TIS THE SEASON! – MY CHRISTMAS NOTE 2023 (22nd December)


Warm greetings my dear FANMILY, FRIENDS and WELL-WISHERS.

It gives me immense pleasure in wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I truly hope that you all will be enjoying this festive season with your loved ones.

Marcus and I will be enjoying Christmas at home, having a couple of quiet and relaxed days with some delicious Christmas food and maybe a glass of champagne (smile).

I hope you all have been enjoying the 45th anniversary postings of the Boney M. singles “Rivers Of Babylon/Brown Girl In The Ring”, “Rasputin”, “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” and of course our LP “Nightflight To Venus”. What a journey 1978 was! The way 1978 ended was pure magic and indeed like a trip to Venus with a historic and much appreciated visit to Moscow and a U.K. Christmas No. 1 single. What can I say? Life has been good!

I would like to THANK my supportive FANMILY for leaving comments on my social media platforms as well as sending me personal messages. Unfortunately, I haven’t the time to answer all of them, but I must tell you that I treasure each and every one of them very much! Your support is always cherished! THANK YOU!

Slowly 2024 is approaching and my outlook for the new year is very positive! GOD is good and will guide us in achieving our goals. I have PLANS for 2024… (Smile)

Let me conclude this note by once again wishing my dear friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Peace & Love!


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MY "CHRISTMAS NOTE"  (24th December)


Festive Greetings Fanmily, Friends & Wellwishers,

Let me hope that everybody is ready for some enjoyable, festive two weeks. I`m aware that this passing year has been quite turbulent for some - including myself but it`s a great feeling in getting through it with HOPE, believing that things, circumstances and time will gradually heal everything, one day at a time.

Everyday is precious and we should cherish each one and be grateful for LIFE!

Now, allow me the chance to tell you how very pleased I am to see so many of you loyal members of my "FANMILY" are enjoying and commenting positively on the "Eye To Eye Contact" video.

We did the filming here in Berlin with the dancers that "Raliza Van Oijen" (Top female dancer) selected on my behalf. Our late brother and "Team Mate - Shaun O`Shea" who resided in South Africa did the editing which is one of his last piece of work before he left us earlier this year peacefully. What a courageous man!!! Marcus, Danni and I have lost an incredible "Team Mate"

whose spirit is continuing to guide us.

Let me share a couple of photos with you of our trip and presentation of my show last week in "Tirol" - Austria. My team and I were taken aback with the beautiful mountains that boldly displayed their mystical energies. What a beautiful world we live in, we should try and keep it that way. Don`t You Agree?

We had another jolly good time but Marcus and I are still waiting for another two pieces of checked-in luggage. Not to worry, they will turn up eventually - I`m hoping.

Well friends let me pause for now by concluding this note. In the meantime, do continue to enjoy the video and photos as well as staying in tuned for a few excitements next year. We will definitely keep you posted. Thank you ever so much for your continuous support!

My team and I are here by wishing you a "Merry Christmas" and A Healthy & Happy New Year with 2023!

Love & Music! Music! Music…….



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23 / 12 / 2022.



"Eye To Eye Contact" - New Video Coming... (5th December)

New video coming on 12th December 2022: "Eye To Eye Contact". Stay tuned...





Having heard over a week ago that "Her Majesty" have died, the transition of deep regret and gloom thrusted through me like a strong wave heading in my direction, which of course changed it’s navigation.

Ever since I attended infant school in Jamaica where I was born and bred, I was taught to sing our "National Anthem" entitled "God Save Our Gracious Queen". Years after I was reconnected with my mother who was already residing in "Great Britain".

In continuing to Honour and Respect the "British Monarchy" it is sure an historical knowledge to have and having "Her Majesty" reigning and governing over us for seventy years, still active attending to her duties only two days before she died.

It was written in the stars when my former colleagues and I, better known as "Boney M." were selected during our early global hits to perform for "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" at the "Theatre Royal, Drury Lane" with other established artistes who were included in the program for that evening.

This prestigious opportunity was in November 1979. I was overwhelmed with joy, feeling very privileged and humble all at the same time but keeping a certain calm awaiting the moment when "Our Queen" shook each member`s hand then took two paces backward and asked us if we were performing elsewhere in London.

I`ll go on in saying that I admire and will always remember her "Graceful Voice" and her "Lovely Smile" that always warms up ones inner being.

Thank you "Our Queen" for having reigned over us so courageously and attentively as our "Figure Head" in Great Britain and the "Commonwealth Countries" globally.

May you rest in "Everlasting Peace" whilst you`ll carry on in history. God bless and Long Live "King Charles III".

Marcia Barrett Of "Boney M."


EULOGY (17th August)


"E U L O G Y"

M i s s i n g   Y o u   S h a u n

The rhythm of life, constantly displays it`s unexpected prelude or overture with sounds and movements of mixed expressive notes, bring abundant Joy…Desires…Love… Strength, then at the same time Pain…Sadness…Doubt…Fear and confusion which leads into Calmness... Understanding…Hope… Faith and Peace!

As I sit here today my dearest Shaun, I`m reflecting on the good times that you Marcus and I have had over these decades, with a smile on my face even though I`m very sad.

I found you delightful, vibrant, helpful, supportive and with the same positiveness seeing that you were a "Fighter" in standing up for what you believed in. Being so sincere made me also realize and pleasantly surprised observing and enjoying how funny you were.

Being one of your "Team Mates" regarding my "Solo Project" you have taken me further with my career, in demonstrating your mastered skills in Graphics, Marketing and all your other shinning achievements in this business we chose to be a part of - "Show Business". My gratitude for all the support you`ve given me is quite emotional.

Danni and Marcus, your other two "Team Mates" are quite distraught in realizing that their losing such an easy going friend and mate and are sending you "Peace & Love". Marcus goes on to express how much he trusted you, who has always been in my corner.

Together we are saying Shaun, "Let The Music Play" in heaven with the other angels, knowing that your spirit will always be with us forever as much as our spirits will always be with you, receiving "Positive Vibrations".

We are sending out our deepest condolences  to your family and friends during this mourning of a "Loved One" as precious as you. We know that you are in a safe place with God`s Blessings!

Rest In Everlasting Peace!

Sister Marcia.

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Interview - CelebSavant PodCast (5th August)

Click on the image below to listen to the PodCast on Spotify (Link opens in a new window).


"Showtime" In Oslo (23rd May 2022)


"Rios De Babylonia" - Spanish Version of "Rivers Of Babylon" (6th February 2022)




                                                                                     IT'S THE SEASON, IN FULL SWING!                                                                                      "CHRISTMAS GREETINGS 2021!


Greetings Fanmily, Friends and Wellwishers,

How are you feeling? Let me be comforted in assuming that everybody is healthy, well and keeping safe, whilst looking forward to a brighter immediate future, after being thrown off with this brutal attack of "Covid – 19” with all it's offspring of variants. May your family and friends also be in good shape.

   Let’s "Celebrate" and Dance, Sing, or just Sway with the compelling beats and messages from our long awaited CD entitled "SEASONS".

Yes! Yes! You’ll be able to download and listen to all 16 tracks in full length in a few days time, even though you've heard "Easy Street" if you've decided to take up on the offer with pre-order. Your comments on that lovely track is indeed joyful and encouraging that means a lot to me. Thank you most awfully!

You know friends, "Perseverance" can be painful at times but during that long process, you'll develop a certain extra "Strength and Belief” in achieving your set goals. HOORAY! HOORAY! IT’S A HOLI-, HOLIDAY!

My team and I have been kept on our toes intensively, since we decided to release the expanded version of "SURVIVAL" and now "SEASONS" on the digital platform. I'm blessed that Shaun O’Shea is a part of my team for decades, who convinced Marcus and I in taking this route for releases of our body of work that we created for over three decades.

Shaun demonstrates his "Graphics Skills" as well as his superb marketing skills including his writing skills. He then tops all his mastership by being a natural warm, loving and caring person which shows loyalty. Thank you Shaun for being Shaun and indeed a dear friend.

