman singers in boney m your self(amazing vocals) + still amazing!! my fav songs is the superb “come into my life”(from the album of the same name) and the cool track “rip it up” oh and the very boney m sounding track “seasons” wow that was a shock this song whys it not on “come into my life”? the music and song text are simply amazing! i here theres a new boney m song newly recorded frank and liz its a shame your not in on this recording! why not? that would have been something special liz , your self and frank….this is what the fans want, its very hard being a boney m fan do you no that! some fans say oh i love liz shes amazing oh i just love marcia, blah blah blah iv allways loved you and liz from when i was 4 years old a baby …the music and the people i care for very much, i love talent there for i love the 2 great singers of boney m, seeing you sing live is what i live for its truly amazing the raw vocals and the Elagant way you move on the stage is truly great! im happy for frank, but i am happy about the music and the people behind the music liz and yourself + frank i hope this musical now opens the door for great things for you marcia ie, more tv new recordings and the world knowing your name!! (nothing to prove to the fans we allways new you was amazing) 30 great years of boney m “wow” take care and best wishes allways k xx

Name: manuel City: Gerona-España Sent: 19-Oct-2006 03:08 PM hello Marcia,FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MARCIA, a love you forever Marcia, a love BONEY M.,happy birthday Marcia,MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. MANUEL.

Name: Heike Wolfram City: Greppin/Germany Sent: 18-Oct-2006 04:43 PM Hi Marcia, nachträglich wünsche ich Dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag und vor allem Gesundheit. Oh Gott, ich hatte mir das falsche Datum angestrichen – entschuldige bitte. Ich möchte Dir danken für die Zusammenarbeit mit Didi Zill für das erschienene Buch. Weiterhin danke ich Dir für die schönen Bilder von der Premiere “daddy cool” in London auf Deiner “marciabarrettsite”. Nach 30 Jahren Treue zu Boney M. wäre es mein sehnlichster Wunsch, auch Dir persönlich meine Hand reichen zu dürfen. Vielleicht führt uns Gott einmal zusammen Ich sage es jetzt und hier aus tiefstem Herzen: ich danke Gott dafür, dass es Dich, liebe Marcia, und das es Liz Mitchell gibt. Bitte singt für die Menschen in diesen verrückten Zeiten. Ich danke Dir. God bless you Heike/Germany

Name: John Healy City: Dublin – Ireland Sent: 18-Oct-2006 11:43 AM Belated Hapy Birthday Marcia! I hope that you had a gloriously happy time and my, how great you look! Keep smiling and happy, love to you and Marcus and I can’t wait for your new recordings because I can’t get enough of you! Loves’n’hugs’n’bubbles John

Name: Delroy Chin City: Portmore Jamaica Sent: 16-Oct-2006 02:18 AM Marcia you continue to lift jamaica high, go there girl we love you.

Name: Sharon McCleary City: London Sent: 14-Oct-2006 02:49 PM HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AUNTIE!!! Lots and lots of love from Bloss Elaine Sharon Sam Michael & Jimmy..Hope to see you real soon ..enjoy your special day! One Lovexxxxxxx

Name: Helge Morken City: Bergen Sent: 14-Oct-2006 12:09 PM Happy, happy bithday Marcia! Saw the pictures from the Daddy Cool premiere. Seems like you had a great evening. Would love it if you would tell us about the night. Best regards Helge, Norway

Name: Søren City: Copenhagen Sent: 14-Oct-2006 11:51 AM Hip Hip Hooray! Happy Birthday Marcia, and may there be many more to come! Love & All the best to You, Søren xxxxxx

Name: Dirk Krause City: Bonn/Germany Sent: 14-Oct-2006 08:55 AM Happy Birthday to you, dear Marcia! I hope you`re alright! And keep smiling for ever! Many greetings from Bonn Dirk

Name: Wayne Demercado City: london Sent: 14-Oct-2006 02:33 AM HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! Hope you have a great day,lots of love from Wayne xxxx.

Name: Bonnie City: Vancouver, Canada Sent: 14-Oct-2006 12:44 AM HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Marcia !!! from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best, good health, happiness and may all your dreams come true! Millions of hugs and kisses from me!!! Last week I got my copy of Boney M. book … a real tresure!! You look soooo cool & beautiful in all the pictures! Once again, have a splendid birthday! I love you!!!

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 14-Oct-2006 12:41 AM Dear Marcia! Happy Birthday! I hope you will enjoy this day together with Marcus and everyone dear to you. Love, Marco

Name: FFFclub City: Moscow (Russia) Sent: 13-Oct-2006 09:24 PM Hello Marcia! We are very glad to see you on show DADDY COOL with many people from Farian Family. It simply fantasy! We very much hope that the musical will be successful, as well as your further career of the singer (very much we hope for continuation ???? works with FAR Music!). We wish health, success and prosperity! FFFclub (Moscow)

Name: Anna Turman City: New York Sent: 13-Oct-2006 10:30 AM All is so good, that I’d like to find out any mistake or discrepancy, but I have not found. Take my words; it is not insulting for me. I am really very glad for you!

Name: Søren City: Copenhagen Sent: 13-Oct-2006 09:25 AM Dear Marcia, as everyone else, I was thrilled to see the pictures from the “Daddy Cool” premiere. Even though we didn’t get a full Boney M. reunion (I missed Maizie on the photos!), it was fantastic to see you with Farian, Liz, Reggie, Precious Wilson and Gilla after so many years. It must have been a very special night for you. The sadder it is that Farian didn’t invite you to sing on the new Boney M. track he’s recorded with Liz. I cannot believe it! You surely must be very disappointed of being treated like that. We can only hope the “Daddy Cool” musical will be a success that you will benefit of as well ’cause that’s what you deserve! And may I add, the new Didi Zill photo book is the greatest Boney M. release in a long time – and very nice that you were asked to do the foreword to it. Keep up your ever positive spirit, Marcia, there’s a FANMILY behind you, always remember that! Love, Søren

Name: Horst Tschemtschar City: Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria Sent: 12-Oct-2006 12:15 PM Liebe Marcia. Herzliche Grüsse und glückwünsche zu deinem Gebutstag. Gesundheit! Alles, alles gute. Ich hoffe sehr, liebe Marcia dir geht es gut. Ich habe mit freude die Bilder von der “Daddy Cool” -Premiere gesehen. Zusammentreffen mit Liz Mitchell, Reggie Tsiboe, frank Farian, Gilla sowie Precius Wilson. Habs auf deiner Homepage gesehen! Viel freude hab ich mit dem “Boney M.-Photobook” von Didi Zill. Fantastische Bilder eurer so erfolgreichen Zeit. Liebe Marcia, God bless you! you are a super woman. sowie eine wunderschöne Frau. Schöne grüße aus dem süden Österrechs. klagenfurt am Wöthersee. Horst from Austria

Name: Robert Beier City: Erfurt Sent: 05-Oct-2006 02:15 PM Hi marcia, our talk today was one of the most cheerful calls i ever had!We had to laugh till one cries, it was so funny.I’m so glad to get post from you.Lovely greetings from the little answering machine assistant -4747

Name: Richard City: TORBAY Sent: 30-Sep-2006 05:42 AM It was so good to see you on stage with Liz at the Daddy Cool premier. Wouldn’t it be good if the two of you could record a song together for your next album. I was thinking also ‘My Jamaican Guy’ by Grace Jones would be a great song for you. What about it?

Name: Matthias Wilms City: Frankfurt Sent: 29-Sep-2006 08:51 AM Liebe Marcia, es war für mich eine große Ehre, Sie in London bei der Weltpremiere von dem Musical “Daddy Cool” persönlich zu treffen. Die Songs von Boney M. gehören zum festen Bestandteil in unserem Musikprogramm. Alles Liebe Matthias

Name: Kader City: Algiers, Algeria Sent: 25-Sep-2006 03:46 AM Je suis un grand fan des Boney M (depuis mon enfance)et particulièrement de Marcia !!! Je l’adore !!!! Je souhaiterais avoir son e-mail personnel pour lui écrire

Name: BRYAN HOPKINS City: CANTERBURY.ENGLAND Sent: 10-Sep-2006 12:59 PM marcia….I simply love what youre doing now..In fact i love everything youve ever done!!.please ,please please next time youre in london having a blast with maizie allow me to join you two.You rock girl.Keep on moving!!

Name: sabina City: hobe sound Sent: 05-Sep-2006 09:50 PM Marcia, it has been sometime since I have heard from you and Marcus. We hope all is well and e-mail &let me know how u guys are doing. We miss you both. Love Rowland& Sabina

Name: Jens City: Cologne Germany Sent: 04-Sep-2006 10:50 AM Danke Dir Marcia für deine Mithilfe an dem neuen wunderschönen Bildband “Boney M.” von Didi Zill.Habe ihn gerade druckfrisch erhalten.Alles Gute für Dich und Deine Familie.

Name: Indiana and Jackie Robinson City: Pembroke Pines, FL Sent: 04-Sep-2006 06:09 AM Hi Marcia, Happy birthday to you and may you live to see many more. That is not a cliche my dear as you keep going from strength to strength despite the curve balls life keeps throwing at you. God bless you and Marcus on this special day. Love Indi and Jackie

Name: Elena City: West Palm Beach Sent: 02-Sep-2006 11:53 PM Hello, my name is Elena. I grew up in Russia and remember listening to Boney M music. In fact I still have a CD, it is a mix that i made. I listen to it all the time. My son who is 13 likes it as well. Thank you for a great music and great songs! Elena

Name: Pegasus City: Béziers – France Sent: 24-Aug-2006 01:42 PM I know “I’m crazy like a fool” but now it’s time to resurrect Boney M.

Name: Damir City: Rijeka, Croatia / London, UK Sent: 22-Aug-2006 05:26 PM Dear Marcia, wishing you all the very best – health, happiness and joy! With much love, Damir xxx

Name: Armin Bettini City: Triberg-Gemany Sent: 22-Aug-2006 11:41 AM Danke für alle Deine tollen Lieder. Ich freue mich auf das Boney M Musical dieses Jahr. Alles Gute und viel Gesundheit wünscht Ihnen Armin Bettini

Name: Peter City: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Sent: 18-Aug-2006 08:13 AM Hi Marcia! Just a quick line or two to wish you all the very best and to say that we are so excited about the forthcoming ‘Daddy Cool’ musical – I hope it’s a tremendous success and that it sparks the well-deserved Boney M revival we’ve all been waiting for! Continued good health to you and unbounded happiness. Peter

Name: isabell Sent: 05-Aug-2006 12:05 PM nice and lovely wishes from germany!

Name: SANDRA CAIRNEY City: NEWCASTLE AUSTRALIA Sent: 04-Aug-2006 02:02 AM Hey Marcia Marcus, I have just read about your recent trip etc. Sounds like you both had a great time, especially in Fiji. So close yet so far. Anyway, I will be sending over some Hunter Valley wine to you both to enjoy. Take care love from Sandra and Mum. PS – Give Sasha a big pat.

Name: Oliver City: Hamburg Sent: 03-Aug-2006 09:29 AM Dear Marcia, I just wanted to thank you for the interview you gave me in the middle of July for the NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk). It was very interesting and very nice to talk to you. I hope we keep in touch very now and then. I also talk to Natascha once in a while and she’s such a great lady, really. I hope you are well over there in Florida and as busy as ever. Please tell me when you will come to Germany again. I will work then at the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) in Cologne and maybe we can do something together again if you are planning anew project. Kindest Regards from Germany Oliver P.S. Your album is really great. Everytime I play it to people they just go “Oh, this great stuff, who is it ???” And when I tell them they are so impressed with your work Bye for now

Name: Jutta Winkler City: Göttingen Sent: 02-Aug-2006 01:58 PM Hallo Mrs. Barrett.

Name: Helmut City: innsbruck Sent: 30-Jul-2006 01:59 PM Hello Marcia !! It is once again me, Helmut from Innsbruck. I tried to purchase your albums “Survival” and “No war, peace and love”, but they seem not to be available any more. Could you maybe help me along with this. Thank you very much in advance. God bless you, Helmut

Name: frank City: wiesbaden Sent: 28-Jul-2006 07:08 AM Dear Marcia, lovely to read news from you and to see this great new picture! hope that I can make it for the premier of “daddy cool” in berlin. meeting you and marcus there again, would be so nice. hugs and kisses and greets from nicole as well! frank from wiesbaden

Name: Eric City: Toulouse, France Sent: 28-Jul-2006 04:20 AM Many many thanks for your web site, I will come sometimes to have some news … In a life of a man, music ans artists are so important, So marcia is, for me ….

Name: RICHARD City: Torbay,Devon. UK Sent: 25-Jul-2006 02:51 PM Dear Marcia, it’s great to see you looking well and sounding great.l don’t know all the reasons but l know that the four members of Boney M are not united and that’s sad. Please can’t something be done for the 30th Anniversary? Go on, give us a treat!

Name: Helmut City: Innsbruck Sent: 24-Jul-2006 01:52 PM Hello once again Marcia, I have got your album “Come in to my life”. Congratulations !!! Your voice was a little bit unusual first,because I just heard it on songs like “No time to lose”, “King of the road” and so on. I am 39 years now and still listening to all 5 Boney M-albums. If you ever come to Innsbruck, Marcia please let me know. Maybe we can talk eye to eye. Why is it not possible, that you four, Liz, Maizie, Bobby and you can reunite. You were all so great. With much love from me.

Name: carlos City: Spain Sent: 23-Jul-2006 03:56 PM Marcia! How good is to know things about you! I´ve read and enjoyed your new letter in your web. I love the way you are, the things you say and how grateful you are with life. You are a lesson for everyone of us, God Bless You!!

Name: Thomas City: Hamburg-Germany Sent: 23-Jul-2006 03:58 AM Hallo Marcia, jetzt muß ich dir einmal schreiben das ich der größte Fan von Boney M. bin und ich sehr traurig war das ihr euch getrennt habt.Dein Solo Album finde ich sehr gut.Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ich von Dir eine e-Mail bekommen könnte. Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute, Dein Thomas

Name: John Healy City: Dublin – Ireland Sent: 22-Jul-2006 10:47 AM Hi Marcia, Marcus & all the gang! It was lovely to read your update and I am delighted that you are in such great spirits – your positivity is like sunshine! You look so amazing in the photo too; truly beautiful. Love to you and all of your family and I hope that we will get the opportunity to see you soon in Dublin x

Name: EDDY GRANT City: ST. PHILIP, BARBADOS Sent: 21-Jul-2006 10:58 PM Dear Marcia You have been a part of something that is great and you are GREAT. It has been an honour being a FRIEND of yourself and your devoted husband Marcus. We’ve spent many a great day and night at my home and studio at Bayleys Plantation in Barbados. Truly happy, happy times, and all of my family look forward to playing host to you again soon. Ringbang For Life Eddy

Name: Isabell (the dancer) City: Kassel Sent: 21-Jul-2006 02:17 PM Hey dear!I hope you are feeling good and you are on the road?!i miss you from timt to time more and more and hope to go on stage again soon! you are all so lovely with me and i enjoyed all the time with you! The last time on stage with you was so great! hope to see you soon again and have a nice time together with you all! love and fresh wishes! isabell!

Name: Søren City: Copenhagen Sent: 20-Jul-2006 04:03 PM Dear Marcia, so wonderful to read your latest letter. It was getting a greeting from an old friend … which isn’t that far from the truth as you and Boney M. have been part of my life always! I’m so glad things are going your way now after so many years of struggle. I’m very sorry that Liz doesn’t want to reunite with you just for a photo – and get those old problems sorted out once and for all and reminisce on your extraordinary career instead. Let’s hope she’ll change her mind. All the best to you, Marcia, enjoy the summer! Love, Søren

Name: Teresa Hermansen City: Tucson, Arizona, USA Sent: 30-Jun-2006 09:44 PM Hi, Marcia and Marcus. Just came across your site, and read all about your successes. I am very glad that you are all healed and mended, Thank you God!!! We’re living our simple and peaceful little life in hot Arizona, getting older, staying healthy. My very best to you both, Terry

Name: bernhard thomet City: bern switzerland Sent: 28-Jun-2006 04:33 PM hallo marcia,ì am a very very big fan from boney m.i love very much rivers of babylon,marys boy child,boat on the river…i love all songs from boney m.i lock for videos from boonoonoonoos me kisses and kisses and kisses from bernhard i love your great looking and styles. by by by

Name: RAZIEL City: Guadalajara Mexico. Sent: 27-Jun-2006 08:45 PM I just wanna say thank you for all the music you gave us. This is my first time on this page, and i really enjoied it a lot. I am Boney M`s Fan, since i was 4 years, now im 27, and still love it. Now im really happy to hear you still singing, and hope God give us this pleasure for long.. Hugs, Raz

Name: Helmut Baldessarini City: Innsbruck Sent: 17-Jun-2006 02:27 AM As a fanof boney M for over 25 years now, I loved your voice at most. I was even crying when I heard of your health problems. Marcia, you were the best of all them four. With love, Helmut

Name: Cristobal City: Barcelona Sent: 14-Jun-2006 05:53 AM Hello Marcia!I remember when I was I child, in the way to the hospital, your music and your voice sounds in an old tape, and it brings me energy. You all were like an angel to me, when i was only 11.I wish you now find your angel, and the force and light you sent to me, returns to you in the way you need. My bests wishes from Spain and from the frightned child I am inside.

Name: chuck norris Sent: 11-Jun-2006 09:10 PM I love your singing.How do get a hold of your single. “Hey Joy” Thankyou Chuck

Name: Isabell City: Kassel Sent: 07-Jun-2006 11:36 AM Hello you both! Now i’m on your page again!i want to watch all the nice pictures!on sunday a saw a reportage of boney m at mdr!it was so nice!i hope to see you soon!contact me!nice greetings……..isabell

Name: Bonnie City: Vancouver, Canada Sent: 07-Jun-2006 01:39 AM Dearest Marcia! I wish you a wonderful time in Fiji. I can’t wait to hear the news and also to see some new pictures!! Take care of your darling self and also, greetings to Marcus! Love ya both!!!

Name: Isabell City: Kassel Sent: 06-Jun-2006 09:56 AM Hey Marcia, hey Marcus! What are you doing?I thought, you write me a mail! But maybe you are to busy for this! When you’ll have time i hope i’ll get a mail from you!I wish you a nice time in Fiji and hope to see you back soon! Nice and warm wishes and greetings from me and my family! Isabell

Name: Heike City: Greppin Germany Sent: 04-Jun-2006 04:33 PM Liebe Marcia, heute war ich sehr aufgeregt aber glücklich. Das “Mitteldeutsche Fernsehen” gab eine Show für 30 Jahre Boney M. Ich konnte Dich endlich wieder sehen – Du bist so lieb; Dein Album habe ich natürlich auch. Leider konnte ich Dich noch nicht persönlich treffen. Die Liz war live in der Show – ein fantastisches Boney M.-Spezial. Ich danke Gott, dass es Euch gibt. Gott beschütze Dich, Deine Heike

Name: graham City: manchester, u.k. Sent: 04-Jun-2006 11:04 AM Hey Marcia, so gad to see you doing so well, and back on the road again. My first ever concert was Boney M, at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, on December 3rd 1978. I was 12 years old. What a show! I love your voice, some of the Boney M tracks where you sing lead are my favourites. Are you going to the premiere of “Daddy Cool – The Musical?” It would be so nice to see you there. As a lifetime fan, I sometimes feel sad about the differences of opinion between the Boney M members and Frank, especially as the music was so joyous! (this seems to happen to so many of my favourite bands e.g., Boney M, Chic, Blondie, Bucks Fizz, etc. Maybe one day, the love of the music, and the passage of time can allow the differences and disputes to be resolved. It’s what Boney M fans across the world are hoping for! In the meantime Marcia, please stay happy, healthy, and positive. God Bless Ya, love and peace, Graham.

Name: Panyarak Poolthup City: Bangkok, Thailand Sent: 01-Jun-2006 11:13 PM I have been a fan of yours since the very beginning of Boney M. Any possibility of releasing a DVD of your concerts?

Name: Isabell City: Kassel Sent: 29-May-2006 11:01 AM I wish you all the best!

Name: Isabell City: Kassel Sent: 29-May-2006 10:43 AM Hey marcia, hey marcus! How are you feeling? i hope you feel fine! i made some nice pictures of me and me little brother and my little sister! Next week i will send you some of those, because i want to show you me sister and my brother! Nice time in Florida and a nice being on stage in Fiji! Warm and lovely greetings! Your dancer Isabell

Name: Manuel City: spain Sent: 26-May-2006 09:35 AM hi Marcia, when will we see you in spain? to meet you one day would be a dream come true , thanks for such touching moments with your music and carisma, dont ever change Marcia, a big kiss from Spain. Manuel.

Name: Gerlinde Maestrini (Linda Lüttmerding) City: Deutschland Sent: 24-May-2006 12:15 PM Hallo Marcia, Ich hoffe Du kannst Dich noch an Mich(Linda)erinnern, ich war mit euch, damals unterwegs und habe mich um Eure Kostüme gekümmert. Ich habe leider nichts mehr von Dir gehört,ich habe nur noch telefonischen Kontakt zu Dagmar Englbrecht. Ich hoffe Du erhälst diese Nachricht. Ich würde mich freuen von Dir zu hören. Deine Linda Meine Adresse: Gerlinde Maestrini Bahnhofstr.8 85417 Marzling


Name: Wayne Bjorken City: Harlingen Sent: 05-Apr-2006 12:04 PM Love your singing. You’re great. Thanks

Name: Michael City: Astrakhan , Russia Sent: 07-Mar-2006 10:31 PM Congratulations in International Women’s Day from Russia! Dear Marcia ,let your dreams will come true!I wish you health,happines & Big Big Big LOVE! 8.3.2006. Michael Pugachev

Name: Gitta Heim City: Bad Nauheim Sent: 01-Mar-2006 10:03 AM Hallo Marcia- Habe gleich nach unserem Telefonat auf Deiner Home-Page herumgestöbert. Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Auch die Fotos, toll. Bis bald-alles Liebe, Gitta

Name: Manuel City: Gerona-España Sent: 26-Feb-2006 05:58 AM Hola Marcia, hoy kiro mandarte un beso muy fuerte, i darte las gracias una vez mas x hacerme pasar tantos buenos momentos escuchando tu musica, el dia 2 de mayo estare en london, en el estreno de DADDYCOOL, 30 años ya, 30 años de ilusion i de buena musica, you`re the best for mi, you will always de in my life and in my heart, ALOVE YOU Marcia,one kiss. MANU.

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 21-Feb-2006 05:01 PM Dear Marcia! How are you? I would just like to let you know I’m still enjoying your music everyday. I hope all is alright with you. Keep in touch! Big hug, Marco.

Name: Frank from Wiesbaden City: Wiesbaden Sent: 20-Feb-2006 05:55 AM Dear Marcia, just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am watching all your current activities. Unfortunately I couldnt be in Oldenburg and see your recent life performances. Which new tracks did you play and how was the resonance to it? What are your further plans? Do you see any chance to make up for the “J.B.Kerner Show” in the ZDF? The song “The Sun” should be a fantastic new single-release (…brilliant summer song) together with some publicity… I know things are not that easy…but go for it!! Marcia, you are an extra ordinary woman! Cherio FRANK.

Name: Clarice Barnes City: Montserrat Sent: 14-Feb-2006 07:29 AM I am trying to get in touch with Christie or Maisie Meade of Boney M.

Name: Oleg City: Novosibirsk, Russia Sent: 04-Feb-2006 04:25 PM Thank you for Music! Good luck!

Name: raymond City: manila Sent: 02-Feb-2006 01:32 AM i love ur voice

Name: Gail and Ron City: sanibel island Sent: 31-Jan-2006 09:46 PM Hi Marcia and Marcus, I was just thinking of you both. We hope that things are going well for you. We think of you often and really miss seeing you so very much. Happy New Year. We hope that it is a truly great one for you. Love, Gail, Ron, Kayla, and Cody

Name: Manuel City: Gerona- España Sent: 22-Jan-2006 11:21 AM Hola Marcia, pronto se estrenara el musical DADDYCOOL,ojala podamos ver ese dia a MARCIA, BOBBY, LIZ,I MAIZIE,reunidos, ver de nuevo a BONEYM juntos, seria un sueño para mi i para miles de fans en todo el mundo, i decirte que la cancion i el video de HEY JOE, son fantasticos, i que sigas alegrandonos a todos con tu musica, xque te llevamos en el corazon, un beso grande para MARCIA MANU.

Name: alejandro hernandez roman City: guadalajara. jalisco mexico Sent: 20-Jan-2006 08:02 PM hello marcia how are you sorry not speak english I speak spanish I like you music I MISS YOU MUCH I need information of liz mitchell, bobby farrell . maizie williams thank you god dless marcia barrett PEACE & LOVE I LOVE YOU MUCH

Name: Barbara Conway City: Palm City Sent: 19-Jan-2006 08:42 PM Marcia Best of luck on tour !!! It was nice to meet you at the UPS store!!! Barbara 01.19.2006

Name: James D. Kelley City: Stuart Sent: 17-Jan-2006 08:35 AM Keep going strong, Marcia! Willie Gary sends his regards, as well as Donald Watson and the rest of the firm!

Name: RUBEN City: mexico df Sent: 12-Jan-2006 05:16 PM hi,I love you, I like your music, I like your Web site, you are a beautiful lady, god bless you always.

Name: silvia Sent: 02-Jan-2006 12:24 PM frohes neues jahr euch beiden,grüße aus göttingen

Name: Michael City: Astrakhan, Russia Sent: 01-Jan-2006 07:34 AM Hello dear Marcia!I wish you love,health and happiness in New Year!I’d like your “Hey Joe” and “Strange Rumors” it’s a very-very-very cool songs.You are THE BEST!You’d ever come in Russia?

Name: Heiko Wolff City: Hamburg (GERMANY) Sent: 29-Dec-2005 06:15 PM Dear Marcia Barett! So sorry, my english isnt good, but i wish you all the best, best wishes for the New Year 2006! I wish you so much power!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from germany send Heiko ( a big fan from you!!)

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 25-Dec-2005 03:16 PM Dear Marcia and Marcus, Merry Christmas to you! I wish you health and happiness for the year to come. Thank you for the joy you have brought me and countless other people with your music throughout the years. Much love, Marco

Name: Patricia Norwich City: Stuart Sent: 25-Dec-2005 12:06 PM I would love to see you, I miss you and hope you are well! Patricia (former neighbor from Hobe Sound)

Name: Heike City: Greppin/Germany Sent: 25-Dec-2005 09:14 AM Hallo Marcia, ein schönes und gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest wünscht Dir Deine Heike. Gerade in dieser Zeit sollten wir uns auf den Frieden und die Gerechtigkeit in dieser Welt einsetzen – ob arm oder reich – für alles Leben auf dieser Erde. Gott segne und beschütze Dich, liebe Marcia, und singe für die Menschen, die Dich lieben. Deine Heike

Name: Bonnie M. City: Vancouver, CANADA Sent: 24-Dec-2005 10:56 PM Darling Marcia & Marcus, now on this Holy Christmas Eve, I wish you both happiness, good health, successes and warm wishes! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Name: Michael City: Russia, Astrakhan Sent: 24-Dec-2005 12:36 PM Hello,I’m From Russia.I’m So Happy Find Your Site.You Are The Best Singer Of Boney M.Russia Love Boney M!Marcia Barrett Forever!I Love You Just Like Friend! Be Happy In New 2006!

Name: Horst City: Klagenfurt, Austria Sent: 24-Dec-2005 04:52 AM Dear Marcia! ich wünsche Dir Frohe Weihnachten, viel Kraft fürs Leben für ein schönes, schmerzfreies Leben! Gott beschütze Dich ganz besonders. Natürlich auch deinem Marcus und allen Family&Friens. Marcia, Gratulation zu deiner wunderbaren-schönen Meisterwerk”Come Into My Life” wunderbare Songs voll Power, Heart & Soul, Love voll MARCIA BARRETT!!! Alles Gute für das neue Jahr! Prosit 2006! Kommst du auch mal wieder nach Österreich????Dich zu treffen ist mein graetest Dream! God Bless You! Best wish Your Graetest Fan of The World!(Kiss) Horst, Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria

Name: Dirk City: Dessau Sent: 23-Dec-2005 07:15 AM Dear Marcia, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Name: Daniel Diezi City: Zurich/Switzerland Sent: 22-Dec-2005 04:43 AM Dear Marcia and Marcus! I wish you a wonderul christmas time and a good start into the new year and that 2006 brings you lot’s of success and health! You rock! I can’t wait to see you next year in Germany or… let’s cross fingers that it will work out with that Switzerland visit. Ha, ha.. then we will celebrate our family reunion with a Swiss Fondue! Yes, yes! One love and big hugs, Daniel


Name: kristian scotland uk……………………….. City: uk Sent: 21-Dec-2005 05:06 PM dear miss barrett, marcia, my pal, friend, singer … i feel i can say that after nearly 28 years playing your songs watching you, this time of the year always makes my feel amazing! but xmass 1978 will allways be in my heart its my first xmass i can remember! my first record player a small red one, i love it!!! but all day i asked mum when is boney m on the tv, i could not think how she said that boney m was coming on or how she new? but she did!! lol i was high playing marys boy child on my record player, and way top of the pops come on and a waited and waited!! and next thing you was on , you was a fav of mine i loved you so much the white snow outfit and your long hair coming out the side, i was amazed i had never seen anything as Pretty!! i told every one you was my fav, i was ill at this time with a hole in my heart but boney ms music got me though this family always think of me when that songs played, merry christmas marcia , i wish you everything you dream of and no you will get it! love from scotland xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kristian .

Name: kristian scotland uk……………………….. City: uk Sent: 21-Dec-2005 05:03 PM dear miss barrett, marcia, my pal, friend, singer … i feel i can say that after nearly 28 years playing your songs watching you, this time of the year always makes my feel amazing! but xmass 1978 will allways be in my heart its my first xmass i can remember! my first record player a small red one, i love it!!! but all day i asked mum when is boney m on the tv, i could not think you she said that boney m was coming on or how she new? but she did!! lol i was high playing marys boy child on my record player, and way top of the pops come on and a waited and waited!! and next thing you was on , you was a fav of mine i loved you so much the white snow outfit and your long hair coming out the side, i was amazed i had never seen anything as Pretty!! i told every one you was my fav, i was ill at this time with a hole in my heart but boney ms music got me though this family always think of me when that songs played, merry christmas marcia , i wish you everything you dream of and no you will get it! love from scotland xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kristian .

Name: manuel City: GErona-España Sent: 19-Dec-2005 03:47 PM Hola Marcia, i wish you a merry chritmas, and a happy new year, Feliz navida, prospero año i felicida,un beso muy grande, MERRY CHRITMAS .

Name: John Healy City: Dublin – Ireland Sent: 15-Dec-2005 05:24 AM Happy Christmas from the Emerald Isle and congradulations on your magnificent album! We hope to see you in this part of the world very very soon. Peace and Love always X

Name: carlos City: spain Sent: 11-Dec-2005 12:18 PM Hello Marcia. I´ve been browsing your web site, and I have seen your video for Hey Joe. Congratulations, it´s a good song, this new sound has been a surprise for me. I wish you much success with the record, good health and much love and peace for your husband and you. We all love you.

Name: manuel City: Blanes-Girona-España Sent: 11-Dec-2005 11:03 AM Hola Marcia, kiero mandarte muchos animos desde España, i desearte mucha suerte con tu nueno disco,i ojala nos hagas una visita a España,siempre has sido mi favorita de BONEYM, un beso muy grande para Marcia

Name: Maria E. Barrett City: Jacksonville Sent: 10-Dec-2005 11:08 AM Dearest Marcia, i wish you and Marcus a Merry Chrismas!! Thank, you for all the beatiful songs. Love , Maria E. Barrett

Name: Vin ( your brothers’ friend) City: Miramar, Florida Sent: 07-Dec-2005 02:40 AM Hey there Marcia and Marcus. Stan told me you were back in Germany and played a cut from your CD on the phone. Sounds very good. Miss the good cooking when we visited you guys. Bro/Marcus,What’s up? Stay cool. Much love to both of you from my family & I. Stay in-touch via E-mail.God Bless!!!

Name: silvia Sent: 05-Dec-2005 04:56 PM hi marcia, wann bist du wieder in D. Liebe Grüße Silvia PS. hab deine Nummer verlegt 🙁 Natürlich auch liebe Grüße an Marcus

Name: peter barsch City: moers, germany Sent: 01-Dec-2005 02:05 PM thank you for all the joy you brought into my life with all your music through all those years.. trust and believe in yourself

Name: manuel ortiz City: Blanes-Gerona-España Sent: 27-Nov-2005 01:09 PM hola que alegria encontrar esta pagina, aunque esta en ingles i no entiendo casi nada, espero q este mensaje llegue, solo decir que os echo muchisimo de menos a boneym, que espero id eseo que marcia este ya recuperada de su enfermeda, i que ojala algun dia, pueda ver reunidos a Boneym denuevo,un beso enorme para Marcia, i ojala tenga respuesta.

Name: Lloyd (Blue) City: Brooklyn Sent: 26-Nov-2005 12:35 PM one love blue

Name: David Williams City: Melbourne Sent: 26-Nov-2005 10:35 AM Hi Marcia, Just to let you know, im a long time Boney M fan from the late seventies. I was living in England ( im English ) when Boney M exploded onto the scene, now im living in Australia and listen to Boney M every bit as much now as I did then. You were always my favourite, great voice and very classy. Lots Of Love David

Name: Myriam City: Mexico Sent: 24-Nov-2005 07:02 PM Wishing you a lot of success with the tour in Europe in December. It’s a pity I won’t be in my homecountry to see you perform. Anyway, take care ! Bye !!!

Name: Irina Malenko City: Northern Ireland Sent: 23-Nov-2005 11:24 AM Dear Marcia, Are you planning to produce a DVD or a video with your songs, about your life and career? I think that would be fantastic!

Name: pedro City: moratalla,murcia,españa.. Sent: 21-Nov-2005 01:38 PM hola marcia.Espero que te encuentres bien tu y la gente que quieres,me alegro mucho de tu ùltimo trabajo musical.Sigue asì;alegrandonos la vida con tu mùsica y tu fuerza.Mucha felicidad para ti y para los tuyos….

Name: volkan sevimli City: Istanbul Sent: 20-Nov-2005 04:02 PM Thank you (and all members of boney m)very much for all everything You were wonderfull

Name: isabell (dancer lübbecke) City: ks Sent: 11-Nov-2005 03:01 PM hey marcia, hey marcus! i`m looking forward to see you and perform with you again! i really enjoyed it! warm and nice greetings to you two!wish to see you soon!

Name: Arouna City: Dakar, Senegal Sent: 08-Nov-2005 02:13 PM Dear Marcia Will we ever see you in Africa ? Oh yes, you have many african fans!!Your voice is great, I like very much Hey Jo and I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to see you on stage, at least one time!!

Name: Jean-Baptiste Kaluzniak City: Montceau-Les-Mines France Sent: 06-Nov-2005 07:46 AM Merci beaucoup Marcia pour tous ce que vous avez fait pour Boney M . Ne changez pas , vous êtes la meilleure ! ! !

Name: Patricia Kawaja City: Miami Sent: 29-Oct-2005 02:48 PM Marcia Mate!! My darling girl. Playing superb CD you gave me now loudly all over my house—have lost touch with you–phoned your old number I have for in Hobe Sound 561 546 etc, doesn’t work. I moved down to Miami in 2002. Are you still in Florida? Please phone me 305-371-9340 or email Huge Hugs Patricia website Message left Oct 29, 2005

Name: Horst from Austria City: Austria, Carinthia, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Sent: 28-Oct-2005 10:18 AM Dear Marcia, congratilation to you wunderful CD. Marcia you are teh greatest singer of the world. You are woman with Power, Love, Feeling, great Heart and beautiful lady. I´m so happy your fan since 30 years. I see you in may 2005 in german TV. I´m so glat. Let me hope you feel fine and es geht dir gut. Bist hoffentlich gesund. ich wünsche es dir. Gott bless you bye Marcia Horst(37) from Klagenfurt, Austria

Name: Savas Lellas City: Athens-Greece Sent: 28-Oct-2005 05:34 AM Great work.Thanks for the joy.Will we ever see you in Greece?

Name: Echeverria Philippe City: Paris, France Sent: 27-Oct-2005 06:23 AM Thanks for the album”Come into my life”. It’s wonderfull. Kiss

Name: City: Ouagadougou in Burkina faso, W-Afrika Sent: 20-Oct-2005 11:49 AM Hallo Marcia, Kannst Du dich noch an den Afrikaner erinnern, der mit Euch beiden im Restaurant vom Hotel Living (Hamburg)im August geredet hatte. Wir waren 3 aber ich hatte Dir meine Visitenkarte am Ende gegeben. Du hattest mir eine Karte gegeben, auf welchem Du folgendes geschrieben hattest: ” I’m ready to rock. Are you Alphonse? One Love!”. Anyway i wanted to tell you how great it was to meet and to know you. I wish you more success in your life. LOVE from Burkina. ALPHONSE, 03 BP 7100, Ouagadougou 03, Burkina Faso. Cellphone 00226 70 259276.