Danni Lange, Oh Dan! You see, most of the times I call him Dan and he doesn't mind at all which reassures me that "It's Alright! It’s Alright!” Dan is a "Team Mate" for decades also and has shown his caring patience and his skills on the computer, which is not my cup of tea — working on the computer.

He is in charge of all my postings from day one and now working more intensively with Shaun, which richly contributes to my "Solo Project Marcia Barrett Of Boney M.". Thank you Dan for being there for me through the rough and the smooth years. You are a fine person and I treasure your friendship.

My husband Marcus James is a huge "Blessing" sent to me from the "Higher Forces", that I've had and still having the pleasure to enjoy and appreciate his wonderful character during the decades of our bonding.

Whilst I was "Globe Trotting" with "Boney M." (Intense Work with "Studio

Recordings”) from the middle seventies to 1990 Marcus started to compose songs until I arrived back home then invited me to create with him. I wasn't quite ready but was soon convinced to take up on his offer and continuing to enjoy him also as a "Team Mate" professionally. Thank you my darling — Sweetie Pucks!

Who would have thought that after three and a half decades of creative work, you my dear Fans, are just hearing the first releases. Allow me to add my gratitude to the other "Song Writers" who collaborated on "Seasons". They are Kelvin James and Mark Kearns as well as John Edmed.

Kelvin and I are going back in knowing and working with each other for decades, including with my "Solo Show" in Theatre Royal... Drury Lane in the early eighties. He can write songs for me any day. He composed "Rip It Up" and "You". Mark Kearns approached me in singing "See Through My Eyes". I couldn't refuse! Gentlemen, get your pens and paper ready because I'm ready!!!

Lots more to come when time and tide comes in. "The Race Is Not For The Swift". Be humble and endure.

I’ll conclude this note friends by wishing you a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy & Prosperous" New Year — 2022".

Abundant Light & Blessings.

One Love - Yours Truly,


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10 / 12 / 21.


New Album Coming Soon (9th October 2021)


In The Studio Recording "10.000 Lightyears" - #ThrowBackThursday (22nd July 2021)

Marcia Barrett of Boney M., Liz Mitchell and Frank Farian during the recording of the album “10.000 Lightyears” around late 1983/early 1984.


Interview With Retro Talking Mix (18th July 2021)


In The Studio With Boney M. - #ThrowBackThursday (15th July 2021)

Marcia Barrett of Boney M. and Liz Mitchell having fun during recording sessions in the 70’s. Marcia sang together with Liz on all Boney M. recordings from the start including Rasputin, Daddy Cool, Sunny, Ma Baker, Belfast, Hooray! Hooray!, Gotta Go Home including three mega hits that are in the Guinness Book of Records: Rivers Of Babylon, Brown Girl In The Ring and Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord.


Interview - Coming 18th July (14th July 2021)


  "Play My Song"- The Video (4th July 2021)


Listen to "Survival" (15th June 2020)

Click on the link below to listen to snippets of all 16 tracks from “Survival” (Digital Expanded Edition) -
Out on 16th June:


Marcia's Personal Message (12th June 2020)

"Survival" (Digital Expanded Edition) - Out on 16th June


  "Survival (Digital Expanded Edition) - Out on 16th June" (9th June 2021)


My Note (2nd June 2021)


Dear Fanmily, Friends & Wellwishers,

”Life Challenges”

After over a year of sudden, nearly motionless with little or no activities globally, we were compelled to take up the challenge with “Covid-19”.

Sadly some of us are still grieving with the lost of “Love Ones and Friends”. Some are stripped of their only possessions and all the other atrocities that are still inflicted by this grueling epidemic, which continues to linger and leaves the trait of existence sparingly in many circumstances.

Almost, most of us have stated – quote: “These Are Dark Days” end quote: b..u..t darkness is a monster that lies. It’s growling claims seems to call out with a louder volume than the love filled whispers of light!

On the other hand, it’s somewhat mystical that during all of this, one can find positive enlightenment which protects hope, tolerance, love, respect for fellow man, kindness and the list goes on…..

Yes yes indeed, we all need a good portion of uplifting at this moment in time which exhales joy for the entire world.

It is with sparkling delight in presenting to you my “Survival CD” – Expanded Edition. This time a digital release of the twelve tracks, plus three brand new tracks as well as a “Remix” track, giving you as the bonus that you so well deserve. You have already seen the press releases thus far, so I don’t have to repeat too much, only that our release date is set for the 16th June 2021. ENJOY TO THE FULLEST! How about a SMILE!!!

Big Up! For my faithful “Team Mates” who has always been there for my well being over the years. Shaun O’Shea, Dan Lange and Daniel Diezi. Shaun, you are a fighter in every way. Thank you for getting things up and running for our project so quickly and precisely. Much respect and gratitude Gentlemen!

Marcus dear, what a team mate you are, not only in private but so enjoyable as my long time co-writer and the seasoned musician you are which boost up my energies all the time.

It’s Ta! Ta! For now Fanmily, Friends and indeed also Wellwishers. Thank you ever so much for your ever lasting support over these decades.

Do continue in staying “SAFE” and let’s “SURVIVE” this challenge!

Music Lives Forever!!!!


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  Press Release - "Survival" - Expanded Edition (19th May 2021)



  "Survival" - Expanded Edition (16th May 2021)



  "Cheer Up - And Smile" (22nd July 2020)

Warm Greetings Fanmily, Friends & Wellwishers,

"Cheer Up - And Smile".

As we are undergoing these uncertain times with the affliction by "Covid-19" globally, we all need a little cheering up, don`t we?

In getting to this point it would be good in taking the positive out of the negative, really "Believing" that very soon we will be free of this destruction.

Automatically, with that warm stream of HOPE it ejects a smile on your face that demonstrates fearlessness, love, comfort, compassion, warmth, security, kindness to your fellow human being, tolerance, and all the other beautiful trimmings to accept what life has to offer.

A "Smile" always catch the other person`s eye, which ends up putting a glow on each other`s face. What a divine feeling as well as the optical richness!

Here is a video that demonstrates a track entitled "Smile" which is among many other compositions that Marcus and I captured during the years whilst I was healing from the "Cancer Attacks" one after the other. More about that phase written in "Forward" my memoir.

It was my long time friend and team mate Shaun O`Shea who suggested doing a little video and days after he constructed it and presented it to the rest of our team mates. We enjoyed it and I`m hoping that you`ll enjoy me having you in my thoughts in sharing it whole heartedly with you - my troopers!

Smile will be our "Theme Song" for the South African Charity "Hospice Wits" on their "Night Of The Stars Lounge". Let me express a big Thank You Shaun for your brilliant endeavours.

Friends! let`s get ready for a lot of hugs and kisses with our love ones and indeed lots of Smiles. As the song predicted as follows with the chorus in Jamaican patois - LET`S SING!!!!

We gonna Live so, We gonna Gawn so We gonna Rock so,We gonna Come so We gonna Rock so,We gonna Gwan so We gonna Rock so,We gonna Gwan so

And Smile, And Smile!!!!

Hearty Blessings-Walk Good,


(All Rights Reserved-20/07/20)



HospiceWits  (14th July 2020)





                                                                                  Our War With Covid-19 (26th March 2020)

                                                 Dear Fanmily, Friends & Wellwishers,

                                                       "OUR WAR WITH COVID -19"

It Is Here, It Is Serious, It Is Global, It Acts Fast and Secretive, It Kills Without Mercy!

The positive outcome of this pandemic, is that it can be sustained eventually cured by abiding to the basic rules that are prescribed for us to follow, from the scientists and physicians all around the globe.

Therefore, we have to come together as one. Yes indeed as one! It`s easy for all nations within their homeland actively carry out the rules to achieve survival for one`s self as well as for another fellow man.