Name: sam City: NY Sent: 18-Oct-2005 12:21 PM Hi Marcia, We all love you!!! You are the best! I have a favor to ask: can you please put your CDs for sale at (not I am in the US and would really like to get your new CDs… Also, when are you coming to NY??? Thanks and take care, sam+ friends

Name: Heike City: Greppin Germany Sent: 14-Oct-2005 08:11 AM Hallo Marcia, alles Liebe und Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag wünscht Dir Deine Heike. Seit 30 Jahren bin ich supertreuer Boney M. Fan. Mit Liz hatte ich in den letzten 11 Jahren persönlichen Kontakt nach ihren Konzerten. Eine super Frau. Neben Liz, und das sagte ich ihr auch, wollte ich schon immer auch Dich persönlich kennenlernen. Vielleicht klappt es einmal. Es ist schön, dass es Dich gibt, liebe Marcia. God bless you and dank you. liebe Grüße Heike

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 14-Oct-2005 04:23 AM Dear Marcia! Happy Birthday! I wish you love, health and happiness for the year to come. Much love, Marco

Name: frank City: Wiesbaden Sent: 14-Oct-2005 04:11 AM dear marcia, all the best wishes to your birthday! have a wonderful day and enjoy life!!! still cant stop listening to your cd – once again: this is the best you ever did! you can be so proud of it, marcia! greetings also from nicole. until we meet! frank

Name: Bonnie M. City: Vancouver, Canada Sent: 13-Oct-2005 11:48 PM HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Marcia!!! all the best wishes, good health and happiness. Millions of hugs and kisses from me!!!

Name: dermot City: ireland Sent: 13-Oct-2005 06:31 AM The happiest of birthdays to my favourite voice. Health and love always.Dermot.XX

Name: yusuf daraja City: reading, uk Sent: 09-Oct-2005 04:23 PM I am sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. God will spare you so that you will continue to give happiness to humanity.Our love to you and your faith will surely see through all the tribulations of this life.You should realize that you are a source of happiness for lots and lots of people. Keep going sister.

Name: yusuf daraja City: Reading, uk Sent: 09-Oct-2005 03:50 PM I was surfing the net when i stumbled upon your website and you can’t imagine my happiness.I am from Nigeria and your music with Boney M has been a great inspiration to me. I always play tunes from your 70s albums just to remember my younger days when i was in primary and secondary schools.You were and are still great. Keep it up sister.

Name: Ralph Ruiz City: Epernay, France Sent: 24-Sep-2005 02:04 PM Dear Marcia, I wish you all the best (health, love, power & passion). A true fan from France.

Name: Manuel Antonio Vázquez Alvarez City: Santo Domingo Sent: 22-Sep-2005 05:55 PM Dear Marcia: Thank you again for your new CD, you ever GREAT !…I would you always be happy, healthy and with the same power to sing to this world and all your fans like me. Kisses and sweet hugs your cuban fan living in Dominican Republic.

Name: Slavek City: warsaw-Poland Sent: 21-Sep-2005 05:39 AM Dear Marcia-I love to listen your new GREAT cd. My 3 favourites are:THE SUN / I WANNA KNOW / COME INTO MY LIFE. thank you for this record.

Name: Nasko Lechev City: Gorna Oryahovitsa Sent: 18-Sep-2005 04:03 PM It’s so nice I can be in touch with you even for a while…’Belfast’is a song I’ll never forget,the perfomance and your voice,as well…Your music is a guiding light…

Name: sonny City: Odense -Denmark Sent: 14-Sep-2005 06:22 AM Hi Marcia.. Great version of Hey Joe.. Love it!! I will hope all the best for you..Hope that damm illness will leave you for the rest of your life.. Stay strong and possitive .. All the best for you from me. regards from Sonny.. PS: Not ever a change to see Boney M reunited again? I HOPE AND PRAY..

Name: Jackie Robinson City: Pembroke Pines, FL Sent: 11-Sep-2005 12:20 PM Hi Marcia and Marcus, Its been a little while since we last heard from you. We can see that all is well based on the travels recorded in your guest book. Do send a message and God bless you both. Indiana and Jackie

Name: Andrzej Wojtowicz Sent: 11-Sep-2005 10:48 AM I loved you when I was 10 🙂 Now I’m 39 and I’m still in love with your voice. Thank you for all fantastic music. Best wishes, Andrzej

Name: frank City: wiesbaden Sent: 09-Sep-2005 12:30 PM dear marcia, dear marcus, it was such a pleasure meeting you again in mainz before the show “fernsehgarten”. it meant so much to me! your power is incredible! keep going and singing, your songs are great! please let me know when you are in germany again! how was the concert in luebek? greetings frank (from wiesbaden)

Name: Felix and Franky City: Karlsruhe Germany Sent: 08-Sep-2005 03:26 PM Dear Marcia it was a great pleasure to feel your power while your first audience in Germany since many years. Congratulaion to your show. I was very impressed. And thank you, that you spent so much time for your real Fans Franky and Felix. We enjoyed the time with you. Nice greetings and lot s of other shows in Germany. Yours Felix and Franky from Karlsruhe/ Germany.

Name: Malte City: Göttingen Sent: 08-Sep-2005 01:30 PM I’m sitting here with Marcia and friends. We had a nice barbecue and she is wonderful. Friendly, funny and nice.

Name: Ivan Shopov City: Sofia Sent: 01-Sep-2005 02:00 PM Dear Marcia Barrett, My name is Ivan Shopov and I am twenty nine years old from Bulgaria. I am the biggest autograph collector in my country and for me will be honour to get an autograph from you.I know this is first letter from my beautiful country and I know you will answer me. Unfortunately I’ve never had the chance of meeting you personally and I will be very happy if you send to me photo with autograph and personal wishes to me. In Bulgaria we have not international stamp coupons and I want to ask you about – on envelop you will write on top corner “paid by receiver” and I will get letter when I paid in post office in Bulgaria. Thank you!. I know you are very busy but please answer of my request. I will be wait your letter with big interest. I want to thank you and wish to you many success. You excuse me for my not so perfect English. With the kindest regards: Ivan Shopov My mail address: Ivan Shopov bul.”DONDUKOV” 75 obst.”Oboriste” SOFIA – 1504 BULGARIA – EUROPA

Name: Thomas City: Witten, Germany Sent: 30-Aug-2005 03:46 AM Hi Marcia, so long time i”m a fan of boney m. and You!!! I”m very happy to see that you have make a new cd. kind regards thomas

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 30-Aug-2005 03:10 AM I just watched your performance on ZDF and it makes me feel so good to see you perform again with all that positive energy! And “Come into my life” rocks!! BIG hug, Marco

Name: Steve Jacks City: Worthing, UK Sent: 26-Aug-2005 11:33 AM Someone told me you had a new album, so I have come on here straight to have a look! fantastic! better go and buy it now then!!! I find this site so uplifting, I must visit more often (yes i know, I MUST!). Marcia you have suffered so (God bless you) but you always remain so positive and it is always a joy to read your words and visiting your site (and hearing your music) always makes me feel good. Good for you!!!!! We need more people like you! Keep up the good work!

Name: Sent: 20-Aug-2005 06:13 PM Hi Marcia, habe das making off und noch eine Menge Fotos! Liebe Grüße Silvia

Name: Bonnie City: Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA Sent: 20-Aug-2005 01:45 AM HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, dear Marcia & Marcus! Best wishes, lots of love and happiness! Bonnie(M.)

Name: aden james City: london Sent: 18-Aug-2005 09:36 AM Hello Anuty and Uncle hope u r fine. My father and i , and a few of his friends are decerating our house to make it look bigger and better. (Uncle i’m still jammig with the drums at church)and if u get in touch with ron or mark tell them we should get together nuf love Aden ur nephew

Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 18-Aug-2005 07:08 AM Dear Marcia! It took me a while to get hold of your cd, but it was definitely worth waiting for! All I can do is congratulate you; the enormous energy and positive vibes you and Marcus put into this project, together with your wonderful team, are amazing. Waiting with great anticipation for any news regarding both your happiness as well as your career. Hoping to meet you again one day soon, be it either in Holland or in Turkey. Love as always, Marco

Name: Gisela und Horst Schink City: WIBBECKE-ADELEBSEN Sent: 16-Aug-2005 12:41 PM Hallo Marcia,ich bin Gisela Schink wir haben uns getroffen in Dransfeld und das was ich gemacht habe das ich zu dir geckommen bin, das habe ich zum erst mal im meinen Leben getan einfach so zu jemmand Fremd zu gehen und ihn anschprechen.Ich habe Euch gesehen, und eine inerem stimme sagte zu mir geh da hin.Aber ich wusste nich wer du bist.Bin sprachlos geblieben,danach habe ich nur dahin gedacht habe ganze Nacht nur von dir geträumt ,ich bin glücklich sehr glückliich das ich mich mit dir unterhalten habe.Ich hoffe das du mich auch nicht vergisst und melde dich mal wenn du Zeit hast. Vielle Grüße aus Wibbecke bis bald -LA REVEDERE-

Name: Helge Morken City: Bergen Sent: 06-Aug-2005 08:55 PM Hi Marcia! Just wanna say that I’ve purchased you’re new album “Come into my life”, and as always before I’m impressed with your energy, your sensual, strong voice and your catchy tunes that just makes me feel soooo goood. Can’t stop singing along when listening to your CD. I think your talent goes far beyond what you already proved in the days of Boney M. Although I will always enjoy the music of Boney M, I really enjoy that you have found your own, personal style that is FAR from the BM stuff, but still ROCKS more than ever!! Keep up the good work!! Best wishes for the future!! Love Helge from Norway

Name: kristian mc farland City: scotland Sent: 05-Aug-2005 07:11 PM hiya dear marcia ur album rock what a voice!!!!!! its means the world to me to have this new album its stunning omg i love it its so so kool and funky…just like you!!! love u always xxxxxx kristian u scotish fan xx

Name: Suganthi Shanthi City: Chennai, India Sent: 04-Aug-2005 12:02 PM Hi Marcia, Hope u r doing well. Howz is your health now? Praying that our LORD provides u with the strength to Praise His Holy Name. Luv, Suganthi Shanthi

Name: Arouna City: Dakar Sent: 02-Aug-2005 02:31 PM Hello Sorry for the mistakes, I don’t speak english very well. I’m a great Marcia Barrett fan, in fact I was a child when I saw a video of Boney M, it was Belfast and I was really impressed by that woman, she really gets the POWER (in her voice, in her attitude, in her dancing style). Today, I can listen to almost all her songs, they are really great, I’m also very sorry about her health problems but I think she can sort it out because , Marcia, you still have the power!!!

Name: Sascha City: Hennef / Germany Sent: 29-Jul-2005 02:33 PM Hallo Marcia…. It is very hard to get your album survival. Do you know, where I can buy this album ?

Name: dermot City: Ireland Sent: 29-Jul-2005 09:13 AM Thanks foryour last inspirational phone call,the new album is so stunning,Rock on forever Ms.Barrett!! Love Dermot.XX

Name: anon City: UK Sent: 25-Jul-2005 02:05 AM I’m a singer, not a regular, well paid singer just a pleasure singer who has been totally inspired by your strength at my moments of self-doubt. By your honour at my deepest fears. I grew up in UK with Boney M. memories of Brown girl in the Ring gave me my 1st sense of self worth. Singing Belfast gives me a sense of your compassion and love in a desolate place of no family 2 support me. I pray for your strength in a world that seems senseless and full of greed and hate. I wish u peace, health and success and thank you for your inspiration. with God’s Love from single parent who sings for spritual upliftment.

Name: Bonnie(M.) City: Vancouver, Canada Sent: 21-Jul-2005 12:13 AM Dearest Marcia, once again congrats for the powerfull and wonderful album “Come into my life” which brings me joy and happiness everytime I’m listening to. I wish you and Marcus a beautiful summer. Millions of hugs and kisses from me.

I would just like to say that i was a big fan and still is of Boney m in the late 70’s early 80’s, brings back alot of memories. I wish you all the best with your new album. Windell Barrett Windell Barrett <> Nottingham, Notts UK –

Dear Marcia, here’s wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2005. What a great way to begin the new year with a new single! YAY!!! Can’t wait to hear it. I cross my fingers for it to happen, and hopefully it will pave the way for an album to follow. Lots of L-O-V-E to you from this corner of the world! Søren Søren Jensen <> Copenhagen, Denmark –

My dear Marcia, its such a pleasure to hear that you recorded new songs. I cant wait to hear the complete version of “hey joe”. yess, you are right….it is always looking straight forward and beeing optimistic…loving the things one keeps and does, this is what its all about. cant wait to meet you soon again and having a good red wine together. greetings to marcus!!! all the best. best wishes frank from wiesbaden Frank <> Wiesbaden, Germany USA –

Where and when can I get Hey Joe?? love Dermot dermot brady <> Ireland, USA –

Bless you both, I miss you and wish you good health, happiness and, of course, success in ’05! With much love from your “old” neighbor Diana Diana Sodi <> hobe sound, fl USA –

brave picture of you but not even the ravages of cancer can disguise your beauty ,brains and intense talent,happy new year love dermot. dermot Ireland –

Dearest Marcia, I wish you and Marcus a HAPPY @ BLESSED NEW YEAR 2005!!! May all your wishes come true!!! One million hugs and kisses from me! Bonnie(M.) <> Vancouver, British Columbia Canada –

Marcia and Marcus I have not heard from you all . I guess that you are still in Eurpoe. Any way all the best for the Xmas, and we wish you both all the best for a prosperous new year. Love Rowland and Sabina SABINA JADUSINGH <MIDYKHAN@AOL.COM> HOBE SOUND, FL USA –

Darling Marcia, may these holly days bring you and Marcus lots of happiness, good luck, success and most of everything good health! Congratulations for the new single, this is indeed a wonderful gift. I love you and I adore you with all my heart! Millions of warm hugs, sweet kisses & MERRY CHRISTMAS from yours, Bonnie(M.) <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Feliz Navidad, Marcia!! I´m so happy you feel right and you are healthy again! You´re a strong woman, and you deserve the best in life. I´ve been praying for your health lately and now we have amazing news. Good luck with your record! Carlos Spain –

Dear Marcia. What wonderful news! I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing fine and also that there will be new music out soon. I’ve been thinking a lot about you, and this really made my happy christmas! I wish you a very merry christmas and a WONDERFUL new year. Warm greetings from cold Norway Helge Morken <> Bergen, Norway –

Dear Marcia thank you so so much for the up date on what has been happining with you!, coz i was very concernd about u after so long!!! the picture u posted with the up date …i was rubbing a tear from my eyes …why is it bad stuff happens to good nice people?? anyway the news is amazing cant wait till i have the new remixes and new songs there is a god!!! and i wish u everything u dream of..and if we ur fans have a hand in it you will shine like u always do!!! let marcia sing let her dance…..cant wait god is good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kristian kristian mc farrland <> scotland, uk –

16.12.04 Hi Marcia. Just wanted to say have a great Christmas, hope you are now fully recovered and full of energy. We would all like to hear from you here at the Marsden. grace sharp <> london, UK –

Dear Marcia stay safe love and happy christmas when it comes xxxx please will people stop adding silly comments to the guestbook!! its not nice and theres a time and place for chatting. thank you feliz navidad to all fans xx kristian kristian mc farrland <> scotland, uk uk –

This message is for the person(s) who posted the last few enries on Marcia’s guestbook. If you guys don’t have anything better to do, then go and find another place for “fun”. It’s childish and stupid the way you act! This is a wonderful website, so please stop … thank you! Bonnie <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Dearest Marcia, since a very long time I am missing your comments on your website and I am really worried. I hope things are well with you and whatever happens never forget, that the love and thoughts of your fans all over the world will be with you. Just remenber ” Only the strong survive”! Wishing you lots of stength, health, luck and all the best for the future. Love Oliver Oliver Fernandez <> Stuttgart, Germany –

Hi Marcia, here is Manja from Stralsund, Cafe “Zum Steuermann”! I was so surprised that I have met you there. I hope we see us soon and I wish you good luck for your future and many many health. Auf wiedersehen in Deutschland. Deine Manja Manja <> Stralsund, MV Germany –


Happy “belated” Birthday from Nicole and Frank from Wiesbaden. We just arrived from an exciting trip from San Francisco, so this year we couldnt make it in time. Anyway all the best to you, keep your optimism and enjoy every day with your kind husband Marcus. Hope we’ll meet each other soon! Take care, Frank and Nicole (Wiesbaden, Germany) Frank and Nicole <> Wiesbaden, Germany –

Happy belated birthday for 14th October. Hope you had a brilliant time. I’m seeing Elaine tonight – she’s coming to visit me! Monica Innis <> London, United Kingdom –

Happy birthday to you, dear Marcia. I wish you all the best and of course health and luck!!! Barbara <> Wetter, Germany –


Happy birthday dear Marcia!! I send you lots of love as a present, and be sure that here in Spain there are fans who loves you much!! Take care. Carlos carlos <> pamplona, Spain –

I wish you the best for your life, Good will bless you Sometimes we will meet again Marga Scheide (ex Luv´) The Netherlands –

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear MARCIA. With a lots of love. Stéphane <> Candé, France –

Happy birthday to you, dear Marcia. I wish you many happy smiling like sunny. 🙂 God bless you. Dirk Dirk <> Bonn, Germany –

Dear Marcia ! I wish You a very-very Happy Birthday ! /Boldog Születésnapot !/ Your Fan from Hungary: Gábor Gábor Királyszéki <> Gyõr, – Hungary –

Marcia you are my north my south my east my west My working week and my sunday rest. Love to you on your birthday and always, Yours ever,Dermot.XX. Dermot Brady USA –

“Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Marcia, Happy Birthday to You!!!” First of all I wish you good health, secondly I think your new recordings (I heard the sound snippet on Mr. Sarkysjan’s site) are EXCITING, I hope this new project will pave the way for you this time!!! You deserve it! Much love, Søren Søren <> Copenhagen, Denmark –