Let me go a little bit further in saying that the ingredients of this wonderful pie of success, is to forget the bad tasting ones which are so often added to the mix.

Those ones are - Hate, Fear, Racialism, Bigotry, Lies, Selfishness, Mistrust, Constant Unnecessary Competing, intolerance, Self Praise and most importantly lack of Respect for another fellow man.

Everything is soooo much easier and injects good heart felt vibes to each other with Love and Kindness that leaves you feeling soooo fresh, as if you`ve just inhaled a good portion of fresh air!

The most important part of this mission is that we have to depend on our skilled doctors, nurses, care helpers. In fact everybody ---- "OUR SOLDIERS" that are requested to help activate the front lines in getting patients back on their feet.

We must honour each and everyone of them by saying a little prayer and thanking them for their bravery, armoured with fearlessness.

The sadness we have to bear, is knowing that quite a few of "Our Soldiers" on duty and even the already retired ones who decided to take their stance again in saving lives have lost their lives during the plight.

"May their souls "Rest In Peace".

Let us also pray for the victims who have lost their lives so unexpectedly and not forgetting their loved ones who are grieving as we speak!

These are difficult times that all of us are facing and we must "Come Together" and eliminate this ruthless pandemic.

Abide by the basic rules. Marcus and I are doing the same including "Self Isolation". It`s easier for us owing to having the same lifestyle when we are home. I know we`lll have to wait in sparking off the shows again hey? Oh Gee!

Not to worry, it will be a "Global Celebration". Looking forward indeed. Take care now, we`ll have the Green Light soon!

Love & Blessings,


(Copyright Control)

26 / 03 / 2020.


My Christmas Note 2019 (21st December 2019)



Birthday wishes from Jamaica (20th October 2019)

A Tweet Mentioning My Birthday in Jamaica

Which My Brother Shared With Me - Very Nice Indeed!



New note from Marcia (12th October 2019)

Hello! Hello! Fanmily,

How are you lovely bunch keeping? Let me hope fine indeed darlings! Yes-yes I`m right here with you as always, no matter what part of the globe you are enjoying at the moment.

In fact as you can see that I`ve thought in sharing one of my pics with you from my latest "Photo Shoot" from the latter part of last year, during my launch with "Forward". Hoping you`ll be perked up a bit having an updated snap of me. A Big Smile or a Hearty Laugh! Ha..Ha..Ha….

At the moment, I`m constructively attending to some internal affairs regarding my career behind the scenes, which is another entity of complexity in being a seasoned global artiste.

Well - Well - Well, the years are speeding away as fast as they are coming aren`t they? I`m enjoying every day I`m blessed with. As long as all bones and joints are flexible in the right direction (You know what I mean?) and with that "Magic Heart" beating to the rhythm of music at all times, injecting everlasting "Peace & Love". Remember this?


(Copyright Reserved)
October 12th 2019.


"Turning Point" - Radio Interview (2nd May 2019)

Orman Griffith interview with Marcia Barrett. Part 3 of 3.

Click on the logo below to listen to the radio special.



"Turning Point" - Radio Interview (21th April 2019)

Orman Griffith interview with Marcia Barrett. Part 2 of 3.

Click on the logo below to listen to the radio special.


"Turning Point" - Radio Interview (14th April 2019)

Orman Griffith interview with Marcia Barrett. Part 1 of 3.

Click on the logo below to listen to the radio special.


"Where The Road Takes Me - Boney M." (3rd March 2019)

            Radio special, Ireland, 2019. Featuring interviews with Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell.

Click on the logo below to listen to the radio special.



My Christmas Note - 2018 (20th December 2018)


Dearest Fanmily, Friends & Wellwishers,

I`m hereby hoping that everyone are keeping fine and have had thus far, a healthy robust year that have flown by so quickly, like a swish of a duck`s tail.

As for myself and Marcus of course, we`ve had a fulfilling year with continuous "Good Health" and lots of positive expectations with the publication of "Forward" and the German Version "Immer Weiter" since June. That`s only the beginning!

Before I go any further, I`d love to convey how very pleased I am that so many of you went out and bought your personal copy and find it a pleasurable book to read - sometimes more than once for some.

You see! I really needed to tell my story from my point of view, which I`m hoping resolves the assumptions floating out there in the air, caught by my factual experiences both as a private person as well as the career woman I`ve developed into over so many years. That`s really "Fantastic" friends - thank you most awfully!

Well, Well, Well. I was astound to see and read all of my "Golden Birthday Wishes" that you`ve posted before, during and even after the 14th of October.

On top of that, all the phone calls I received. I was not able to sit down for as long as half an hour at a time before the other call. That was a workout indeed Ha! Ha! H a a a a a -Marcus found it quite amusing.

Lend me your ear - can you hear me? I loved every minute of that "Golden Day" and felt like a Queen!

Now Fanmily, Friends and Wellwishers - we need to look around us in this beautiful world in which we are living in and try to take stock of all the confusion with Natural Disasters, Man Made Disasters, Mankind so full of H A T E, which can only derive from FEAR of his fellow Mankind.

We must be aware in realizing that H A T E only corrodes the container that carries it. At the same time keep a watch out for Mr. & Mrs. Jealousy, we don`t want to be their friends.

Let`s come together with a little Love, Peace, Kindness, Tolerance, Loyalty and indeed Respect for one another. No doubt you`ll find Joy and abundant inner fulfillment.

Even during our busy days, we could take five minutes and say a little prayer in reverence for all the people of our world, who are less fortunate than we are. They are constantly suffering trying to exist! Our world is in trouble in every way but it`s not too late for some "POSITIVE TURN". KEEP HOPE A L I V E!!!!

May "GOD BLESS" our thoughts and continue to watch over us eternally! I`ll conclude my note by wishing you a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy, Healthy and Fruitful New Year" - 2019.

One Love!

(All Rights Reserved)
December 2018.


Thank You! (19th October 2018)


Thank You, Thank You, Thanks!

I`m so thrilled to have received everybody`s greetings for my birthday. I`m also chuffed to see how many countries the wishes are coming from. I`m feeling "Blessed" to be thought of, especially on such a special day!

My dear friends, It was another enjoyable one celebrating with Marcus. I`m looking forward to many, many more exciting years ahead with you as my continuous support when I exercise the goals that I foresee to achieve.

Let`s make a toast by saying "Cheers" to "Forward" & "Immer Weiter".

One Love!



"Baby Do You Wanna Brand?" (21st September 2018)

Click on image below to read article about Marcia in Dutch.

By Klaus van der Berg



Daily Express - "My Six Best Albums" (4th August 2018)




Interview with Eddy Grant: "My favourite photograph" (25th July 2018)



Interview with Marcia Barrett of Boney M – Life before, during and after Boney M. (19th July 2018)



I am excited to present to you this interview with singer Marcia Barrett from the world famous band Boney M. She was part of the band from their beginning in 1975 – until a messy brake up in 1989. She just released her Memoir about life before, during and after Boney M. I hope you will enjoy this personal and highly inspirational interview, as much as I did.


— 0 —

N: First I would like to say thank you for letting me interview you.

M: Thank you for the interest.

N: I would like to get a few facts straight from the beginning so my readers know who you are. You are Miss Marcia Barrett.

M: I believe it! (Marcia answers while laughing).

N: And you were born in Jamaica where you lived in poverty and later you became famous as one of the singers in Boney M, which you were a part of from 1975 – 1989.

M: Yeeees. Correct!

N: You became a mother at the age of 16. You are a wife and you survived cancer 5 times.

M: Yes, plus I had operations in between that I did not mention.

N: Wow, yes, cause you just published your book ”Forward” about the time before, during and after Boney M. Correct?

M: Exactly dear. It is about time I get to say what I want to say. It has been put on the backburner for quite some time now. And now it is the right time for me to bring it out.

N: How does it feel to finally have your story out?

M: Oh, wonderful, wonderful, and the reactions I am getting are that everybody likes the book. Some are saying that it is a pity that they have to finish reading it. And all this in one week! (Marcias book had only been out one week at the time of this interview). It is all very very encouraging.