Happy Birthday and good health !!! channing <> Kaiserslautern, Germany –

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my adorable Marcia!!! Today my thoughts and prayers are flying to you. May your birthday be filled with happiness, love and more than everything, good health! Millions of hugs and kisses from yours, Bonnie(M.) <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Marcia dear “A Happy Birthday” Greetings Patrick Patrick Brussels, Belgium –

Happy Birthday Marcia! Pasi Turku, Finland –

hi, dear marcia, i hope you are well, why am i adding (again) too this guestbook? well too thank you for your e mail..i was looking at my old e mail address..iv had a new e mail address since may! i could not believe it when i went and had a look at my old e mail and there was one there from you!! i was very moved by this coz its the first personal contact from you!!.remembering iv loved you..been a fan from the age of 5 years old..thank you marcia ..your e mail made all the years of hunting for records cds videos will always be special too me coz i can remember you in my childhood..talking with my mum the other day about when at hallowe,en i wanted to go as “you”..i was 6 years old at the time mum did her best to make me up like you…its memories like that ,that last a lifetime!! you marcia was alway my favorite of boney m. i remember watching u on top of the pops christmas 1978 i was about 5 years old i remember you i thought you looked so glamorous with the beads in your that young age i had never seen anything like it ..i loved you from that minute on..hope with all my heart you are gettin better thanks so much marcia for your e mail. kristian take care your true fans are with you xxxxxxxxxxxx kristian mc farrland <> scotland, uk uk –

HELLO MARCIA,Thanks for the letter you send me.You have a greate webbsite and I visit often.You are my favorit star in Boney M and I listend often on Belfast and We kill the world mfl..TAKE GOD CARE OF YOU AND A BIG HUG TOO YOU! Kennet <> Trelleborg, Sweden –

hello again. thank you for your letter. i´m really hope that you come and visit us, perhaps and hopefully, next year. i will be the first one to get a ticket. take care and see you soon, your fan jehrry jehrry <> kristianstad, sweden –

take care Marcia we all love you! you and your voice Antonis <> greece –

Hallo,Deare Marcia,I love your music and your voice,I hope you feel well and Take god care of you,I am a big fans to you.A big hug too you from me. Kennet Nilsson <> Sweden –

take care. we love you. when do you come and visit us in sweden? jehrry tronnberg <> kristianstad, sweden –

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo maga <> USA –

Dear Marcia. Thinking about you a lot. How are you doing? Missing the vibrant, positive notes you always write; they give everybody lots of energy! Hoping to hear good news from you soon. Lots of love and big hugs! Marco Marco van Beek <> Den Haag, Netherlands –

Hallo meine liebe Marcia ich freu mich schon auf unser treffen und wünsche uns eine tolle Zeit sowie ein gutes gelingen für unser THE BEST OF MARCIA Projekt. Ganz lieben Gruß aus Deutschland Mario. Mario <> Lauscha, GER –

Hello ! In Ungarn/Hungary, in unserer Hauptstadt Budapest wird ein sogenannte Boney M. Fantastic Live Show stettfinden, am 26sten September, in einer Kongresshalle. Es ist ausgeschrieben: Die Klassische Boney M.: Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams und Bobby Farrell !!!! Ist es richtig ? Ich möchte es wissen ! Ich hoffe, das die ganze Originalle Gruppe kommt zu uns nach Ungarn ! Es ist so WUNDERBAR !!! Herzliche Grüsse: Gábor. (Ich war dort in Budapest im Jahr 1979 im Konzert von Boney M, dann war ich 6 Jahre alt…) Királyszéki Gábor <> Gyõr, Hungary –

HAPPY 20th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, dear Marcia & Marcus!!! I wish you from the bottom of my heart, lots of happiness, good luck and best wishes! Millions of sweet kisses and big hugs from, Bonnie(M) <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Hi, Marcia! Bought recently the Boney M “Greatest Hits” on DVD. Sounds much better than every kind of modern pop music. Your voice is great on “Belfast”! I am 38, and I was grown up with Boney M music. Our country has changed since you’ve been there in the end of 78. Everything has changed in this world, but good things remain. Wish you luck and success. Vitaly, Moscow, Russia Vitaly <> Moscow, Russia –

Hi Marcia, everything allright there, we wisch you good luck and I must say of oure people in the village that they give you a big hunk and and a very lovely kiss to you well and I give you to a kiss and a hunk xx Ad Smits <> Tilburg, Holland –

Hopefully we see you soon again in Germany peter Bischoff <> Germany –

Hello from NY! Always loved Boney M. Marcia, hope you are well. Eagerly expecting your remix album! Sam NY, NY USA –

hi, dear marcia wishing you well, just wanted to say hi again, am i going for the most entries in your guestbook? take care your true fans are with you at all times good and bad, go bless love kristian, xxxxxx kristian mc farrland <> scotland, uk –

Dear Marcia, Heard that once agin u r not doing well. Is that all real. If so, how do u feel now. Reply about ur current health situation. Expecting ur reply soon. Praying 4 u. Take care. Bye!!!!! Rexlin Diana <> Chennai, TN India –

Hallo Marcia, kannst Du mir 1 Ausgabe von deinem SURVIVAL- Magazin senden? Wann erscheint Dein angekündigtes BUCH??? Michael Gewehr <> Kaiserslautern, Germany –

hi, bob and anyone that wants 2 start, i am a boney m fan always have been, boney ms music is about ,fun,love. and happy times!! u bob said a nasty thing about liz, and i told u to stop it, as u dont know the lady, iv just had a nasty e mail from some guy ,saying i was downing liz when it was u bob any way its all clear just look at the guestbook and everyone will see iv said nothing out of place!! sun see and sand and true boney m fans thats boonoonoonoos!!! love to all fans, liz marciaxx god bless. love kristian kristian mc farrland <> scotland, uk –

Need I remind you, christian, that this site is about Ms. Barrett? This is not a place to hurl personal insults. Everyone is entitled for his/her own opinion. And you need to learn some manners, dumb peasant. I am not a Boney M fan, nor I ever claimed that I was. However, I admire Marcia’s character. And I like her singing – only hers in Boney M, for that matter. If you are an idiot who can’t appreciate that and wants to be “even-steven” for every member of this dance act, then I have no intention to educate the likes of yourself. Have a nice life. Uncle Bob <> USA –

hi that last entry in the guestbook is out of order, boney m was 5 people not one without the original 5, yes that includes frank there would be no group every think that happend was the way it worked out, as for liz she has an amazing voice just like marcia has, so bob shut ur face and leave liz alone, u dont even know her!! i will not have u downing her like that.. marcia has never said a bad word about her its just not her!! out of all the entres in this gust book ur s is the only one that lets true boney m fans down, liz mitchels voice has sold more records than some groups could only dream of, hope other fans are with me on this boney m are liz, marcia bobby, mazie, frank. that boney m. end of. thank u. kristian. xx kristian mcfarrland <> scotland, uk –

Frank Farian is an opportunistic bastard who was dumb enough to put the cheesy low-life Liz Mitchell on vocals. Her vocal capabilites suck and they are no match to Ms. Barrett’s. It is apparent that Marcia is a person with honor, perseverance, and class. My wishes are: strength of spirit and health. Uncle Bob <> USA –

Sorry, I´m not from USA, I´m writing from Spain. Thank you. Carlos <> Pamplona, Spain –

hello Marcia! Internet is a good thing, It´s been ages without knowing anything about you. Thank you,thank you, thank you for being the soundtrack of my life. I have all Boney M. records and you have always been muy favourite member. I sometimes play these songs and they are great! Here, I have known about your health problems, and I´m happy to know you´re right again. I´m sure you are spiritually stronger now. Last week I went to Jamaica on holidays, and I couldn´t stop thinking about your childhood there, and the pictures that were taken in Ocho Rios for the Boonoonoonoos album. Now I´m closer to you! Good luck, Marcia, and peace and love for everyone. carlos <> USA –


Dear Marcia, thinking of you a lot and hoping that all is well with you and Marcus. Big hug, Marco Marco van Beek <> Den Haag, Netherlands –

Hi Marcia & Marcus Mum and I are thinking of you and sending positive thoughts to you both. I hope all is well. Kind regards Sandra and mum. Sandra Cairney <scairney@lakemac,nsw,> NEWCASTLE, NSW AUSTRALIA –

so glad to your site,i can now finally show my girlfriend how much she looks like you ,hugsss and kissess lorentz <> roosendaal, holland –

Dear Marcia, I’m thinking of you and I hope that everything is o..K.? God bless you and your family! Michael <> USA –

I wish you could have seen the huge smile on the face of Ethera (nurse at JMC) today when I gave her your good news and told her to “spread it”! GOD IS GOOD FOR SURE! diana <> Hobe Sound, FS USA –

Hello Marcia! We Love youre Music,Voice and we hope see you in Russia too… styx <> Moscow, Russia –

Dear Marcia! I wish you Happy and Good New Year! And I wish you still many happy days and concerts – maybe in my country? Much love: Judy from Budapest – Hungary Királyszéki Gábornak pedig üzenem: Szia! Hol vagy? Lenne kedved beszélgetni? Judith Gabor <> Budapest, Hungary –


I was 11 yrs old when i first saw Daddy Cool on TV here in UK,28 yrs later and the music from Boney M is still in my life.I still have posters,cuttings,stories, a book and the original 7″ vinyl singles and albums all stored in a box seperate to my other music.I always have and always will love Boney M.I am so glad that Marcia is recovering from her health troubles and i would like to pass on all good wishes from my family to her.It has been said that Boney M’s music is timeless and crosses all ages,well i can vouch for that in this household,from my parents who are 76 & 75 yrs old,right down to my great-niece and nephews who are 3 and 7 yrs old.We all have our favourite songs,but mine is Children Of Paradise.Warmest wishes and a belated happy new year to everyone.Mark Mark Steadman <> Wolverhampton, UK –

Dear Marcia! Here’s wishing you a very happy new year, good health and success. You truly are a strong, amazing woman! Wishing you all the best! Love Helge, Norway Helge <> Bergen, Norway –

Happy New Year – Boldog Új Évet ! – for You Dear Marcia, and for All of Your Friends and Fans ! Your hungarian friend: Gábor (Gabriel) Gábor KIRÁLYSZÉKI Gyõr, Hungary –

Hi Marcia, Happy New Year to you and your family Boney M were an important part of my family’s Christmas and bring back some very happy memories, for which I thank you. I am so sorry to hear about your health problems and I wish you all the best for the future. I have to say that you were always my favourite member of Boney M, and you should have been featured on more lead vocals in my opinion! I still have great memories of seeing Boney M live in 1979 at the Portsmouth Guildhall in the uk – my first ever concert – fantasic! Well, may 2004 bring you everything you ever wanted & deserved, love Adrian x Adrian Perrett <> brighton, uk –

May the New Year bring you HEALTH (which you deserve!) PROSPERITY and SUCCESS, and the inland waterway will bring you both much love from your neighbor Diana diana sodi <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –

HAPPY NEW 2004!!! Lots of happiness, successes and good health! May this new year, make all your wishes come true! Love and kisses from, Bonnie(M) <> Vancouver , BC CANADA –

Liebe Marcia, lieber Daniel, wollte euch von herzen noch ein fröhliches Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2004 wünschen. Bleibt vorallem gesund und viel Erfolg mit der Musik. My new HP : I like Marcia Barrett of Boney M.-wonderful Music. many love greets Birgit Carey Birgit Carey <Fanclubzentrale@birgit> Dinslaken, germany –

Happy Christmas to the both of you and Sasha of course!! Wishing you the best for the New Year, love Karen, Brian and my lil pickney dem xxx karen mckay <> USA –

MERRY CHRISTMAS, love, happiness and most of all good health for a woman with a golden heart! Warm wishes and the very best, I wish you Marcia and Marcus. I’m thinking of you … Bonnie(M) <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Dear Marcia! Àll the very, very best for you, lovely Lady! I’m sure, you will be in good condition soon, and we can do another funny interview for my radio-show’s…. Love to do…. Have a nice Christmas with Marcus, and get better soon for starting all over the world with your songs in 2004 ! I love to see you live … 🙂 Love: Karsten / Cap K ~~~~~~~ Cap K / Karsten <> Kassel, He Germany –

Your site is very impressive, congratulation <> Boston, Dn USA –

Hello Dear – Only the Strong Survive. Both Mum and I are thinking of you and wish you all the best, always. It was great talking to Marcus the other week. I hope we can talk soon. Love SANDRA & MUM. Sandra Cairney <> Newcastle, NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA –

Get Well ,strong woman!!! You are the one who did it and can do it again! I was so happy to see Marcus at the store today. We miss both of your beautiful smiles and everlasting laughter. God Bless to both of you! Only the strong survive in life and spinning. You have touched upon both. Donna <> hobe sound, fl USA –

THANK YOU SO MUCH. pablo excoba <> Lome, ada Togo –

Your incredible strength and determination, and the love you share with Marcus is an inspiration to us all. This web page shows the support and prayers sweeping across the ocean from your friends and fans. Love from your neighbor Diana diana sodi <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –

Hello Marcia I wanted to ask you about the song by the rivers of Babylon if that’s OK. Basically since childhood I’ve had a memory that was triggered by this song, and I was wondering if there is anyone in your band who actually remembers being by a river and a person saying watch this, in a minute you’ll see an atomic bomb going off in the distance? The reason I ask is because I’ve always assumed it was your band there on that river bank. There were about four people there all black. I think I was passing through one of my lives which is why I remember it so well. Anyway I know this might seem a silly question but it’s been bugging me all my life. My other one was visiting Stevie Wonder and writing the song ‘I just called to say I love you’ with him. I was standing behind him and I’m sure he could hear me. Anyway the reason I visited him was because he wouldn’t see me naked. Silly huh! Anyway if your friends with him perhaps you can mention it to him in passing. I’d be funny if he remembers the experience. Anyway if you read this I love to have an answer, as I’m on somewhat of a spiritual quest at the moment. christpopher Louca <> London, UK –

I thing Marcia is amazing. Her voice and talent is so exra-ordinary and i hope that she will sometime come to canada to sing for us i loved her single Strange Rumours she is a DIVA and she will always be the best voice Boney M ever had Samm De Lorenzo <> London, Ont Canada –

dear Marcia! All my best wishes and love to You I wis you good & recovery God bless you Both P.s i keep you in me prayer Jóhann Helgason JOHANN <> Reykjavik, Iceland –

marcia my dear, just wanted to let you know, that nicole and I are thinking of you very often. We know that you two are going to make it!!! You are such lovely persons. Enjoy the sun (overhere the grey-weather-time has started, grrrrrr….) Lots of love frank and nicole frank <> Wiesbaden, Germany –

Anyone can help with Boney M video or DVD???? i dont mean that Gold collection on video- i have it already, just wanted to know if theres anyone who has some rare Tv performances of boney M on video so that we could exchange( i got some as well) the more the better Marcia my love to you! Alexei <> Moscow, Russia –

I want to say that Brian and I love you. Hugs and kisses, thinking of you at this time. Stay strong babe XXXXX. P.S. Branston pickle rocks big time!! Ha ha ha Karen Mckay <> Gt Yarmouth, UK –

Wow, after I emailed you both, I checked your Guest book.. Wow so many friends and fans sharing so much warmth! Very nice, must make you both feel very good. I just want to say, Marcia get well soon, I miss talking to you at your favorite grocery store, Publix! You are both wonderful, and very special people. Thinking of you. Marcus I will help you shop when you are in next time! Kick butt Marcia! Your friend, Andy DeLong Andy DeLong <> Stuart, FL USA –

Dear Marcia. Thinking of you, sending you all the strength you and Marcus need to soon be back on track! Love, Marco Marco van Beek <> Den Haag, Netherlands –

Wish you well thinking of you WINSTON <> wallington, uk –

Dear Marcia Thinking of you and praying that you get well soon. You and Marcus are always in our thoughts. We know this is just a temporary set-back. You are a beautiful, strong, black woman and a fighter!!! Love always. xxx Dell and Family <> Essex, UK –

Hi Marcia and Marcus, Sorry to hear that there was a little dip in your bright light. Get well and keep on shining girl. We love you and your positive vibes…Marcus, keep strong my friend. Love, Indiana and Jackie Indiana and Jackie Robinson <> Pembroke Pines, FL USA –

Hello aunty and uncle marcus, I miss you both and I hope you will be able to come over and visit soon. Aunty I know that you will get better and make it through, I wish y both good health and strength. You are both in my thoughts and in my prayers. love always and forever your neice samantha xxxxxxxxxxxxx. samantha <> london, england –

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brave courageous and inspirational friend. The One and Only Marcia Barrett Lots of Love and Light during this trying times from all your friends and fans out in AFRICA, Shaun <> Johannesburg, South Africa –

My one and only Miss Barrett!! Birthday love and get well soon from your favourite Irishman,Love always,Dermot.XX> dermot brady ireland –

Hooray! Hooray! Dear Marcia, here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday! I was lost for words when I learned you had gone back to hospital … thank God you’re OK again! Keep up your positive spirit – even in times of trials and troubles. I hope the remix CD will be released soon, I’m very excited to hear it. I heard you have plans of reuniting Boney M. for a last world tour – that would be so great, ’cause of all the various line-ups out there, no-one beats the original line-up, it would be a great way to come full circle. I wish you joy and happiness, in your work and your private life, lotsa kisses, yours Søren! Søren Jensen <> Copenhagen, Denmark –

Happy Birthday Marcia. Thank you for the great Time with them Boney M. I have all Records and hear see all Days. I love particularly the song where it Belfast sing is my Favorite. They are a great woman,everything well on your further way. Mine heart-wish would be an answer from you to to be gotten. In love,Karl from Austria,and sorry for my translation. Karl Hochmann <> Schladming, Austria –

Great to hear that you have a new CD on the way along with the remix CD also. Would be great if you could put the remix’s and the 4 songs from warchild all on the one disc. All the best>>>Matt matt hennessey <> melbourne, vic AUSTRALIA –

Happy Birthday Marcia! Pasi Finland –

Happy Birthday Marcia! All my best wishes and love. You and Marcus are something else! I admire you so much with your strenght, humour and forward looking that you keep even in this difficult situation. Now have a joyous celebration with some fine diner and a nice glass of Champagne. One love and God bless, Daniel Daniel Diezi <> Zurich, Switzerland –

Adorable Marcia, today on your birthday I wish you a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fulfilled with joy, good health and best wishes! My heart and my prayers are flying to you. Thank you for the happiness that you gave me over the years with your wonderful voice, talent, songs and the MAGIC of real Boney M.! Can’t wait to see you performing again! You are sooooo special for me and you touched my life sooooo deeply. As a gift on your birthday, let me send you all my love and support, together with millions of big hugs and sweet kisses … Bonnie <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

DEAR MARCIA Birthday Wishes Especially For You A Birthday Wish For a day of beauty, a lifetime of joy. A Birthday Wish For a day of love, a lifetime of hugs. A Birthday Wish For a day of laughter, a lifetime of happiness. These Birthday Wishes From Me To You And……….. May all YOUR wishes Come True Too! GREETINGS PATRICK Patrick Geens <> haacht, belgium –

Hello Marcia, please don’t give up! Because your smile and laugh are so very warm like you yourself. And you have so many power for your future, too. I wish you and your family only the best way!!!! With hopefull thinks to you from germany…. Dirk <> Bonn, Germany –

hi mum,you are in my prayers daily,i know you will be ok,love always,wayne. wayne demercado <> USA –


Wow Just looking at the video Rivers of babylon and thinking back to the 70’s Your music helpt me to survive the 70’s and i get warm inside when i see the video i dont se you live then and i am very sorry for that i realy want to see yoy live excuse my english //Göran O Göran O <> Kumla, na Sweden –

dear marcia my all time favourite singer 🙂 get well again. wish you all the best for the future. any chance seeing you in austria? chris chris <> vienna, austria –

Hi Marcia, So good to see you and to feed off your positive vibes despite your trials and tribulations. Get well soon so you and Marcus can jam again and eat up more stew peas and rice. God bless darling. Indiana and Jackie Robinson <> Pembroke Pines, F USA –

It was such a pleasure and inspiration to meet you!! God Bless You and know that we’re here for you! Dr. Sandra Mondro <> jupiter, fl USA –

Hi Marcia, My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, love you always Marcia, Laurence Laurence <> N Ireland –

Marcia Hope your doing well! Please keep in touch! Dr. Jefferson Vaughan <> Jupiter, FL USA –

Marcia– my second mommy! You will survive this round of stuff too! You are strong and soooooooo loved!!!!!!!!!! Take good care! Peace, love, and blessings to you and Marcus! Jen Jenny Rubinstein <> Fairfax, CA USA –

Dear Marcia , Don’t know what to write to say, but I will try. Marcia dear I feel so sorry for you why again why you again??? Marcia I’m crossing my fingers for you to be blessed and recover as soon as possible . I will pray and hope for you Marcia you are strong , you have the power and the will. Marcia : Take care and God Bless Peace and Love “still a long way to go for it and we need you to continue whit this message ,that you spread out to world” ONE LOVE, GOD BLESS!!! Patrick Patrick Geens <> haacht, belgium –

Hi Marcia, Just learned of your sickness…shocking! Will join the prayer vigil this afternoon as Marcus requested. Just know you will pull through…you still have so much to be done. God Bless…hope to see you soon. Indiana and Jackie Robinson Indiana and Jackie Robinson <> Pembroke Pines, FL USA –

Dear Marcia, may God bless you and help you to heal quickly. Love and prayers!!! Bonnie <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Hi Marcia and Marcus, Just finished reading Volume 1 of your “Survial 2000” book preview. Its amazing! First of all we cant believe you kept all those old photographs and mimentos (the Chin Yees Letter, the programs from your pre Boney M days, the old Jamaican passport, etc)…we enjoyed them immensely. We were so touched by the way you bled out your soul from the hardships and split family ties in Jamaica; to the resettlement in England to the sexual abuse you suffered as a minor; to the way you were able to “wiggle and dance” your way into the entertainment field (with the help of a few good friends) all the way to the top of the charts the world over; to the island romance with Marcus; to the struggles with the group and to fighting the “Big C” not once but twice and finally to your determination to survive and relaunch your solo career. What a woman? I want to be like you when I grow up! Keep on trucking girl…I cant wait to read the book when it comes out. Love to you both, Indiana and Jackie Indiana and Jackie Robinson <> Pembroke Pines, FL USA –

Hallo Marcia and Marcus, we’ve met in Bad Kreuznach(girlfriend from Achim-the cameraman) and since then i am looking for news on your homepage. I hope to see you again in germany on stage. Best wishes from good old germany. Birgit Birgit <> Ratingen, Germany –

Hi, my name is Private Krankenversicherung. I just surfed in. Nice webpage! Susan Sonderstroem USA –

Dear Marcia, How are you? Fine I hope. I’m fine. Just wanted to drop you a few lines. I can’t wait to hear from you. Keep on singing girl. Felicia Anthony Delray Bch., Fl USA –

Hi Marcia and Marcus, Thanks for blessing South Florida with your visit last week. I listened and learned so much from all your interviews from Ital-K (WLRN), to Junior Soul (WAVS, where you co-hosted for 3 consecutive days and Marcus for the on the 4th day), to Ron Burke (Mistik FM) and culminating with John T (WAVS Spotlight)on Saturday morning. Lastly, Jackie and I would like to thank you both for coming over for dinner and to meet mom and rekindle or music and “family” ties. Glad you enjoyed Jackie’s culinary skills with the stew peas and rice. God bless you both and much success with all your solo projects. Indiana and Jackie Robinson Indiana and Jackie Robinson <> Pembroke Pines, FL USA –

Hi Marcia, Love the picture of Boney M feat Marcia Barret, would love to get a copy. Are you coming to Ireland? Take care, One Love, Laurence Laurence <> Newry, N Ireland –

I’m verry happy find this homepage. Now I’m 31. From 1976 I’m a fan of this wonderful Lady ! Dear Marcia ! Hungary loves You, Your Voice, Your hair ! Come to Us please ! Marcia Forever ! – Marcia mindörökké ! With all the best regards : Gábor Gábor Királyszéki <> Gyõr, Hungary –

Hi Maricia , Good luck in every thing you intend to do. My love with Boney.M developed when I saw some of your´s and other colleagues brilliant and elegant performances.By the way I was 7 when I begin to like you all.I just don´t know where to buy the Album Suvival.Never mind I willfind out .wish you a lot of health and success and looking forward to meet you or just even see you sometimes. Bythe way Your site is well made. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rizwan Farooqi <> Düsseldorf, Germany –

Your web site is great. I was missing the “Boney M”-absolutely brilliant group-very much. Marcia I love your voice and music. I look forward to meet you. Natasha Franklin <> West Palm Beach, fl USA –

Listens to some of your tracks Marica, sounds great – please get in touch. One love Livingston Wright <> Ocho Rios, Jamaica –

Dear Marcia, while awaiting your new remixes, here’s a little funny fact: I’ve just accidentally stumbled across a record which included a cover of a BONEY M. song – and which one? “Silent Lover”!!! While your original recording will always remain my favourite, I must admit that this is a great version, released by studio group EL COCO on their LP “Revolución” on AVI Records, 1980. Produced by W. Michael Lewis & Lauren Rinder, this version is less lush-disco than Boney M.’s, but with a tighter funkier arrangement, and the singer sings in different way than you did on it. It’s funny that when Americans have chosen to record a cover of a Boney M. song, it’s been with you on lead vocals! (Thinking of Millie Jackson’s cover of “Never Change Lovers” as another example!) Can’t wait to hear those new remixes … much love!!! Søren <> Copenhagen, Denmark –

Yesterday I received a GOLDEN CD !!!!! I’m talking about your new “Remixes” … they are FANTAAAAAAASIIIIIIIIC!! Since then, I can’t stop listening it …even now while I am writing you this message. I have no words to congratulate you and tell you what a wonderful job you did with the sound, the arrangements, the style and not at least your unique voice, which contributed sooooooooo much in Boney M’s glory!!!!!! In Holland you are already in charts! You deserve it and … “it’s just the beginning, it’s not the end …” like you sing in “Survival”. I love all 6 remixes, absolutely ALL!!!!!! The first 3 are cooooool and the last 3 (especially track #4) reminded me of Boney M’s rhythm ….mmmmmmmmm what a feeling, just like in my youth … with this CD you made me fell again that I am 15. I admire that you had the courage to go alone with your career, to prove the world and your fans that you can do it by your self. All my support, love & prayers for future successes, good health, happiness and sunny days in your life!! You are my DIVA and I adore you!!! Bonnie(M) <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

nice site mugu mugu <> lome togo, lme togo –

Dear Marcia and Marcus!!! Congratulations and thank you for the CD “No War! Peace & Love” it’s indeed a fantastic job! It’s hard for me to decide which one I like the most, because all 4 tracks have something special and unique, just like the songs from “Survival” or your old hits with Boney M. I love your voice, and now I can’t wait to hear the new remixes… By the way, the covers are wonderful!!! You are sooooooo beautiful …and in your heart, you are much more!!! one million hugs & kisses from … Bonnie(M) <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Hallo M & M! One word: WONDERFULLFANTASTIC. To see and hear you is a rare treat. Keep up the good work and shine! Ronald M. Gumbs Ronald M. Gumbs <> Amsterdam, USA –

Dear Marcia. How wonderful to learn you are doing so well, keeping up the spirit and going for every chance that presents itself. The photograph on the cover of your remix cd shows exactly the person that you are and have always been: a woman with enormous will power who is now stronger than ever! Nothing can hurt you now, for all that is important is love. Don’t ever change. Love, Marco Marco van Beek <> Den Haag, Netherlands –

Hi Marcia and Marcus, so nice to talk to you guys. Thank you for so many years of great music with Boney M and your solo efforts. You are a strong survivor. Keep up the good work. Best of luck in your future endeavors. God Bless you both. Indiana and Jackie Robinson <> Pembroke Pines, FL USA –

hi everybody! i just wanna say that i bought marcias solo album survival. i got it yesterday and now it turns in heavy rotation on my player. good job, marcia! your voice is great and the sound’s as cool as in early days… thanks a lot for keep going on bringing joy into our lifes! may god bless you and give you the strength to carry on… and hopefully you’ll record lots of further cds… cu soon… sincerely your fan stephen… stephen folkers <> frankfurt, germany –



Marcia, I would like you ever and forever stay very fine. I´m Boney M fan and now I´m your fan too. I hope buy your CD and be an eternal lover of your music, your voice. I love for ever. Congratulations. Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio Vázquez Alvarez <> San Pedro de Macorís, Rep. Dominicana –

Hi Marcia, Shit I don’t even know what to say. One thing that is easy to say is I think that you are the Most beautiful and talented of the group. I watch you every weekend on DVD and remember the great times I had in the 70’s dancing to you guys. Please feel free to make my day and reply to the email. Sincerely oessam Owen Essam <> Townsville, QLD Australia –

Marcia, I adore the time you were at BONEY M, I have special care for the best song TAKE THE HEAT OFF ME. Listening your songs makes me remember my memories and my tenn time. You all must be closed together untill today, giving us pleasure and never permit the GOLDEN TIMES could end. I always kepp your Vinil Records, but I listen your songs EVERY DAY, because it’s like a medicine for my heart and soul, yes, it’s really true. Marcia, one more thing I’d like to say, don’t stop singing for us, the world’s people need you as a flower in the middle of the garden. So please, think about us, yours fellows. 4ever, MARCIA BARRETT OF BONEY M. Wilson da Silva <> União da Vitória , PR BRAZIL –

I just love your voice Marcia! Gonna order your new CD really soon. Keep up the good work and don’t ever stop sharing your wonderful talent with us! Helge <> Bergen, Norway –

HAPPY EASTER dear Marcia & Marcus!!! Love and kisses from, Bonnie <> Vancouver, BC Canada –


Hello Marcia! I’ve just received your new EP “No War! Peace & Love” and love it from start to finish. “Look Over Yonder” is a beautiful throwback to the early 70s, the lyrics however being as current today as they were then. “Smile” is a great reggae track, the way you sing it reminds me of another Jamaican power woman, Miss Grace Jones! You demonstrate your strength of singing ballads as well on “I Wanna See You Again” … it makes me wonder how a Boney M. track like “Where Did You Go” could have sounded with you doing the lead vocal! The closing track “Life Is What You Make It” is a great blazing performance. I really hope you will find a record company that will support you and give you the chance you so truely deserve. I hope we’ll be seeing a new album from you in the near future – it certainly isn’t because of lack of good material (and hey! what happened to that great new track “Seasons”?) – and a live recording featuring your classic Boney M. tracks as well as your solo material is on my “Wants”-list too … Big thanks for bringing us these 4 new tracks, Marcia. All the best! Love, Søren. Søren Jensen <> Copenhagen, Denmark –

Dear Marcia! I have been your fan since I heard about Boney M for the first time in my life (I was 10 y.o.) and will always be. Today I know you have released a new single, and I’ll do my best to get it, unfortunately it will be uneasy in Russia. I am sorry, it is not easy to write all I think and have in my heart. I’ll write soon. You have been my best singer, though I still have not got your “Survival” yet. Alexander Khorshev <> Barnaul, Russia –

Hi Marcia, It’s realy great to see that you are still performing. I hope we will hear much more from you the coming years. Also in the Netherlands. Your new cd sounds very good. I hope there will be soon a new album so we can hear much more of you. Stay well and love and greetings from me. Wim <> Soest, The Netherlands –

Feliciades Marcia por tu aportacion a la historia de la musica, y gracias por los buenos ratos que nos has hecho pasar escuchandote. You are the number one. Kisses from Spain Luis Modesto <> Murcia, Spain –

Thanks for getting back to me, Marcia. I tried to order from your website and Paypal has USA as default for shipping. Is there a phone number I can call you on to give you my Credit Card Number? Thanks, Dennis Dennis Milling <> Ottawa, Ontario Canada –

Hi Marcia, I just wanted to tell you a big Hiii and our regards go to you from Tamil Nadu. Take care, Bye!!! Rexlin Diana Rexlin Diana <> Chennai, TN India –

Hi Marcia! I’ve come across your website on the occassion of updating my CD database. Since it contains short description of every record I have I was looking for some information about Boney M in the web. And got to this site! Really amazin. I’m 32. As a child in summer in 1978 I remember a great anxiety with which I waited for your concert in Sopot Festival in Poland. Your gig followed the concert of Demis Roussos the previous day. Boney M was a really top group of my childhood and the only thing I wondered was, why there are so little songs with you as a leading voice. Bobby Farrel appeared on one of Polish TV channels with a short gig in 2000. To see him it was a really striking after all those years of silence for, you know, Poland was cut off from the main streams of modern music in the 80’s. Frankly speaking I hadn,t known know much about your recent activity untill I came across this site. Your records are not distributed in Poland. But what I heard here is really promissing. Best regards from Piastow, small city near Warsaw (so called “Warsaw’s bedroom”) in Poland. Looking forward to hear from you anyway. Best regards. Marcin Marcin <> Piastow near Warsaw, Poland –

It was a very surprizing discovery that at least some members of the legendary Boney M are still performing, although after parting onto separate career paths. Please accept my greetings :)) Sam Epelman <> USA –

Where in Canada can I buy the new CD– Survival? Thanks, Dennis Dennis Milling <> Ottawa, Ont Canada –

Dear marcia and friends- All the best for you and your friends from germany. Hope you are fine. Even Boney M is touring around, after the show- people called and told us how they like, having you again on the sreen. So- at any time you are arround- we stopp everything and let your voice out. All the best for your future and all your wonderful plans Be sure that it get a success. Yours Wolfgang Hirschmann- Zeitgeist-media Wolfgang HirschmannRedaktion NRW/www Essen, NRW Germany – Zeitgeist-media <> Düsseldorf/Essen, Germany –

Dear marcia and friends- All the best for you and your friends from germany. Hope you are fine. I stayed in Hospital but your way of giving new hope to your live let me survice All the best- Yours Wolfgang Hirschmann-Tesching Zeitgeist-media <> Düsseldorf/essen, USA –

Marcia, Your website is fantastic. We loved all your pictures and the news about your trip to Africa. We feel very fortunate and blessed to know you and have you in our lives as friends. (Sasha too!) Hope you have recovered after your last trip. Say hi to Marcus. We’ll talk to you soon! Joyce, Rich & Chelsea DeFrancesco <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and one million hugs and kisses for my dear Marcia!!! LOVE, Bonnie <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Hi Marcia, Hope you are fine. Heard that you suffered very much from cancer. How do you feel now. Are you OK now? Please do take care of your health. Praying God that you get well and feel fine. Do mail me. Luv, Rexlin Rexlin Diana <> Chennai, TN India –

Hi Marcia and Marcus !!! It’s John from Wachovia in the USA ! Great website and man…what a talented person and great voice you have Marcia !!! John Moyer <> Jupiter, FL USA –

Dear Marcia. Hoping all is well with you and Marcus. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy. Keep up the good spirit… Love always, Marco Marco van Beek <> The Hague, Netherlands –

Hello Marcia & Marcus,It was nice to see you at my store the other day! Your website is really nice!! You are both great! Take care,hope you are well!!! Andy Andy DeLong (Publix Hobe Sound) <> Stuart, FL USA –

Long time no hear Marcia.All the excitement of moving must have you busy!!!You are forever in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you are as well and as fantastic as ever.Your Irish fan and friend,Dermot.XXXXX dermot <> ireland –

Hello Marcia, Hope u & Marcus r fine. Hey, why don’t u come to India esp. to Chennai and perform here once thereby quenching our thirst for ur songs? We all love you. See you. Bye!!! & mail me Shadrach Shadrach Rajasekar <> Chennai, TN India –

Hi Maricia, I am a crazy fan of u. I want to contact u. But I donno how. If ever u wud see this, kindly mail me. Luv,Rexlin Diana Rexlin Diana <> Chennai, TN India –

we wish you a good luck on the scene!we are those musicians who played for you tonite in the restaurant on Fontanka-river in St.Petersburg Russia.I was singing Suzie Q for you 🙂 best regards from all of us!drop some message if you have time!we love you! Vladimir <> St.Petersburg, Russia –


Marcia! God bless you! Cordell <> Budapest, Hungary –

Dear MArcia! Thanx for yoour wonderful voice and spirit. God bless U! Cordell <> Budapest, Hungary

Dear Marcia and Marcus Heres wishing you both a very special blessed Christmas full of peace, love and light. Hey 2003’s around the corner lets hope we can get you down here for that concert…it would be fantastic to see you you again and see you perform! With much love and hugs your friends in Sunny South Africa Shaun <> Johannesburg, South Africa –

dear marcia and marcus, merry christmas and an exciting new year full of health and happiness. frank and nicole from wiesbaden, germany frank and nicole <> wiesbaden, germany –

Liebe Marcia,lieber Daniel, ich wünsche euch ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2003. Ich wünsche Marcia Barrett viel Erfolg-wunderschöne Musik und vorallem Gesundheit. Liebe Grüße Birgit Carey Birgit Carey Dinslaken, Deutschland –

Hi Marcus and Marcia, I hope you both have a great christmas and new year. Love and best wishes from your friends down under. Sandra and Mum. Sandra Cairney <> Newcastle, NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA.