N: Yes, cause your book came out here on the 21st of June, 2018. And where can one buy it?

M: In the UK “Forward” should be out in all the major bookstores and also here in Germany it is out and it is called “Immer Weiter” (You can also buy it online).

N: Is there a specific message you would like to get out to your readers through this book, now that you have a voice through the book?

M: Well, what I would like to say is that I hope some people could get inspired by reading my story. It is a natural story. I was brought up by a single parent, my mother. After 2 years she sent for my sister and myself to come to England and join her. I was 13 then and my sister is 2 years younger than I am. Then we came to Britain and that was a culture shock, but it was lovely (Marcia lets out a small laughter, before she continues) and you know life was rough. We were in 1-room the three of us and there was a kitchen on the ground floor where all tenants in the house could cook their meals. But what I would like to say to the people who say: “well aren’t you a bit embarrassed that you come from a poor Background” and I can answer that I feel entirely the opposite! Because this taught me how strong I had to be from when life starts. Nothing was put on the table for you. You had to go out and get it, work it and make your goals. So this is actually an incentive for people to see that it does not really matter if you were born with nice surroundings or both parents there. It has nothing to do with your character. You have got the will to pursue what you would like out of life and that is exactly what I did. And I had my goals set. And each goal…well it might have taken long, buuut it is better late than never.

N: Does this mean that you new early on that you wanted to be a singer?

M: Well, not at that age before I left Jamaica. But once I came to Britain and I was working in an office and I was working as a junior clerk making 7 pounds per week. I knew it was not my thing … haha.

So, of cource I knew I had some sort of talent with singing, cause with singing in our class my teachers were always telling me to take my voice down a little. And I am getting the lead role in Macbeth playing Macduff. All the photos are in the book. So you saw what I was actually implementing, not verbally, but through body language and what I would love to take part in.

N: Wow, it is beautiful to have such strong goals at such an early age.

M: Yes, and when I got my chance to come to Germany, as a dancer that is, everything is in my book, I also knew that was still not for me. What I really wanted was to stand on stage and belt it out. I want to sing, I want to feel, I want to deliver!

Five years after I came to Germany, where I had been doing two years as a dancer, it turned into me being a singer from Jamaica with different bands and so forth. Then I heard about this producer who wanted to audition a couple of black girls. And I was skeptical cause I was doing quite well and I was not into bands and all that.

But then I went back to England and it was plaguing me. You know? Always going around in my head…this group…maybe you could do it? Then I went back to Germany and I did make that call to my girlfriend who had told me about this situation before. And Farian was still looking for ladies you know. But, he did not really say sing, or who could sing or whatever. Anyway, I went to the audition, which I wrote in the book, and his arranger was there with me at his flat. So we were the three of us. I sang a couple of songs and at the end of it Farian said: “That will do”. So, that was how I entered into Boney M … haha.

I am proud of that today. You know, of the woman I am today. I know the value of setting goals. Living your dream. You have achieved that and then you move for another one. That was my entire life, even through you are thrown off so many times.

N: I guess that that you do not see yourself as a victim, but as a survivor and a fighter?

M: Exactly, exactly dear

N: So it is very much the mindset you carry with you, that shapes who you become?

M: Yes exactly, cause I know what it is to fight. I know what it is now, to drink a glass of champagne after my tea any morning if I want. You know what I mean?

N: Yes you value it more.

M: And I still don’t throw away food. Marcus and I will eat it the next day (Marcus James is Marcia’s Husband). Nothing is thrown away unnecessarily. Cause I always tend to remember, people are there who would like a hot bowl of soup or something like that and if I am taking everything for granted and throwing it away, that is nonsense. That is the way I see life.

N: In your book you also write about how you became a mom at the age of 16. This is very young. How did you cope?

M: Yes yes, this is a different step. I was not sure I was pregnant. I went to school and had my son in the Easter Holiday and had two weeks off from school. I took part in all the sport during our PE classes only except not swimming. Back then we have these corsets on that you hook to your stockings and that was elasicating and I shared nothing. I was still sleeping in the bed with my mother and sister and had to put on my nightdress, right? And my mother did not notice anything. I even went to the doctor who said: “ahhh that is ok, maybe it is your age. Sometimes it comes and sometimes it does not” you know the monthly and my dear, before you know it one Sunday morning I took in. I told my mum: “oh please, I think I am getting a cold cause my stomach is hurting me”. She said: “a cold?”. Anyway, to cut a long story short, within half an hour the ambulance was there. When I knew I was really gonna have a baby, that was when we reached the hospital, which was not in our vicinity. At that time I was registered nowhere and was getting no treatment.

N: No, I guess, cause you had not known before.

M: No, so when the nurse looked at me she said: “Oh it is gonna be a boy”.

N: Oh my and you had no idea you were pregnant, That is absolutely crazy!

M: And I said to myself…a boy…is she talking about a baby? And so I was admitted and then they had to really start working on me. I got blood transfusion and a fatal heartbeat, but I had him three minutes to eight Sunday evening. He was weighing 7 punds.

N: What is that in Kg? I am not so good in pounds…was he a normal size then?

M: Kg? Oh, I could not tell you either, but he was normal and everything on: toes and everything.

N: So you have a son today, who is actually not that much younger than you?

M: Yes, my son now is 52 … haha.

N: Does he still live in England?

M: Yes yes, but we have no contact. I have written everything in the book to explain where I am coming from so people get to know, who I really am. Cause you only see a pop group and you are always smiling you know. But, I am a happy person mind you. And I am a very positive person. So I just want that in sharing my story I am sure that there are other people out there that can really be inspired. Through all the trials and tribulations I am still on my feet.

I was paralyzed once from the waist down to my feet and I taught myself to walk again. Without any wheelchair and without any medicals telling me that: “after that she will help you to heal”. I said “no, I’ll do it”.

I would do sports every morning. My husband and I were living on the outskirts of Palm Beach where I had a beautiful waterfront property built at the time. That was during the early Boney M days. It was just for holidays. You could get flights to Jamaica then, which lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes. So it was near home … haha…

N: A little escape.

M: Yes, exactly. And that was the reason why I built this house.

N: I read in one of your previous interviews, that one thing that got you through all these challenges was also your passion for your music, your love from your family and your love for them and also your religion?

M: Well my dear, nowadays I don’t even want to talk about religion. My religion is my strong faith. It comes from the soul and the heart. You know I don’t have to go to a church to be convinced that there is a God who is looking after you. And my husband is the same. We never go to churches to sing and that, cause you can even get killed in churches nowadays. So, you keep your worship at home, alone. Together you find a lovely spot.

N: Do you think this strong faith in something greater than you, has made it easier for you to see the bigger picture at times?

M: Well of course, cause sometimes it sounds as if there is actually just a voice saying: “Do this my child. Don’t do this my child”. Your inner conscious. And sometimes you just have to read between the lines …about the signs. Like, if something does not work out, you then say: “oh well, there must be a reason why it did not work out.” Not only waiting for it to rejoice. It is beautiful to rejoice but there are times when you are not able to accept the answer of what you are looking for. But still life goes on and you have got to have the will to live! I enjoy life to the full. I enjoy life. I thank God every day and say: “thank you Jesus for this wonderful day”. It could be rainy, it could be sunny or it could be snowy. Even though I am from Jamaica I love all seasons. All seasons I look forward to. As long as I am able to walk, go on stage and entertain the fans. Even if it is just for half and hour or 45 minutes. Don’t forget there are a lot of false Boney M’s out there.

N: Yes, and you are the “real deal”

M: Yes, I am the original voice, a big part of the vocals, the image and everything.

N: And you were also lead singer on several of Boney M’s songs.

M: Yes a couple of leads on what Frank decided to give me. He pulled my voice a little bit more up. But you know, I don’t have to try and paint the picture, cause that is the reality of it. You know, it has been team work.