Dear Marcia and Marcus, how beautiful are your thoughts and words on the Christmas Greetings from the NEWS section … you are sooo special and soooo devoted, with all your heart to all your fans! This means enormous for us! From the bottom of my heart, I wish you both a HAPPY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS, together with one million hugs and kisses … sincerely, Bonnie <> Vancouver, BC Canada –

Hi Marcia, great to read that so many people still love you. I lost your telephone number, but this is also a way to contact you, right? Would like to talk to you in private though: have got something to tell you personally. Love, Klaus Klaus <> Amsterdam, Netherlands –

Everyone of us has his own secret garden lives insides him in his spirit and his soul,since i was ten years old The Greatest and Biggest Disco Penomenon of all times Boney M was and still my one and only true love and passion and it is my secret garden ,i go there to hear the rythem of drums in ( RASPUTIN )and ( NO MORE CHAIN GANG )and to fly to a land of music with (TAKE THE HEAT OFF ME) and ( A WOMAN CAN CHANGE A MAN ), ( MOTHERLESS CHILD )and so many and many hits that all of us knows by heart we are the lovers of Boney M. Macia you are still one of the major elements that made this band and an effective voice you really did sing about ( MY HOMELAND ,BABYLON)and i still dont understand stars like you cant sill relise maybe that there are somewhere in the world people like us will get hurt when we here these words in these songs although we love you so,but when it comes from you ( Boney M ) I personaly stop and say i still love them and i love them more,no matter what you are sides into politicaly ,or spiritually weather christians ,jews or whatever i think you should have think the songs is a message to tell ,and i wish you knew us better before you hurt our feelings with a Number one hit and the second best seeling hit in UK. i love you Marcia and i want you to know there are so many fans for Boney M in IRAQ the 6000 years and one of the first county that made the worlds history THE GREAT BABYLON. All my love Ahmed,Amsterdam friday 22 of november 2002 Ahmed Tariq <> Amsterdam, Netherland –

Dear Marcia, It was a pleasure meeting you at the beach this morning. I am always amazed at the interesting and wonderful people in our small neighborhood. Be Well, Doug Doug <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –

hallo liebe marcia.ich hoffe, dir geht es gut und man hoert mal wieder von dir in berlin.ich bin seit 1976 BONEY M.-fan und würde mich riesig freuen,wenn du mal wieder im deutschen tv auftreten würdest. dir wünsche ich gesundheit ,gesundheit, und nocheinmal gesundheit.viele liebe grüße aus berlin….von ***SVEN***. sven pringal <> berlin, d deutschland –

Dear Marcia I always find it interesting ( and important ) to have some understanding of the personal ” backdrop ” to the Artists we see. After all, we are all subject to the same hopes, aspirations, successes and failures and fears. To quote John Fogarty off his Album, CENTREFIELD, ” Life is a Rodeo ..the secret is to ride to the bell ” Never give up. Our Family has had the curse of Cancer and I respect you as A SURVIVOR quite apart from your musical skills. Tell me, if you can, and I know it is a difficult question, did Frank control the whole process in much the same way that George Martin did with THE BEATLES. I have read the various arguments regards Bobby’s voice or ” will the real Bobby please stand up “. I feel sorry for his situation as he seems to have completely disappeared from Public view and ( in my opinion ) was a strong point of balance for the Group. I thought I heard a comment from one of the Group years ago that there was a fifth Member of the Group that the Public never saw. I take it that this is a reference to Frank. If my memory serves me correctly this comment may have been made on the Australian Tour. circa 1978. I have sent a comment to the general web site that I think Boney M is one of the most professional Groups I have ever seen. Presentation = 120% Music = 120%. The trend of modern Techno and the almost obsessive passion for the video as a presentation medium must make it very difficult for real Music Artists to promote their product these days. But, don’t give up. There’s still a lot of us out here in MusicLand that appreciate the real thing. I don’t really know how Boney M did it – all I know is it was brilliant Regards Studentii PS. who was the keyboard Player on the ” Love for Sale ” Tour ( the Man in green ). Brilliant!! Hilary G Petrie <> Mount Isa, Qld Australia –

Dear Marcia, Happy Birthday to you. I enjoy all your songs – from “Take The Heat Off Me” to “Strange Rumours”. Hope you soon will come to Denmark for a concert. With love Martin Bendtsen (a friend of Dan Lange) Martin Bendtsen <> Taastrup, Denmark –

Dear Marcia, Happy Birthday to you. I’m a great fan of you, and enjou every song of you – from “Take The Heat Off Me” to “Strange Rumours”. Thank you so much. Martin Bendtsen, Denmark – a friend of Danni Lange Martin Bendtsen <> Taastrup, Denmark –

happy birthday marcia, have a nice day and enjoy life!!! all the best wishes also from my girl-friend nicole. hope to see you soon. warmest wishes frank (from wiesbaden) Frank from Wiesbaden <> wiesbaden, germany –

Dear Marcia, here’s wishing you a VERY HAPPY 30-SOMETHING (smile) BIRTHDAY today. Keep up your positive spirit, I cannot even imagine all the hard work and struggle you and Marcus have to endure, but I do so much hope that you will succeed and that you’ll be able to take your live show to Europe … Only The Strong Survive, and you for sure know that! A wonderful & happy birthday to you, Marcia. Yours truly, Søren Søren Jensen <> Copenhagen, Denmark –

I shall sing, sing a song for my frie-end Marcia coz’ to-oday is a special day As it is the Bee – eday I shall sing La La La La La La La La With my heart, with my soul For my frie-end Marcia Coz she is great, wonderful That’s why she’s my friend La La La La La La La La… Happy Birthday dear Marcia! Lots of love and hugs! Daniel. Daniel Diezi <> Zurich, Switzerland –

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear Marcia!!! All the best wishes, good health and success! May this special day bring you enormous happiness, as you brought me with Boney M. Millions of hugs and kisses from me! Oct 14th 2002 Bonnie <> Vancouver, Canada –

(Yet again) Happy birthday Marcia. Love, health and happiness be with you, always. Marco van Beek <> Den Haag, The Netherlands –

Great website! You are quite the talented woman….you can sing for us in spinning class. Keep on singing and spinning:) Donna Hobe Sound, fl USA –


Marcia,I have spent the better part of today watching old BoneyM videos and I must tell you that BoneyM made my childhood very memorable because all your songs remind me of the most happy times in my life,when all was good and there was nothing to worry about.I have not heard ‘survival’ but I know it will be brilliant cos u are a born musician.I love BoneyM and I love u.I still have a problem picking my favourite between you and Liz.Please,dont fall sick again.You are too loved for that.Hoping to meet you someday. muyi ogida <> lagos, nigeria –

Hey Marcia & Marcus! You guys are the beautiful people I love to photograph(especially that Marcia) Even after all these years and physical pain she has been through, she STILL ROCKS, and is as beautiful as ever. She is up there at the top of her craft, and I will never forget her beautiful face, her elegance & charm. What a lady! She is a star forever!!!!!!! Abbey of London <> stuart, fl USA –

Dear Marcia and Marcus Thank you so much for that lovely note you have written to me and to your fans (posted in the news section on I feel blessed to have you as friends. You truly wonderful people and excellent musicians… seeing that video of your concerts in the USA recently makes me more than happy – finally the Magic of Boney M’s music is back!! Your fans will be delighted when you cometo Europe! Much love, Daniel Daniel Diezi <> Zurich, Switzerland –


Marcia,after months of problems i got the video for your dublin spectacular.It will be with you for your you so much.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.Dermot. dermot brady <> ireland, USA.


Happy 18th Anniversary to a very special and wonderful couple Marcia and Marcus. Finally after years of strife you are sharing a stage and based on the video of your sold out show in USA that I’ve just seen – it should have happened years ago – the energy, the passion, the performance – in one word for all your fans – AMAZING – this is what Boney M songs should sound like Live!!! Big Hugs and warmest greetings from all your friends in AFRICA. Shaun <> Johannesburg, South Africa.


Best regards and all the best wishes from Romania. Love and millions of hugs and kisses for my adorable Marcia! Bonnie <> USA.

Hello, I am from Australia and yesterday (29.07.02) I purchased 2 tickets to see Boney M who will be touring here in September. I hope one day you can tour “Down Under” as Australia is a huge fan base for Boney M as it was ABBA. I wish you well and all the best for your upcoming shows and can’t wait until you release your new CD in Australia. Sandra Cairney <> Newcastle, NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA –




Dear Marcia, greetings again from Michael. I’m looking at this moment the old German TV special “Boonoonoonoos – Ein Sound geht um die Welte”. I’m still looking for pictures from Boney M. in the waterfalls? Do you know somethings about a picture book about your Jamaican trip? I can’t wait to see you live in Germany! How long must I wait? All the best for you and your family – Michael Michael Weiler <> –


Marcia you’re performance in Philly on June 6th was truly remarkable. In this sold out performance you took us all back to golden years of 70’s. I guess we all felt a little younger and better. Listining to you brought a magic of Boney M to everybodys hearts. A show was a great display of professionalism and pure talents of yours. As to all your fans one remark- “Check out the show if you get a chance- you won’t be sorry” Marcia you’re like a wine the older, the better. Robert Robert Bridgeport, PA USA –


Hello Marcia, I heard your voice since when I was a child in 1982, and you have remained my greatest musician as part of the group Boney M. Music simply means you and Boney M. I remember with passion songs like “We kill the world” and “Homeland Africa (Ship Ahoy)”, my greatest desire is to meet you face to face one day. I still keep CDs and Videos of your wonderful performances, my life always takes a new colour when i hear your voice again. So long for now. God bless you continually. Terfa <> Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria –


Marcia, it was a great pleasure to see you in Philadelphia. Even more pleasure to talk to you ( I am the guy you talked to, seating in the lobby of Golden Gate restaurant “priyatno poznakomitsya”, remember?) Even more pleasure yet, was to hear you sing in person. God Bless You!!! Best wishes and good luck! Say “hello” from me to the rest of the crew. Thanks! Had a great time!!! Lenny <> Hoboken, NJ USA –


All the best wishes & one million hugs and kisses … LOVE, Bonnie <> Vancouver, BC Canada –


Hi Boney M. My name is Crystal, I just wanted to say hi. I’ve nevr heard of your group before, until my sister Zosia better known as Pinky told me that she has been blessed to tour with you. I think that wonderful. Please make sure you treat her well. I look forward to hearing your music and hopefully meeting you. My god bless you and everyone on this new tour, I wish you much success and remember to always acknowledge him (Jesus Christ). Zosia i love you. Tell grip we said Praise the Lord. Love, Crystal Crystal Oden <> New Caslte, Del USA –


Hey Marcia,i hope you still there somewhere out there, i´m one of your biggest fans in the whole world.I need to know that you will wrote to me one day,maybe tomorrow or someday. I love what you are and what you do that why i write to you right now,you are the most beuatyful woman. Love you hugs you Love Odin. Odin.Maratse <> tasiilaq, tasiilaq Greenland –


Hi Marcia & Marcus Great to see how well you doing that is so great realy well you great Artist with so much talent well I´m loking forward to your new cd well you will surprise us like allways Your forever Fan & God Bless you Jóhann Helgason Jóhann Helgason <> reykjavik, iceland –


Dear Marcia i readed the interview that first was published in Bunte and now also in a Belgian Magazine. Wish you all the best for the future and i hope to meet you one day in Belgium. Greetings Patrick Geens Patrick <> haacht, BELGIUM –


Dear Marcia! Thank you very much for the nice interview last saturday! 😉 Muuuch fun with you via phone! 🙂 I’m looking forward for the CD-Copy (can’t wait to hear it). I will tell you then, which songs my favourites are…. All the very best:Karsten ~~~ (Sendung/Show: Handmade) Karsten Wagner <> Kassel, He Germany –


dear marcia i missed your emails and your respect manners i hope everything is ok and marcuse too what about your recent tour ? need to keep in touch dear say hi to marcuse . freed sultan freed sultan <> riyadh, 1 saudi aribia –


Marcia,tapes as promised will be on their way to you soon with some irish surprises!!!love,Dermot. dermot brady <> laragh, monaghan ireland –


Hi Marcia, I’ve heard so much about you andMarcus that I feel I know you without actually meeting you both! I wish you all the very best for your new tour and for the future. Monica (Elaine’s friend that was with her in Barbados last year when she called you). Monica Innis <> London, United Kingdom –


Marcia, it’s a beautiful Spring day here and I wanted to wish you a very happy Easter! It’s a time of regeneration, growth and energy, and I hope it finds you too full of warmth, happiness and positive vibes! We need to see you and hear you sing over in England soon! PS I’m going to learn fire-eating next week! Wish me luck! 🙂 Ian Lucas <> Coventry, England –


Dear Marcia and Marcus, Although I have just become acquainted with you, I can fully appreciate how VERY TALENTED you are. Your music is SPECTACULAR. Your uniqueness is fascinating once one truly understands your personal history. All my best always for nothing but good things to come! Your new fan and friend, Vicki Vicki Copani <> Jupiter, FL USA –


Hallo Marcia, you are in Germany and I had the Information too late… I´am a big Fan of you, last year you have anwser my letters, I was so happy…But I hope I can see you next time,so there will be this dream reality… Best wishes Bernd Steiner Bernd <> Worms, D USA –


hi marcia and marcus, hope you both did enjoy your trip to germany and you are now back in warm florida. Our meeting in Bad-Kreuznach at “Augenlicht” was an absolute fantastic evening. I will never forget that night. Singing “No woman no cry” accapella with you, Marcia was such big fun (ha ha ha…) Feel free to contact me any time you will be next to Frankfurt/Germany. Take care you two. Frank from wiesbaden frank <> wiesbaden, germany

Hi Mum,we are finally on line so will be able to keep up with all the news “as it happens”.Take care!! wayne demercado

Be sure that it get a success. Hope to see in the TV show www- and hope you will enjoy All the best for you and your supporting team- Yours Wolfgang Hirschmann- Zeitgeist-media Wolfgang HirschmannRedaktion NRW/www <> Essen, NRW Germany –


HELLO MARCIA , hello all Boney M fans. I am big Boney M fan sience 1977. I listen their music every day and Marcia is my favourite member of Boney M. I just love WE KILL THE WORLD and other songs with lead vocal of Marcia. I collect every Boney M video and last week I found very special and very rare Boney M video show from SOPOT 1979 (POLAND). They perform 10 best hits (incl.Dancing in the streets) and looking like on CD Ultimate Boney M. Great and very nice show for every Boney M fan. I was waiting 23 years to see this show again sincs I was boy. I wold like to swap this video for other Boney M / Marcia videos. Slavek Kwasniewski,Poland Slavek Kwasniewski <> Warsaw, Poland –


É para dizer à Marcia ke gosto muito dos Boney M e que gostava que voçes (a banda original se juntasse de novo para cantar). beijos para a Marcia. NUNO PINTO <> coimbra, PORTUGAL –


Dear Marcia Barrett I did bay your cd Survival & i love your great cd you have so much talent I was a fan of Boney M in old days & you were my favorte singer & persion , i was very exasting 1979 were you planing a solo carrier i remeber that did bay your 2 single in record store one was your single that did like & the other was with precious wilson ex eruption gril her first solo single Both great singers you Marcia Barrett & precious Wilson i did lost tracks on both of you in my search on the internet i did find you i was courious & did find your cd that is my favorite cd to day i just love all the songs on it , great to see well now name in Guestbook Amii Stewart she was one my favorite to in old days she are still very great loking just like you both loke just like in old days ,well about precious wilson i heard a rumor that she is opera singer to day ,Well Marcia Barret good luck with your solo carrier & i hope that you have good healt to, well marcia the world have not forgotten you Belive me & You much come here to iceland Bay Your eve Eva Guðmundsdóttir <> Reykjavik, iceland –


Marcia, darling, wishing you and Marcus all the best! Klaus van den Berg <> Amsterdam, Netherlands –


Congratulations to you for getting back to where you belong-in that spotlight!!!!!!!!!!come back to ireland soon and sing BELFAAASSSTTTT!!!!for me and all those people who love you so much.cheers!!love Dermot dermot brady <> laragh, ireland –


DEAR MARCIA,MARK i miss you at xmas however,have happy xmas and a fulfiling new year,i know that all will come right,,love always.tony tony scants <TONYBROM34@HOTMAIL.COM> LONDON, ENGLAND –


Dear MARCIA, Toi Toi Toi for your Show in New York. I hope you come LIVE ON STAGE in Austria. I´ll see and heart you in my home country. This is my greatest wish in my live… Marcia I´m so happy you sing again live on stage. I´ll wish success for MARCUS, your Crew and of cause for you MARCIA BARRETT. The best singers of the world. Toi toi toi. Heathy god bless you. Horsti von Austria 1. January 2002 Horst Tschematschar <> Klagenfurt(Carinthia), Austria –


HAPPY NEW YEAR to Marcia & Marcus!!! All the best wishes, good health and success!!! Keep up the good work! We all love an enjoy your voice and music! Thank you for everything! Another million of hugs and kisses for you both! Jan 1st 2002, Love forever, Bonnie <> Plano, TX USA –


A happy new year to you, full of health and love, ’cause that’s all we need. Marco van Beek <> The Hague, Holland –


Dear Marcia, don’t look out in the audience for me – I’m not there. I’m playing with my kids in the snow. But I’m thinking at you in every minute! I wish you all the best for your show – toi toi toi! I’m sure the people and you will have a great evening and a fantastic start in the new year! “Rasputin night club” – what a good sign! And now of course I’m waiting for you here in Germany! And how I’m waiting! God bless you and your family! Show the world, that you’re still there! Until soon – Michael Michael <> Kall, Germany –


Dear Marcia& marcus I´ll wish MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002 & good Health Thank you for last year was woderfule thank you for all your letters & for your Great cd did bring so much joy to all of your Fans marcia Barrett unique artist , real Artist with so much talent Yes ! She wil sureprise all her fans next year with her next cd that i´m loking forward to Lady with great style remeber that is ongly one marcia Barrett I´m so glad that you did left Boney M , Boney M belong in the past Like ABBA Life gose on , Marcia Barrett Great Great singer how survive with outh Boney M Name God Bless you Your big Marcia Barret mega Fan Jóhann Helgason Jóhann Helgason <> Reykjavik , Iceland –