N: Do you think your faith and ability to see the “bigger picture” in things has helped you get through the brake up of the band back then. I read it was not a very nice experience you went through?

M: Yes, without a doubt. I just followed my voice, my inner voice with regards to what to do.

The abrupt ending of “Boney M” by Farian was not tragic for me but surprising indeed without any discussion. I just said at least I have time to focus on my solo-work now … haha.

N: When did you find out that you were being cheated from all this money (millions!) in Royalties etc from Frank Farian and that you were not getting the money you should have had?

M: That’s a fact. Well, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna spend all your life quarreling in court and all that? I love positive energies.

N: Well many people would probably have gone to court and fought.

M: Yes, and then you don’t have the energy to go out and perform cause it is a fight.

N: And you had already been sick with cancer a few times back then?

M: Well maybe cause I was worried about when I am gonna get back on stage? I think that had a lot to do with it. Even though I was in a fantastic waterfront property (Palm Beach House), it was like a golden cage. I could not get to do my work, my art. That was very frustrating. But I knew I was eventually gonna get better and come back, cause I don’t have to explain who Boney M is. We were not a huge act in USA where we visited for one week only regarding “PR” activities. Straight after that trip we had to fly back to be the first Pop Group who were invited to “Former Soviet Union” – now RUSSIA.

N: Wow, that was a very big thing too. You tried so many things.

M: Yes, haha.

N: You know, many people dream of a life in fame and fortune. Would you say that it does make you a happier person?

M: I must say it is lovely! But, you have to keep a level head.

N: So keep your feet on the ground.

M: Yes, it is not all that is fame and fortune. It is not everything, you see? I am not saying it is not enjoyable, cause it is, but it is not everything! You have to remain with your values and know what you are talking about. Know what you want out of life.

N: And I guess also love what it is you are making your money from, so love what you do for a living?

M: Yes, that is my profession. And later on that will lead you to something else. See, now I am an author and when I am ready, I can write any story. This is my memoir. But then I can imagine putting myself into situation that I can be in with a little acting and writing another story and so forth you see. So it is never ending and it is exciting to move from one phase to another.

N: I read you also do talks for people about surviving cancer right?

M: Well, I have done that before in India and so forth and it could be a bigger engagement now, when I have time that is.

N: That could empower many people.

M: I have been offered a couple of spots but nothing is signed yet, because I am weighing it all out. The book is only just over a week old and from the remarks from journalist and from the fans they are all very pleased.

N: I can’t wait to get my copy of your book!

M: Well you had better get your copy soon….haha! Well I must say though that the English version is laid out better with the photos as they are in color and the German is in black and white.

N: Well I am going for the English version.

M: Well that is good and the way it is presented is very classy.

N: We have talked about passion for what you do when it comes to working and making money. I would like to know if you think it is a problem today that so many people have jobs they are not passionate about? I mean, you are a passionate person and most of us today choose the more stable and “safe” careers instead of just daring to go all in a follow their dreams, which I believe you did?

M: Marcia pauses and says…Yes, but then again not everybody has that…hmm, what do you say now…fortune….are not that fortunate.

First of all, you must not fear a thing! Because guess what. If you fear and reach half way and turn back, then you are really not sure. If you are not sure, then it is best to stay doing what you do at the moment. It needs planning way ahead.

N: I am also asking you this, cause there are so many kids that are troubled about their future. They are so stressed out and afraid to follow their passion, when they choose what to do.

M: Well I am asking myself, why we / our generation or even those after, don’t have all those problems. We were sent to school and took in what we could. Growing up as a child was not a problem. Nowadays everything is so confusing you know. Everything is just a basic route for us to have taken back then. Look at us. We have not turned into serial killers or depressive zombies walking around taking drugs. You know what I am saying? It was really a normal way of life. Kids go to school. Learn learn learn and learn how to be … hmmm… what do you call it…

N: Disciplined?

M: Yes, disciplined. Exactly. There are duties before you go to school and there are duties after you come home from school at home. And it is not that your parents want to punish you. It was for your own good, cause later on you are gonna see. Like nowadays the kids are sitting with their little phones when supper is ready and you go: “helloooo, dinner is ready”. And everybody is locked in their room with all these computers. Oh my God, Thank God I have not got this to deal with … Hahaha.

N: I think that is a very good point. I believe many of the problems come from this artificial online life, you know, you can even create a fake life.

M: Yes, it all got out of hand.

N: I agree and I really hope to see a change.

M: Yeah, you are walking out on the street and people are just bumping into you cause everybody’s heads are down in these gadgets.

N: Yes, and taking pictures of their food at restaurants

M: If they are sitting with their spouse or whoever at the table and dining, there is no conversation at all because everybody has got a gadget in their hand. Oh God, I would say:”Oh I need my freedom from all this”.

N: Yes, it is like you are so busy with your life online that you actually disconnect from the life offline.

M: Yes from the real life. Get to know somebody properly or you know just talk. There must be something to discuss verbally.

N: Yeah I hope so otherwise it is a bit sad.

M: It is very very sad. But that is how its come over nowadays.

N: Well Marcia, I really would like to know, when looking back at your career what is the biggest moment … like a highlight? What it the first thing that comes to mind?

M: Oh I have quite a few you know. That visit to Moscow as the first group from the west that was really something else. And then when we performed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

N: Oooh, this is a big moment.

M: I mean that is something. That is incredible. Up until this day I can say her majesty shook my hand and spoke to us: “Are you performing here?”. And then of course the biggest of all is when you can still perform, do a show with the same songs globally, and that your fans are still there after 40 years!

N: Yes, you are still active and performing and I bet you will do that until you have to be “carried out of here”.

M: Yes, they will have to carry me. It is a good job …haha… that you can change after you get too old to wiggle your hip…haha… You can just sit by a piano. I enjoy it so much.

N: Do you have some nice jobs lined up with Boney M?

M: Here in Berlin not, but we have done a couple of shows here. But it is globally and can you imagine that! Who comes first gets the job done. I work with different booking agents and if they have something…well they know my terms that I go out with, then I take it. And then you are gone here or you are gone there.

N: I would love to see you in action on stage!

M: Well I will let you know when we have a show in Berlin…haha..

N: That is wonderful. I would like to ask you a final question. Would you do it all again? Looking back, knowing how it all turned out and what you have been through?

M: Yes! I would do it all again … haha. And this time I am hoping to get all the money I worked for. The rewards should be really fair.

N: I must admit that I was quite appalled to read that you got 300DM for a performance in front of 200.000 back then.

M: Oh yes, that was back in those days. Oh my God. Can you imagine! That was because we had no manager.

N: And you just accepted it?

M: Well yes, cause you have no time to even argue …haha.

N: So you just toured?

M: Yes from one venue to the other and then press and all that. It is like saying you can’t have everything at the same time, you know.

N: Yes, and you chose not to go to court, so I guess you will get your reward in heaven?

M: Yes and he (Frank Farian) has got to live with his conscious and mine is clean. Clean and truthful.

N: That is the most important thing and also that you can look yourself in the eyes at night.

M: Exactly! And look in the mirror and glow every morning.


Thank you to Marcia Barrett for taking the time to give us all such a personal insight into her life as a member of Boney M, one of the biggest bands of the 70’s and 80s.

Are you curious to read more about Marcia Barrett and her life before, during and after Boney M, then you can buy her memoir “Forward” in English here or “Immer weiter” in German here.

Follow Marcia on Facebook here 

Smiles from Berlin,




"Forward" and "Immer Weiter" out on Thursday 21st  (June 2018)




"Forward - My Life With And Without Boney M."  (April  2018)


"Forward" can be pre-ordered at the following Amazon stores as well as on a number of other online stores.

Click on the links below and a new window will open.

 Forward - Amazon - United Kingdom

Forward - Amazon - USA (Kindle Edition)

Forward - Amazon - Australia

Forward - Amazon - India (Kindle Edition)

Forward - Amazon - France

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Forward - Amazon - Spain

Forward - Amazon - Brazil


"Immer Weiter - Mein Leben Mit Und Ohne Boney M."


Immer Weiter - Amazon - Germany


MY  "NOTTEVERA"  HAND  BAG  (January  2018)

Greetings Fanmily & Friends,

It`s me again before my team and I trot off to our other "Exciting Engagement" somewhere in the world. Does that ring a bell?

Let me share with you one of my other intended goals to be foreseen as an extension of my established career with "Boney M".

With this photo I`m modelling a fine piece of designed craftsmanship, posing proudly in having this bag from  "NOTTEVERA" (Made In Italy) as one of my favourite accessories.

I was approached by the "Founder & CEO" Sam Hinedi in accepting and showing off this lovely article as you can see in the photo.

Good job I have this "Snake Skin" hand made dress from my "Boney M" days, designed by Dagmar Engelbrecht and myself that still fits. How perfectly matched!!!

Cool Runnings!

Queen B.

(All Rights Reserved - January 2018).




Marcia Barrett of legendary disco group Boney M shines with her NOTTEVERA Anna Tote in Berlin.

Rediscover the awesomeness of Boney M:

This 6-times cancer survivor never let anything bring her down. Her much anticipated memoir ‘Forward’ due out in June 2018 is much more than a pop star autobiography - it is a charming, candid, laugh-out loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and sheer force of will. A definite must-read for all Boney M fans!

Pre-order your copy here:

A German version is also available:

Connect with the queen of disco at

Get the Anna Tote:

We may be a little biased but we think Marcia looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!



My Dear Fanmily / Friends,

How are you keeping? I`m hoping fine indeed. Since my last "Christmas Note" in 2016, I thought I`d share with you some of my activities since then.

Even though our world is crumbling around us, falling down just like the beautiful "Autumn Leaves" is unfortunately with negative injections inflicting "Hate" that leads into silly "Wars", selfishness and disrespect for our fellow human beings, "Ethnic Cleansing" with the BIG one "Fear" that most times an unnecessary flow of bad energies should be a BIG "Brace", giving us time for deep positive thoughts for the "Better Bright" future that wants to caress us with "PEACE & LOVE".

One top of all that, we have "Global" natural disasters that all of us have to face when hit, where ever we are at that moment of destruction! OK, I think I`ll conclude this section because it would need a whole book to express myself fully on topics of our existence in this "Poor World" right now!

Let`s swing into some "Positive" energies friends!

So far this year my team and I have presented our shows in India, Azerbaijan, Eckernförde - here in Germany, and Crimea. This week, we`ll be off for another show but I`ll let you know where in my upcoming"Christmas Note"You know what I mean? Wink-Wink and a big smile - C h e e s e !!!!

Hey, guess what? Marcus and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on the 20th of August - just the two of us as usual - otherwise it wouldn`t be romantic would it? Ha! Ha Haaaaa! Life is a constant ball. I`ve displayed a couple of shots of our special evening.

After that we had a visit from our dear friend "Eddy Grant" and had a fantastic couple of days together, reminiscing the decades since we met him during our separate paths and both working with him on occasions since then! We even did a little jamming into the late hours of the nights, having fun together again. He presented us his latest CD entitled "PLAISANCE" Boy Oh Boy! Another "Master Piece" indeed. All 14 tracks are a "Must Hear". Don`t miss the release date and channels of publication! Here are some photos of his enjoyable visit with us.

On this note friends, bear in mind that my "Memoir FORWARD" will be published on the 1st of February 2018. Another little treat after the "Festive Season" that you deserve to have! (Smile)

In the meantime, take care!

Much Love & Respect!


(All Rights Reserved)

September 2017.

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scan0025      scan0024




Interview in Berlin - March 2017


My interview at Treffpunkt 24 in Berlin.


FORWARD - Marcia's autobiography


Click on layout above to pre-order at

Book Description
Marcia Barrett's memoir is much more than just a pop star autobiography - it is a charming, candid, laugh-out-loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and sheer force of will.





My Team And I After One Of Our Shows In Leipzig

My Dear Fanmily / Friends,

My Dear Fanmily / Friends, HO! HO! HO! It`s that special time of the year again "Christmas". Are you savouring all the yearly treats with the decorated lights and all the "EXCITEMENT" of the preparation to be with your love ones including your friends very much looking forward to next week?

I`m doing just that whilst awaiting the bright days, weeks, months and years to come that I can already smell the sweet essence in the air. MMMMMM very soothing indeed!

This is the time when we can glance back through the whole year and weigh up all that we have experienced. The GOOD - unfortunately the bad and the ugly. Our daily news from around the entire globe is not at all uplifting is it?

You know what friends? That`s when "HOPE" reminds us that all doors are still open for a "POSITIVE CHANGE" for our dreams to be answered, no matter how long it takes. To believe with "FAITH" is a very strong and mystical blessing to have.

I`m hoping that your weighing up balances off with lots of JOY, LOVE and most of all PEACE that has over powered any form of negativity that probably tried to sneak in your daily path!

I would like to mention that you are a big part of the "FORCE" behind me that enhances the "DRIVE" to stay "STRONG" and continue to walk through the battle field untouched! Thank you for your continuous support fanmily and you my personal friends.

You might have noticed on my website that I`ve written my "MEMOIR" and it will be published by next summer. Don`t forget to order your copy in time now! I`m delighted to be able to share with you some of my life`s experiences that couldn`t be fully expressed in the songs I`ve interpreted during my forty five years in the "Music Business".

NUFF gratitude to my "Team Mates" behind the scenes who are always in my corner and also to the chosen "Team Mates" that are on the road with me in presenting my shows professionally around the globe. WOW! I FEEL GOOD!

Marcus, here are some MORE  hugs and kisses for you. May God bless and keep you always!!!

Let me conclude this "Christmas" message and extend my sincere wishes for you to have a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and a HAPPY, HEALTHY "NEW YEAR" 2017. CHEERS!



All Rights Reserved: 18/12/16.


A Private Shot With Marcus And I After Another Show From Our Four Shows.  ( Leipzig 9th & 10th December 2016). 




Click on layout above to pre-order at

Coming to London aged thirteen from desperate poverty in Jamaica; pregnant at fifteen after being abused by a family friend; fifteen years later singing in Boney M, one of the biggest international groups of the late-1970s; a messy group split and millions in unpaid royalties during the 1980s; a 1990s solo career interrupted by six bouts of cancer - ovarian, breast, lymph node (twice), spine and oesophagus - and having to learn to walk again. Yet throughout Marcia Barrett has remained totally cheerful, relentlessly optimistic and a shining inspiration, looking on every obstacle as a mere inconvenience rather than anything insurmountable. Now, she is ready to tell her fantastic story, which is much more than just a pop star autobiography. It is a charming, candid, laugh-out-loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and total upfullness, often driven by sheer force of will. It is also that very rare thing in British publishing, a feelgood story for black women that has real significance among the UK's African-Caribbean population - there are very few middle-aged black women in this country (a keen book-buying demographic) who didn't, as youngsters, have hairbraiding copied from Marcia Barrett. But of course it has a mainstream audience too: the battles against cancer are relevant to all women, as is much of her early personal life and balancing looking after her mother and son with life on the road in Boney M.

Book Description
Marcia Barrett's memoir is much more than just a pop star autobiography - it is a charming, candid, laugh-out-loud story of survival, triumph, indomitable spirit and sheer force of will.

About the Author
Marcia Barrett, now relocated to Berlin, is still making music and touring both as a solo artist and as Boney M. Lloyd Bradley is one of the UK's leading experts on modern black music from Great Britain and Jamaica. He has written extensively on health and fitness and is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and broadcaster.





Fanmily - Friends!

Lend me an ear or better still, both ears whilst I`m sending you heart felt warm wishes for this summer. I`m hoping that you are lapping up every minute of the cool breeze being embraced by the hot sun whenever you can.