I have recently discovered the music of Boney M; as a result of surfing the WWW. I just would like to say “thanks” because it is upbeat and well crafted, which CANNOT be said for most of today’s music. Natasha Bell <> Biloxi, MS USA –


Dear Marcia, I´ll wish MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002. Healthy, luck, success and many happy time. You are so beautiful, wonderful, good woman with powerful voices and with a great heart. Thank you, you give me so many happy, lucky hours every day with you music. Ilove it. Best wishes for you Marcia, your family of cause Marcus. PROSIT 2002. God bless you! 10000 kisses… from HORST Tschematschar, Austria,Carinthia on 24 Dezember 2001(Christmas Day) Horst Tschematschar <> Klagenfurt(Carinthia), Austria –


Hello Marcia and Marcus! I wish you lots of happiness, good health and success! Have a HAPPY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! One million hugs and kisses, for my dear Marcia and Marcus! Love forever! Bonnie <> Plano, TX USA –


My best regards to you and all the best for 2002! in love Dietmar theil Dietmar Theil <> Dortmund, Germany –


Strange that I have to check the Boney M-site to find out about a SOLO concert in New York… I might be there… Marco van Beek <> Den Haag, Holland –


Marcia and Marcus: C-U-N-DA-ATL! stanley morgan <> Atlanta, GA USA –


let me tell you, you are truly a brave,courageous woman and a wonderful artist!and the outfits are wickedly brilliant!! i admire the spirit that guides you,especially as you remind us to dance with life and let life sing the blue and the golden times thru us,until we see the rainbow…i am grateful for your good vibrations(..and marcus too..)and good medicine one love,daniela daniela sodi hobe sound, fl USA –


I’m glad that you are still special for a lot of people,including me , thank for Boney M and your voice.JQ JUAN QUESADA <JQUE7777@MSN.COM> HIALEAH, FL USA –


I wan t to say its a same that the band Boney M have quit so soon the music from the last years became that wonderfull. It was of its was going to your one back grounds of home. But I wish you manny succes stay put! A De Kraai <> Gorinchem, ZH Holland –


Dear Marcia, after all this time here we are again. I wish you every happiness and success in your solo career and pray that God continues to bless you with good health. Always Amii AMII STEWART <> rome, italy –


Dear Marcia, congratulation to a great and unique album. I am surprised, that your songs are not in the charts now, and I hope all your fans around the world will contact radio stations and try to make survival more successfull. All the best for you and I am looking forward seeing you here. Oliver Fernandez <> Stuttgart, Germany –


you are the spark of nature’s fire,you are our hearts’complete desire-Marcia,one so true-we all love you. Happy birthday from your biggest Irish fan.DermotXXXXX Dermot Brady <> monaghan, Ireland –


Dear marcia, I wish you with a lot pleasure an HAPPY BIRTHDAY.Many thanks for have give me the love of music. My best regards. Stéphane stéphane <eyedance@aol;com> candé, France –


Hooray! Hooray! It is Marcia’s Birthday! Dear Marcia, here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday with all the best for the future. I can’t wait for the upcoming package with the new magazine, video interview, and the new 4-trk. CD-single with your new recording of “Rivers Of Babylon”. Marcia, one so true, I LOVE YOU ….. Søren Jensen <> Copenhagen, Denmark –


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARCIA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My dear Marcia, today on your birthday I wish you from the bottom of my heart lots of happiness, success and may GOD be with you in every moment. Your voice, music and songs make me so happy and strong! “SURVIVAL” is cool and you are the best! You are a beautiful woman with a great and big heart, may GOD BLESS YOU in every moment!! There is no place in my heart for other music star, ONLY for you Marcia and the first group Boney M. You’ll be in my heart forever! Once again … HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY!!! MILLIONS OF HUGS AND KISSES FOR MY DEAR MARCIA !!!!! OCT. 14th 2001 Bonnie <> Plano, TX USA –


We wish you a very happy birthday Marcia and we schall drink a toast on you, and we shall play the song “Felicitad” in our program “Smits Magazine” Marcia we love you all Ad Smits (Presentator), Jeroen v.d. Bosch (Producer), Ann Willaert (Ass. Producer), Jasper van Oers (Musicman), and last bur not least Daniel Spierings (colmnist) we in Holland say recensist, Marcia have a nice birthday The hole cast of our program from Radio Baarle, The Netherlands Ad Smits <> Baarle, N-Br. The Netherlands –


Dear Marcia! Happy Birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear Marcia..Happy bithday to youuuuuu! I wish you all the best wishes from the bottom of my heart. You are so beautiful,fantastic Woman with a GREAT and Good heart. Your powerful voices… i love it. I wish heathiness, luck, success and a very loooooong life .God bless you! Happy Birthday! Marcia! from your greatest-fan from Austria, no Europe No the World(smile)your Horst Tschematschar,13th Oktober 2001,Austria Horst Tschematschar <> Klagenfurt(Carinthia), Österreich –


It was a pleasure listening to your CD. I enjoyed the cut sugar, sugar. We at the Rise magazine were exciting to have you on our 10th anniversary cover of the magazine, for you are an interesting subject that we know our readers enjoyed. Wishing you the very best in the times ahead truly RWB ENTERTAINMENT One Media Robert w.Bellamy <> Port St.Lucie, FL USA –


Dear Marcia, We had a great time with our interview last sunday 30 September. Me and my program team of Radio Baarle Wish you all goods and luck of the world, we have enjoid your music and we still do now. we play your music every day and every our. Marcia we hold contact LOVE’S FROM AD FROM THE NETHERLANDS Ad Smits <> Baarle , Nbr The Netherlands –


Hello Marcia and Marcus, the new photos are really fantastic!! I hope you’re alright! I like to listen to your CD nearly evey day….. GOD BLESS YOU!! Be happy from Germany, your big fan Dirk! Dirk Krause <> Bonn, Germany –


All the best in the future dear Marcia & Marcus, from your friends Lady Sherri & Sir Olaf Sir R.O.Schabbach Chev.O.St.J. <> Düsseldorf, nrw Germany –


Hi Marcia, Hope you are keeping well, Love the New Album, Keep up the good work, hope to see you in N Ireland(BELFAST)on your tour, take care, keep safe,Laurence…. Laurence Magill <> Newry, N Ireland –


Dear Marcia How wonderful to know you’re doing alright; you seem ever so alive and kicking! Great new photographs! I just can’t wait for us to talk again, or for me to see you perform on stage. Stay happy & healthy. Love, Marco Marco van Beek <> The Hague, Netherlands –


Hallo Marcia. Thank you for your new picturs on your web-page. This are very nice and beautiful photos. You are so beautiful. God bless you. The best wishes for you.Marcia You´re greatest fan form Austria, no from Europe, No from the world(smile) bye Horst Tschematschar, 26th August 2001 from Klagenfurt(Carinthia) Austria Horst Tschematschar <> Klagenfurt(Carinthia), Austria –


Dear Marcia, thanks for the fantastic beautiful new pictures! I really like the photo with you at the age of 15! It must be 20 years ago! Smile!! I hope to see and hear you soon! Greetings from Germany! Michael Michael Weiler <> 53925 Kall, Germany –


Marcia, Erik and I love the CD. Wishing you the best of luck in Europe and the World. Erik & Lori Bacigalup <> Stuart, FL USA –


Well, again I feel drawn to marcia and her site – and with so many thanks. SURVIVAL has taken on a new and vibrant feeling for me after heart surgery this year – during which I was so grateful for the e-mails and telephone calls, prayers and best wishes from Marcia and Marcus. I was honoured to be called your friend,and uplifted by hearing that laugh – HA HA HA! – all the way from Florida. I was listening to SURVIVAL before and after the surgery, because t kept telling me ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE. It’s true – we don’t survive by accident, eh, Marcia?! Thanks for your many kindnesses, and I wish you THE BEST in all future ventures, knowing IT’S NOT OVER – but just begun. 🙂 Ian Lucas <> Coventry, England –


i´m so deeply honored to sign this book. you have always been the best singer in boney m. and are continuing to grace us with your beauty, charm, and talent. i can´t wait to get my copy of the cd for i know it must be great without frank´s help. with frank´s help, it would not be right these days. we are more wise and mature and do things with good hearts. without a good heart, one is in bad trouble. you are a passionate person with a wonderful heart and i have missed working with you all these years. maybe we can get together for a boney m. reunion very soon. i´m game! it was so wonderful to talk to you and marcus. let´s keep in touch because life is very short and i´m not ready to lose you yet. you are wonderful! keep up the good work. there is a bogus boneym. here in spain and they look terrible. remember when we did tv in madrid and san sebastian? we looked great and classy. please email me often love hugs and kisses, madeleine davis. madeleine davis <> puerto del carmen , lanzarote spain –




Marcia, I’m glad to see you back in action withyour “solo debut” after Boney M. Your CD “Survival” is an album I love to listen to. We’ve been friends a long time. For this I have been grateful. Keep up the great work. Barry Simon <> Palm Beach, FL USA –


Dear Aunt marica & Uncle marcus I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you both on this CD. Everything that i wanted to say has already been said, it is a pleasure for me to add to your guest book Aunt marica I think that track 4 says a lot about you & know that god will see you through. marcus you know that your my fav uncle, i must that you have come a long way & this is your time now may all you wish for come true. remeber never give up keep the faith and god will see you through. GOD BLESS See you soon Love Angie Angie James <> lONDON, UK –


hello marcia, nice to see your homepage, and i look foreward to your next visit to hannover. I hope i don´t have to wait so long…. I love you both Dagmar dagmar engelbrecht <> hannover, germany –


Marcia,it has truly been a pleasure working with you and Marcus the past two years.The road ahead can only lead to more success! Randy-TREASURE COAST LIMOS <tclimos@AOL> Stuart, fl USA –


Hello Marcia, I finally got round to it! The album is great, keep up the good work. Thank you for the signed picture, and a copy of your CD. I’ve always been a fan of Boney M, but your album was fantastic and i wish you every success for the future. You have a wonderful and unique voice. Lovely speaking to you. God Bless Elaine (P. Russell & Co. – Entertainment Solicitors-London) Elaine Morris <> UK, USA –


Dear MARCIA; I will always,alwasy say that you are a so beautiful, wunderful, fazinated woman and human with a GOOD HEART,POWER and asuper voices. I love it. Congratulations to you Solo-CD”SURVIVAL” it is a fantasic good work. I love all of your songs: The Powersongs: StrangeRumoursKeyToEnterStrangSurvivalIDon´tKnowWhyYou´reAllINeed(is right)more and more and the feeling songs FeelTheNeedInMe & SugarSugar(very sexy voices) Special Thanks for the German-song”HALLO FREUNDE”. I so very proud and happy,(I can jump up in the sky,SMILE!)and lucky. Marcia thank you so much. thank you for the many hours the last 25 years do you(and Boney M.) make me alwasy happy,whenI was sad. Tank you Thanky you. I wish you Marcia and Marcus healthiness, luck, success. God Bless you. MARCIA you are the ONE and ONLY…Best wishes from your greatest Fan from Austria no from Europe no of the world-the universe(smile) Horst Tschematschar from Klagenfurt(Carinthia) Austria, 7th of July 2001 Horst Tschematschar <> Klagenfurt(Carinthia), Austria –


Finally a great album from a great singer. Keep it up Marcia, looking forward to your future work and perhaps tour. Slawek K. Slawek K. Warsaw, Poland –


Hope your career continues to take off, and is as much fun the second time around. Knowing you, I can see how your whole life has been building toward this success, best of luck. Billy & Debbie Elkins <> Stuart, FL USA –


Hello Marcia! Your first Solo-CD is fantastic!!! I like it very much!! So many energy!!! Thank you to make me happy,too!! Keep smiling :-)) Dirk Dirk Krause <> Bonn, Germany –


Dear Marcia and Marcus, I want to thank you for the CD. It truly is wonderful. My favorite songs are Strange Rumours, Key to Enter and of course Only the Strong Survive. I was very impressed by the beats in the songs. You really have something great on your hands and I wish you the best of luck with the album and in everything else. Sebastian Poprawski <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –


I have purchased the CD survival by marcia and have to say that i wish i had bought it years ago, its great.there is a sample of track one on the website however, all the other songs are equal if not better, especially track 4 which is “only the strong survive”.Since reading of Marcias benefit concert in africa, I have taken it upon myself to sponsor a child in africa. Her name is Coumba and she’s from senegal. I hope you bring out many more albums in the near future and hope you tour australia soon.I wish you all the best in your future and continue to this very moment to listen to survival. All the best MATT. MATT HENNESSEY <> melbourne, victoria australia –


I have know Marcia long before she became a Pop Star. Marcia and I went the the same Secondary school together which is quite a few years. She became my best friend from the moment she sat next to me in class. Both Marcia and I started singing in the Choir. Our music teacher Miss Tetley use to tell Marcia to lower her voice a bit because her voice overpowered everybody elses. Marcia is like a sister to me more than a friend. She is one of the most genuine, considerate, caring, loving person I have ever met because you have to go a long way to find a friend like her. There is only one of her. Since she became a Pop Star some of our friends from school asks me has Marcia changed since she became a pop star and when I tell them that she is still the same person they just cannot believe it because they expected her to let all her success get to her head and because it hasn’t they find it very difficult to believe. Marcia has been an inspiration to me because she has all the qualities that one needs to survive firstly and most importantly faith, never forgetting your roots, Positiveness, keeping focus, strength, vigor etc. When Marcia got married to Marcus I was so happy because I knew she had found her soulmate. He has all the same qualities like Marcia and I could not wish for my best friend to find happiness with no one else like Marcus.I would just like to say that I wish my best friend and her husband all the happiness and success that they both deserve. Marcia and Marcus no one will love you both as I do. Our friendship is forever. Elaine Riley <> London, England –


Hello to two of the world’s most amazing people! Marcia I just want to wish you the greatest of success with ‘Survivor’, it sounds brilliant!! Long roads always lead somewhere, but it is up to the traveler to take the best direction, stay on your chosen path, and keep sprinkling that star dust to light the way for the rest of us! Hope to see you both soon. Much happiness. Deanna Deanna Marie Gooden <> New York, NY USA –


Marcia, I saw Liz Mitchell’s group perform this year here in Toronto, and I was greatly disappointed not to see you there with her. I had no idea you wouldn’t be there, until afterwards when I did some studying on the net, and found out that all 4 of you had your own Boney M touring the world. I have acquired all of your albums and I miss you guys greatly. I think I speak for all your fans when I say a reunion world tour would make us all very happy. I’m going to try and grab a copy of your new CD. Your voice was always the sexier of the two. 😉 Looking forward to hearing your voice again. Aaron Aaron Milic <> Toronto, ON Canada –


We are so fortunate to have spent many happy times with Marcia, Marcus and Sasha. Marcia is strong and passionate in her life and work. She shows an unprecedented perserverance to fulfill her dreams and provide heartfelt performances to devoted fans from around the world. Marcus, no less valuable, stands by with his support and love sharing his talents and dedication. They are a great, unforgettable couple. Best wishes for a future filled with wonderful surprises, health and happiness. Rosario and Rosemarie Pagano chicago, IL USA –


Well, there isn’t much I can say here that hasn’t already been said about Marcia. For me, working with (and becoming close friends with) Marcia and Marcus has changed me as a person. Although I was young when I met them, they treated me as an equal… and dare I say a family member. The way they invited me into their lives, as well as there home has been something I will cherish for the rest of my life. They are both truly inspirational people. Marcia has a way of making people feel alive, whether it’s through her music or just her presence. There is something to be said about a person who has been through so much hardship and still gives nothing but love to everyone she comes in contact with. Simply amazing. And as far as Marcus is concerned… he possesses all the qualities of what one would consider a best friend. I really love this man… I love what he stands for; I love his unbelievable talent… I love him for the person he is. In closing, I personally believe that these to people represent something real and true. I’ve been on this earth 25 years and have yet to find anyone like them. To sum it all up in one word… Beautiful. To the both of you: Thank you for giving me something to look forward to in life. I mean that more than you will ever know. One love… always, Scott Christina “Infiniti” Scott Christina <> Port Saint Lucie, FL USA –


hi marcia, hi marcus, I will never forget a great concert back in 1989. It was in France and one of the rare concerts without Liz. You did most of the lead vocals and what I always supposed was really true: all the songs were much more powerful (as the whole show by the way). After the show I said to you: what a great job you did especially with “no woman no cry”. You answered: what else can I sing as no woman no cry. Then you were laughing (the typical deep marcia laugh). That brings a bit closer why I will always be interested in you and your work. You had much influence on my life… Hope to see you live again, very very soon. Funny also to see all those comments from people to whom I was in fan-contact more than 10 years ago. Greetings to all of you (Frank from Karlsruhe are you Frank Schiffer ???) Would be nice if the news section on your homepage would be updated more often. take care frank from wiesbaden Frank <> Wiesbaden, Germany –


Hi Marcia. Deine CD “Survival” ist wunderful,super. Gratuliere Dir/Euch(Marcus&Manegment Team) herzlich. Ich mag alle Songs sehr. Die Songs sind voll Power, Rhythmus,Leidenschaft und the power&Herz von Marcia Barrett. Deine Stimme ist hervoragend…ich liebe sie… Besonders bedanken möchte ich mich für das deutsche Lied”Freunde”. Danke das du deine deutsch/österreichischen Fans nicht vergessen hast.Thank you soooo much. Marcia, ich bin sehr stolz und Dankbbar mit dir in Kontakt zu sein.Vielen dank für die schönen vielen Stunden die du mir mit und ohne Boney M. seit 25Jahren bereitest. Ich wünsche Gesundheit und das Gott dich beschützt mit all deinen LIeben. Horsti your greatest Fan from Austria 14.June 2001 Horst Tschematschar <> Klagenfurt(Carinthia), Austria –


Marcus and Marcia it is always a pleasure to hear and experience your talents; they come from a higher source of understanding. It’s one thing to talk the talk-it’s another to walk it as well. One love always and keep the good vibrations coming…..the world needs it! Denny Denny Artache <> PalmBeach, fl USA –


Marcia and Marcus, Your CD is great and we hope to see you soon. Ron Patak Ron Patak <> Fort Myers, FL USA –


Mi Marcia. This album completly shock me.So diffrent yet so good. You still got it in you to tour. I just hope to be one of the luckiest ones to see to performing live somewherein PA. Or maybe someday we all gonnasee the one and only THE Original BoneyM. PLease give a us a hope that would mean so much to most fans here. ThaNK YOU AND HOPE TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFAL FACE SOMEWHERE ON THE ROAD. tAKE CARE OF YOURSELF rOBERT Robert <> USA –