The world is in trouble right now with the day to day pain and sorrow that is thrown upon us from the cascade of mishaps that have evolved around us globally. It is like "Catching Us Off Guard" each time you listen to the news from the four corners of the world, which leaves us in a state of shock when all we want to do is to get on with our lives and make the most of it!

Let us not be in despair but must stay "STRONG" and continue to enjoy the positive things in life, giving thanks to every new day that we are "BLESSED" with. After the storm there must be a calm which will indeed inject a good portion of "Peace & Love", enough for all mankind to share and savour.

Well, just to let you know my dear friends that I`m keeping fine, "VIGAROUS" Firing on all twelve cylinders as usual, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!! and at the same time looking forward to a "Bright Future" with exciting projects that I`m preparing right now so to speak!

Oh! Oh! My "Double Cd" will be published when the right proposal is brought to the table from people who can get what I`m offering. Not to worry, it will happen without a doubt. The good thing is that this body of work is indeed timeless! Bear in mind that most of the songs are over thirty years old of which Marcus and I as well as the other patient collaborators went back into studious and added quite a few modern touches on the tracks! You are in for a long awaited treat and this is coming out of my mouth. OK? Go on S M I L E!

In the meantime, do enjoy the photos and remember that you are always in my thoughts. Let me also share with you that on the 20th instant, Marcus and I will be celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. We are looking forwards it immensely, I guess that we are both "Keepers" hey, how wonderful. Sure ain`t no "Hollywood marriage". You know what I mean?

Last but not least, I would like to THANK my entire team behind the scenes that have stood with me for decades with abundant support contributing lots of time and sincere efforts towards my "Exciting Career".

Another big THANK YOU to all my team from my roster of talented artistes that I have hand picked to assist me on stage, making our presentation of my shows a thrill each and every performance globally!

May "GOD BLESS" and KEEP you always. Fanmily / Friends, Much love and "WALK GOOD"!

Marcia - "Queen B".
(All Rights Reserved - August 2016)




Leaving Us Peacefully!

The first time I heard and eventually saw David Bowie on T.V growing up in Brixton-London, I became a fan instantly!

I loved his unique voice, his gentleman`s attire and the way he moved demonstrating his well written and arranged songs that injected total rhythm.

Not everybody gets the same gifts when we were created but this incredible man explored all corners of his talent in entertaining us "Globally" for over four decades.

Longevity is a big achievement in every business but in our field "Show Business" only a few of us can be acknowledged.

Mr. Bowie, you have made your mark superbly up until the release of your last CD "Black Star". The video for the track "Lazarus" brought light to us that you choose this way to say goodbye. What A Gentleman!!!

Marcus and I are sending our condolences to his wife Iman , his children including the rest of his family and of course we the FANS that have loved and followed his body of work over the decades and still mourning!

May you rest in Peace and continue your craft rejoicing in Heaven!

One Love!


January 13th 2016. (All Rights Reserved)


From Kiel to Bremerhaven - July 2015

My team and I had a show on a beautiful "Kreuzfahrt" from Kiel to Bremerhaven during the first week in July 2015.

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November 2nd 2015

"Act Now Jugend Award"

Marcus and I meeting Dr. Auma Obama, President Obama’s sister, at the “Act Now Jugend Award” which was held at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin.

Kim, the other lady, is a representative of the organization for World Peace.

scan0021scan0024scan0022 scan0023 




Christmas Note 2015_News 

Helloooooooo  Fanmily!


What will be cooking in the kitchen this Christmas? I`m sure something delicious full of festive spirit!


Here I am again feeling "BLESSED" to sit down for a special moment and more or less, have a fanmily chat with you. Let me hope that you are all keeping fine and dandy even in these days where our beautiful world is crumbling down around us one way or the other!


I feel as if I can share with you a few thoughts, developing into methods that I have injected into my day to day life, which has moleded me into the person I am over the years.


Live and Let Live, bear in mind that no other human being is better than you are being created in the same way. Tollerance, Respect for each other, Inner Peace and Love will indeed bring lots of "JOY" to your soul which leads into having a free conscience at all times.


Another New and Bright year will be dawning shortly upon us and guess what friends - I`m "READY" to embrace 2016, are you? I`ve got things to do and can`t wait! Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaa!


I`m going to conclude this note but before I do, it is indeed a pleasure to thank a few people that has stood and still standing in my corner over the years through THICK and Thin.


First and Foremost, my darling husband Marcus who has taken care of me with such love and devotion for over thirty one years of marital bliss. Thank you baby!


Danni Lange, Daniel Diezi, Shaun O`Shea, Valentin, Bonnie, Dermot, Denise and many many more friends from my "Fanmily Circle" during years of loyalty in supporting my work.


Let me also add a special "THANK YOU" to all my team mates from my roster of talented artistes, who are hand picked in helping me to present my shows globally.


Well, I`d like to say thank you friends for your patience. Good things comes to those who waits! A hasty man drinks water with a fork but a patient man uses a spoon. You know what I mean? (smile)


THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! Here`s wishing you a "Merry Christmas" and a Healthy and Prosperous "New Year 2016".


Peace And Love!



(All Rights Reserved)
December 2015.





 Warm Greetings Fanmily!


I'm feeling over-whelmingly honoured and blessed in having this opportunity in celebrating with you, our 40th anniversary. Thank you with my sincere love for making this prestigious experience possible.


You have proven that our songs with the right ingredients of good, melodic hook lines enhancing the blend of well demonstrated vocals along with creative fresh producing have paid off abundantly with our unique demonstrations within the arts.


Fanmily, let me make this statement that I'd like to imply. You are the "Magic Of Boney M" You went out to the stores, year after year and bought vinyl after vinyl, cassettes after cassettes, Cds after Cds as well as DVDs even through hard financial times going with the huge competition of other well talented artiste's globally during these forty years. WOW! you are truly loyal.


Now, with gratitude I'm giving you my "STANDING OVATION" Fanmily, I can actually see and feel you modestly accepting this mystical award which makes me feel good - just like when James Brown expressed himself in one of his master pieces "quote" I FEEL GOOD!!!


Sitting back down for a bit, I'd like to address our "Boney M" Diamonds Cd that is released to continue the flow of the M M M "Money Making Machine" for some people but unfortunately not for me - still experiencing "EXPLOITATION" who have worked so hard, a vital contribution for the SOUND and PERFORMANCES worldwide as well as my image with "STYLE, CLASS and GLAMOUR" (if I might modestly say so).


The presentation of "Diamonds" is as dark as the souls of the team who constructed it. I find it shady that a couple of so called new tracks are included without my vocals. OH! that's the new sound of "Boney M? I'm trying to figure out why the disrespect after our SOUND has done so well since 1976 until recordings ceased? Birds of a feather flock together, some amongst them are even chickens who can never reach and touch the "EAGLE" that soars high up in the skies!


This is also insulting "You The Fans Globally" them taking for granted that you wouldn't detect our "Original Sound. Well, I've never seen or heard of such liberties, even though I know that the "Music Business" is rough and tough.


Mind you dear friends, I'm happy that I was not a part of those recordings which I find quite weak and boring! One should only write, sing and produce when one is inspired, not when one is tired - you know what I mean? Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaa.


As to the Remixes on the third Cd called "Bonus tracks" was also a mishap. A wall of continuous NOISE! how loopy. Oh God help us please!please!


By the way, who is this strange individual posing on our Cd as if he also contributed to the work and image of "Boney M"? I don't know him or ever saw him in studio. Which hole did he pop out from? Maybe trying to get into the "Hall Of Fame"? I'm afraid, to achieve fame you have to work hard and take the bitter with the sweet. For me that's the last nail in the coffin.


Why not go and play in the traffic or jump in the lake, getting you calm for good. I can imagine that being a "Neuter Gender" idleness is aptly welcome. Things have really gotten into the shambles! I would have been more refreshed if my former team mates displayed current photos of themselves, wouldn't you agree?