I have to admit i was very sceptical about your album without Frank’s help. But WOW!!! It’s a terrific piece of music. It’s really good for your own image to prove the world that you’re not just a beautiuful woman but also fantastic musician. Vocal part has been done very professionally. The more you listen to Survival the better it gets. It’s like a good wine. Congratulation on fantastic results. I am looking forward to your up comin’ tour. Here in Northern Statas. And maybe deep inside i stll hope for an original Boney M reunion. Would’n that be a treat to all of as involve in this BoneyMania. Let’s keep the hope alive!!!!!!! Robert Z <> USA –


I really like your music!! Alicia Pearsall <> North Palm Beach, FL USA –


I m realy imprest with a cd survial he is her masterpiece realy very difrent from Boney M Muscik i love her new direction in solo i belive her new style is her tru face realy , she have so much talent she can sing anything realy , unbelieable that lady was in a shadow of another woman who did have much less talent , yes Marcia she did doit with great stayle i trule belive that will just begin og her great solo carier so it is very exsating to see what she wil do next she have a great voice in all kinde of musick jazz & Blues & Teckno & regge & Rock she are not copy of any another Artist , this lady unique she have own style, Marcia Barrett are great artist , I´m realy glad that she did left Boney M & Let her talent come thoug Jóhann Helgason Marcia Barrett megafan Best regards From Reykjavik Iceland Jóhann Helgason <> Reykjavik, iceland –


We are so glad, that you dear Marcia are so fine. Your Album “Survival” keeps real name, cause it is realy succeed!!! Your voice is as strong as you survived and made your own project. You are a very powerful woman! Keep on that!!! WE and many other fans are very, very pleased, when you visit the ground-roots of your Boney M.-carreer and we´ll meet us face to face!!!! We can´t expect to feel your power in live ;-))Your at least in GERMANY biggest fans FRANK&FELIX!!! Kisses;-* Frank&Felix Karlsruhe, Germany Germany –


Hi Marcia and Marcus. It gives me a great pleasure to add to this guestbook. Marcia we have known each other for the past 14 years when we were the only West Indians in this area. I remember when Christina was a baby and Marcus and you joined Chrissy and I on our daily walks to the beach. I cherished those moments and we are looking forward to making new memories together. Marcia and Marcus we always admire the closeness that you both posess for each other and I wish you both continued success in your personal and professional lives.Good Luck with Survival and very soon we have to get together to have a White Rum and Coconut Water cocktail and “COOL RUNNINGS IRIE” Love Rowland, Sabina and family KEEP THAT LAUGH STRONG Sabina Jadusingh <Midykhan> Hobe Sound, Fl USA –




Dear Marcia, What can I possibly say to you that hasn’t already been said? You are truly endowed with many wonderful gifts. The world is blessed because you have chosen to use these gifts well. With “Survivor” you share your very soul with your hauntingly beautiful voice. I wish Marcus and you only the best things that life holds. Thank you for making this CD! Much love from your sister cancer survivor. Roberta Roberta <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –


Dear Marcia and Marcus, How wonderful to hear the music from our beach friends. We are blessed to move into a new area and to meet people who appreciate the sunrise and sunset. Life’s most simple pleasures often pass us by. Thank you for sharing Survival with us and my particular favorite is “You’re All I Need”. Allison and Roger Cabana <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –


It would take more space than I have been given here to talk about my best friend whom I have known for, as we say, “donkey years!” We were in school in London from our VERY early teens! Thoughts of “My Marcie” as I affectionately call her, have always brought me mixed emotions… from the day in school when we had “an appointment” after school to see who was the most aggressive; the day the girls lined (queued)up to have their hair styled by Marcia; the vacations I spent with her in Germany and Hobe Sound; the day I learned of her “health setback” because that’s all it was…. a temporary setback. My Marcie is a strong and determined woman who knows that the Lord never gives us more than we can handle and she is not willing to sit down and let anything hold her back, and with her faith and strength, she persevered and SURVIVED!! This FRIEND of mine keeps on keeping on…nothing and no-one will deter her. And with her Soulmate Marcus (notice the similarity in their names!) by her side, who can stop her or THEM! My Marcie is a TRUE STAR whose light has always shone, maybe a little dim at times, but it will NEVER be extinguished, not until she draws her last breath and even then, I know it will continue to shine in many hearts, mine included. I love you, My Marcie. Even though my taste in music lends itself more towards ‘oldies,’ when I first heard Survival, I couldn’t help but be touched. I constantly exercise to some of the tracks, the pulsating beat makes me wanna sweat (which I do) and I know that Marcia’s sweat and love for her audience went into the making of those songs. That makes it all the more enjoyable!! God bless you and yours my dear Friend. Always…..Veronica Veronica Woodall nee’ Haynes <> Chicago, IL USA –


Hello Marcia! For your future I wish only the best! I’m looking forward to listen to your new CD “Survival”….. Many greetings!!!! Dirk Dirk Krause <> Bonn, Germany –


All the best to Marcia & Marcus. You are very special people. Good luck with the new CD it is FANTASTIC!!!! Sean Kalil <> Stuart, Fl USA –


To anyone whom has never met Marcia in person, I just wanted them to know what an inspiring and warm person and friend to know! Being one who has gone through bad times-all you have to do is see what she has gone through herself and has stayed so strong and determined that she makes you believe you can SURVIVE almost anything yourself. I don’t think I have ever known anybody so inspiring to get on with her life no matter what has happened. It has made me see that also! Oh by the way-yes she is STILL incredibly talented too! Look out world-marcia is coming back. What a gal!!!!!!!!!!!! Micheline Gavidia <> Stuart, fl USA –


Dear Marcia, Just got back from the “Spice Jazz Festival in Grenada where I performed with Grammy Nominee, Nestor Torres. Had a wonderful time there and met wonderful people from the islands and other parts of the world. There I spoke with people who know of you and they where surprised I knew you. The truth is, I am privileged to know a wonderful talented loving warm human being that you and Marcus are. Since the very first day we spoke, I felt an extraordinary warm feeling the kind that bonds real people together. The music, the laughter, and even the tears of joy that we feel perhaps some people will never understand. But that is what music is all about. “The world awaits for Marcia Barrett”…from yours truly, Noel Torres…. Noel Torres <> Boynton Beach, Fl USA –


Marcia is a lovely warm person and a singer par excllence. She has become a pal and was warmly received by members of my British Buisness Association at our 1999 Christmas Party. Brits loved her in Boney M nd made her records some of the biggest selling of all time in the UK…even beating the Beatles!!——Hugs and happiness Marcia. From Patricia Kawaja, Florida Editor of the Union Jack Newspaper and President of the Florida Association of British Business FABB [] Patricia Kawaja <> Ft Lauderdale, FL USA –


Dear Marcia How fortunate I have been to have been able to have worked with you these past few months. Although our business relationship has ended our friendship will endure forever. You have achieved so much with Boney M and won the love and support of fans all over the world. However what many dont realise is the price you have paid, the exploitation and heartache and eventually illness. But being the “Survivor” that you are you have sprung back from this with even more grit determination and tenacity. You are a real inspiration, both as an artist and as a person. The best days are still ahead!!!Watch out world!!! Sanibonani from all your friends in Africa Shaun O’Shea <> Johannesburg, South Africa –


Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! Everything what I’m writing now won’t capture the aura of your person. You are like a diamond whose spectrum of colors is impossible to describe. It must be seen and experienced! You are a truly amazing, gifted woman! I treasure our precious friendship we have and I feel honored to “met” you. It is always a big joy talking with you and I’m always amazed how sharp sighted and down to earth you see things. “Survival” always cheers me up – it’s like I get some of this energy and spirit you put into the music out of it. I know from the bottom of my heart that when you and Marcus return to the stages of the world it will be THE HAPPENING! Can’t wait to see you! As you say “It’s Not Over..” Love, Daniel Daniel Diezi <> Zurich, Switzerland –


Hi Marcia & Marcus just wanted to say you both been such good friends and a inspriation to me through out the years we have known each other. I still have the first album you made and now the new cd keep up all the hard work because you both deserve to be on top love you lots Diana Diana Sikora <> stuart, fla USA –


Loved the surviovor cd you sent me here at NETNAMES….. Wendi <> Ny, Ny USA –


About one year ago our paths crossed. I knew then that it was not an accident, but something that was meant to be. I have alawys been a big fan of “Boney M” and I can say this CD “Survival” blows everything prior to it away. I love both the music and the lyrics. This CD really makes you think about life and how lucky we are to be able to wake up everyday. I have had the privilege of adding your name to the many celebrities I have done make-up for over the past 14 years. You are a beautiful person both inside and out and I am so lucky that I have you to call a friend. Cyndi Boyar <> Palm Beach, FL USA –


Dear marcia, it will always a real pleasure to listen the unique and fanstactic collection of songs by Boney M.,for all people in the world, your passion and hard work are the magic touch. thanks Marcia for your talent and beautiful smile ! stéphane <> candé, france –


DEAR MARCIA greetings in the name of jah fasta fari.. your albun SAVIVAL,is a wonderfull peice of work with excellent songs and great musicianship.the thing that struck me the most was the consistancy of the comercial strength of the material,iam sure that you have a hit album on your hands,and if handle correctly many hit singles to.god has blessed you in many ways, as well as restoring you to good health, he continues to bless you with a heart of gold he is always there resting his guiding hand on your shoulder and will grant you greater success because you deserve it.. good luck with this wonderfull album..kind regards….tony scants…… tony scants <TONYBROM34@HOTMAIL.COM> LONDON, ENGLAND –


Finally I have the possiblilitie to visit Marcia via internet! Very nice pictures from a beautiful singer! Greetings to Marcia and to all the fans! Michael Weiler <> Kall, Germany –


My most favorite neighbors for sixteen years, from whom I have learned “survival” in the true sense, friendship, determination to rise above all barriers, the rhythm of shared love and music; and all this from just knowing Marcia and Marcus (a formidable couple in love AND music!) The new CD is just the beginning of what I know will re-start much deserved joy and MORE FAME! My prayers are with you…Diana diana <> Hobe Sound, FL USA –


Marcia and Marcus, it’s so terrific to know you have so many friends and fans… And you two really deserve it!!! I love your “SURVIVAL” CD for many obvious reasons, first because it depicts your courage and desire to succeed, but mostly because it shows the world your artistry and determination. I am proud that you consider us as friends. Good luck on this endeavor, as well as on any new ones you may embark on. Mostly, we wish you tremendous success on your new tour. With great friendship, Lee and Terry Lee and Terry H. Hobe Sound, FL USA –


Marcia, what can one say you have the voice, the beauty, the dignity and class and you’re a survivor, all that a woman requires to be a true DIVA. I was 8 when I first fell in love with your voice and the magic of Boney M. and you have being a constant part of my life since, protecting me in my sadness and there for the good times with your amazing voice that touches my soul. Im so glad your back on form again, the survival CD is a breath of fresh air a truly classy collection of personal songs can’t wait for more. Hope your next CD is coming soon, as I need my Marcia fix and I hope you get to perform in London soon. Thanks for taking the time to write to me also recently .. Your time is now, go get it girl. Love Peter Peter Hodgson <> London, UK –


After reading all the wonderful comments in your guestbook I’m even more eager to get a listen to your “Survival” CD which Amazon despatched to me yesterday. In the last week my mum was diagnosed with the big “C” – It’s at times like these that the heart and soul of your voice and the harmonious music you made with Boney M are a real comfort with the uplifting and inspirational message they give. Thank you!! Mark xx mark <> Blackpool, Uk –


Dear Marcia, I would like to wish you all the success that you have surely earned. You are truly an amazing talent and I consider myself very fortunate to have the honor of working with you and Marcus. I hope that the A&R folks of the world will wake up and see the beauty of you album “Survival”. I hope that all who hear it can be touched the same way I was by the power and inspiration of the songs. Good Luck and as usual, if there is anything I can do, please call. One Love..Joe Joe Butera <> Port St. Lucie, FL USA –


my great pleasure to writ to one of my lovely member’s band i ever love and called “magic melodies band” hope long life health life good work and fantastic songs freed freed sultan <> riyadh, 01 saudi aribia –


my full happeness to write to one of my lovely member’s band i called it “magic melodies” i love boney m and their frank farian but my question with no answer “what is the back gorund and hertig to make f f reworked folk songs from many places around the world. u r the most “silent lover” “belfast” “loving or leaving” beautfil i hope you very long life and health and strong music forever. freed freed sultan <> riyadh, saudi aribia –


I was captured by the magic of Boney M. right from the very beginning. I was only a little boy back then in the 70s but my one-way love affair with Frank Farian’s excellent productions, beautifully embodied by four fabulous performers – Liz, Marcia, Bobby & Maizie – has lasted to this day. The hits have survived the test of time, they’ve become classics. Even so, many of my personal Boney M. favourites count those great album tracks, and among those I do have a particular fondness for those on which Marcia takes the lead – the soul, the power, the drama! Yessirree, she’s a DIVA! The cool elegance on ‘Take The Heat Off Me’, the storming powerhouse performance on ‘Lovin’ Or Leavin’’, ‘Belfast’, the laid-back sexy jazzy ‘Silent Lover’, the classy ‘Never Change Lovers …’, the rocky ‘We Kill The World’, ‘Josephine Baker’, and not least Marcia’s wonderful debut single from 1971 ‘Could Be Love’ / ‘Time To Go’ have made me wish for a Marcia Barrett solo album for many years. ‘SURVIVAL’ fully answered my prayers, a fantastic album, this is 100% Marcia Barrett, no compromise, take it or leave it! A strong blend of dance, rock, soul and funk topped with THAT VOICE that sounds every bit as great today as it did back then – I can hardly wait to see Marcia live in concert! DEAR MARCIA, I’m happy to have this opportunity to wish you ALL THE BEST for the re-launch of your solo carreer, keep up the spirit, the action, and promise us that IT’S NOT OVER. Lots of love, Søren. Søren Jensen <> Copenhagen, Denmark –


Survival is fantastic. Go for it girl. ich freue mich fuer DICH und Markus.. god bless Esther Esther Daniels <> Amsterdam, Holland –


Dear Marcia, It´s for me something really special to write you these phrases wishing you all the best with your new album “Survival” .Everbody know you´re a great singer and person. So that I wish you good luck and all the best. Marcia, I wait you in Spain. From the bottom of my heart, VALENTIN. Valentín <> Barcelona, SPAIN –


after play the cd i realise that cd is brilliant .as some very inspiring message from dj jb junior butler <> west palm beach, fl USA –


“OHHH, LOVE TO LOVE YA BABY:” Hi M & M. Wonderful site!. Even though I’m more of a “Beach Boy’s” kinda guy, you will always be my favorite disco queen. Can I get a picture of you guy’s on a surfboard someday doing the hustle together?. Your auntie Samantha sounds really neat. I’ll bet she is a really good cook. I can taste the Jamaican flavours right now!.(Bob Marley in the backround.) Bye for now,,Keep on keepin’ on,,,Dr. Ron. Dr. Ron <> Jupiter, Fl USA –


Love the cd and cant wait for the new one,fantastic voice! Barry <> yeovil, England –


Greetings to the one and only Marcia Barrett! Not only is your music soulful and full of power, I know you are too and am so pleased to have come to know you through your music. Surely the best is yet to come? It’s nice to see some familiar names in the Guestbook too – it’s great hearing from other fans. Ian xxxxxxxxxxxxx Ian Lucas <> Coventry, England –


Hey Marcia, “your sweeter than sugar, more than honey pie!” Thankyou for bringing us new music through “Survival”. I listen to it alot when I go to the gym, somehow the lyrics on “Only The Strong Survive” keep me running on that treadmill just that little bit longer! I find the messages in your songs very motivating and inspirational. I can’t wait for the next album, please don’t keep us waiting too long! You’ve proved you can go it alone! Love Colin Australia (where you also have LOTS of fans too!)Colin Strike <> Gold Coast, Australia –


Marcia Barrett has been a daily part of my life since she blasted her way to number one in the Irish charts in 1977 with the gloriously rockin’ BELFAST.Together with the 3 Bonies Liz ,Bobby and Maizie she infatuated me with her voice,style,talent and beauty.Now as a thirty something being in e-mail contact with this wonderful woman has given me the strength to cope with the loss of my dad and the battle my mum has won with this terrible disease.MARCIA I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!LOVE,NOW AND ALWAYS,FROM YOUR BIGGEST IRISH FAN.GOD BLESS YOU.DermotXXXXX dermot brady <> ireland –


keep up the good work !!! more success is bound to follow hope to see you soon, good health and good luck from your nephew xxx michael mccleary uk –


Hi auntie wishing you all the best I know you will do just great as always and God is on your side, lots of love god bless. samantha mccleary uk –


Dear Marcia, It’s great that you’re back with new music. “Survival” has brought me a lot of pleasure. I hope you’re doing well, and I’m looking forward to your new recordings and…. to see you perfom live on stage someday here in Holland, or in Germany. Thanks for giving us Boney M., together with Frank, Liz, Maizie and Bobby. I know that you’re ready and able to do it on your own now! I wish you all the best in the future. Love always, Casper Janssen, Official Liz Mitchell Fanclub Casper Janssen (Liz Mitchell Fanclub) <> Netherlands –


Hi Marcia, Brian here, I just wanna’ say a big thank you to you. Your music, your voice in Boney M and in your solo work is warm and strengthening. I see and hear you everyday. Sing, sing, sing. Love Brian Brian Addison <> Newcatle , England –


Dear Marcia Hope you’re doing alright, both spiritually and physically. Still enjoying your music every day. All the best! Marco van Beek <> The Hague, Netherlands –


MARCIA BARRETT, is one of the special persons in my life ! She’s a great singer, with a unique voice, a beautiful woman with a GREAT and BIG HEART. She’s the one who makes me soooo happy, making one of my dreams , to be TRUE ! All her songs as a solo artist, are geting into my heart ! “SURVIVAL” is WONDERFUL, and I’m sure that her next CD will be a BIG SUCCES ! I know that all your fans are happy for your comming back ! Over the years, I was, I am and I always be, a big fan of MARCIA and Boney M. No other music star can make me so happy as MARCIA and Boney M. do. GOD BLESS YOU MARCIA !!! I’LL LOVE YOU FOR EVER, WITH ALL MY HEART !!! Bonnie BONNIE (Adriana Doban) <> Plano, TX USA –


Just wanted to say hi. Rob Summers <> Port Saint Lucie, FL USA –