Do enjoy my current photo taken two months ago, when we had a couple of winter days. I was ready to go out and Marcus wanted to take a snap as usual (smile).


Well friends let me conclude this note, wishing you a beautiful spring with Easter leading into summer having good HEALTH, real JOY, PEACE and LOVE! Stay tuned for some surprises OK?


One Love!

Marcia - Queen B. 

All Rights Reserved - 28/04/15.


Warm Christmas Greetings - 2014!


Dearest Fanmily and Friends,


Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way - can you hear them? What a beautiful sound of that special time of year again. Christmas is only a couple of days away but I have to say HELLO! as usual, which is a ritual for me over the years.


I enjoy keeping in touch with you by writing my notes on the occasions that I do because I know you read them even if we haven`t seen each other for years or not even having the chance to meet face to face as yet, which is always a possibility with GOD`S will. Let`s keep HOPE ALIVE!


Let me sincerely hope that everybody are keeping well and on top of life`s game with all the sad, disappointing news globally that is fed down our throats day after day when we least expect such mental turbulences but have to deal with it in our way, which is the only way. I find it a good method in keeping the FAITH, with some TOLERANCE which enhances PEACE and LOVE for each other.


My team and I have just arrived back from Cyprus where we presented another heart fulfilling show that was enthusiastically received from "Boney M" fans in Cyprus. OH! what a lovely country. The people are very warm and peacefully natured, which gave me a certain calm after a stressful journey with four flights in three days. Our show made up for everything though and we enjoyed the entire trip. Thank you Cyprus for your kind hospitality during our stay.


Now Fanmily! let me give you an insight of what`s delaying the release of my "Double CD" entitled "SEASONS". I`m searching for publishers who can get what I have to offer after so many years in the "Music Business" with experience in doing my job with perfection.


I`ll go on to say that it seems as if these A & R representatives are not OR do not understand to market a "BODY OF WORK" instead of just a single, thrown out on the market every six weeks - like the "FAST FOOD" conveyer belt productions rather than having a nutritious meal with a good glass of wine , being enhanced with a lovely atmosphere.


I have "Total Respect" for my work with my husband Marcus and all the established  composers, musicians and performing artistes who collaborated on this seasoned 40 tracks "Double Cd" because they trusted me with their songs to re-produce or to portray them which they composed for me  as an established songstress / composer and entertainer.


At this point of my career, I will not be abused any longer with this digital exploitation that has taken over our "Music Business". I can wait and I know that you can, in trusting my faith that the right time is indeed neigh for us to enjoy the fulfilment thereof. This body of work is indeed timeless so we don`t have to rush to get on the band wagon of today. The race is not for the swift but for those who will get to the winning point, no matter if it takes a bit longer!


Let me leave that chapter for now until I can announce the arrival of our "CD" when GOD permits dear fanmily and friends. Let`s look forward to celebrating a "Merry Christmas" and a Healthy, Happy "New Year" 2015. On this note, sing together with me "Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad - Prospero año y Felizidad!


To all my team mates behind my websites including my "Facebook" page as well as all my other team mates who are contributing to my "Solo Project" with me on stage - a "BIG THANK YOU" with GOD`s BLESSINGS!




(All Rights Reserved: December 2014)



(Autumn 2014)


Greetings Fanmily,


How are you keeping? I`m hoping very well and that you are enjoying this special time of year. I`ve been enjoying a couple of personal occasions with Marcus, like our thirtieth "Wedding Anniversary" in August and last week my birthday on the fourteenth which was quite EXCITING!


I hereby want to thank everybody that signed with their warm wishes in my guestbook and my "Facebook" page as well as all the phone calls and E-Mails I received from dear friends the entire day. I felt very special and enjoyed every minute of the day. I love birthdays and look forward to everyone like a child! Our celebrations are going to take us into Marcus`s birthday which will be the 25th instant.


To all the "Librans" born under the 7th sign of the zodiac in astrology and "Scorpions" under the 8th sign of the zodiac, I would like to say BIG UP! and "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! Ha Ha Haaaaaa.


Let me share a bit of my latest activities with you. My team and I presented shows in a few countries during the summer - leading into this lovely autumn. We had three shows in July taking us to Venice, Rome and Milan. It was so lovely to be in Italy again performing and meeting long time FANS for the very first time which was a thrill indeed.


One of the highest moment was when Kurt, stood in front of Marcus and I, who we hadn`t seen for thirty years since we took our marital vows in Montego Bay - Jamaica, when he attended our ceremony. Now, listen to this! Kurt flew all the way from Atlanta - Georgia to see us in Rome when he learnt that we were going to be there. I cannot express the joy we had to re-kindle with him after so many years! What laughter we had going into our Jamaican patois when the three of us were alone.


After that we had a show in Switzerland - Kloten for the "Ice Hockey Club" there and met up with Daniel Diezi which was so lovely to have been able to see him. The photos that are displayed on my "Facebook" page on stage was from that concert and was taken by Ta Ta Lorenzo. Funny enough, we had another show beginning of last month in Zürich when Marcus and I  had the pleasure of meeting Daniel`s parents for the very first time and Daniel again. Daniel dear! you have "Awesome" parents! The evening together on the 5th was sooooooo enjoyable!


Prior to our Swiss concerts we had a show in "Riga" at the "Beach Resort Hotel" which was also enjoyable and would go back anytime. After the last show in Zürich, we went back to beautiful "Venice" for a private wedding party, presenting our show in the same hotel that George Clooney usually reside when he visits Venice. We were there two weeks before his wedding. What a MISS! (smile)


Back in June "Massive Attack" gave a concert in Berlin and Marcus and I were invited by his niece "Debroah Miller" who is one of their vocalists for years. We were introduced to the established Jamaican singer "Horace Andy" who is also a long time vocalist for the group and the American actor " Delroy Lindo" in the V I P lounge after the show. We enjoyed that most awfully!


I can see that you are enjoying the postings of my two latest clips for my "Dance For Peace Movement" with the "I C D" crew and the interview on the "MS BERLIN" which was quite informative as well as getting down to a bit of "Nitty - Gritty" regarding the "Rough" imitations out there on the market of "Boney M". Where were they during all our recordings and intense PR work for so many years GLOBALLY?


At this point I`d like to thank you for your attentive support that each one of you my "Fanmily" have shown me during my entire career through thick and thin! Enjoy the photos that we have taken on the road just for you as a little treat!


Danni and Daniel, you two are doing a "FANTASTIC JOB" in running my "Facebook" page, thank you, thank you and thank you!  Valentin, you are a champ, thanks for all your efforts with the Boney M site!!! On that note, I`ll simply close for now in case this note gets too long! (smile then laugh)


Many Blessings!


(All Rights Reserved - October 2014)




At this point of my career, I`d like to make this statement that everybody should know, especially the agents that have been working with me "GLOBALLY" in presenting my "Boney M" show.

After coming back to Europe in 2005, I decided to take charge of my own business, of course with my small team of people who have supported me over the years, in setting up my booking website on my behalf as well as my official websites which includes my "FACEBOOK PAGE".

The point that I really want to make clear is that I`m working with several agents but at the same time, I`m not contracted to any one of them. No agent should use the term "EXCLUSIVE" because that is totally false information which unfortunately is sending  out the "WRONG MESSAGE".

My terminology of the situation is that I`m a "FREELANCE" artiste who manages herself - including "BOOKINGS GLOBALLY" welcoming any booking agent who knows how to seal a gig efficiently. This is quite a new side of the business for me but have chosen to work this way for now.

To sum up everything I must admit that I`m totally "FED UP" of the all round "EXPLOITATION". I`ve learnt my lesson well. There is no "EXCLUSIVE" tag on "SHOWTIME with Marcia Barrett Of "Boney M". I`m opened for respectful business mannerism. For contacts regarding the topic, go to "Contact Info" on the

Peace & Love! Marcia.

June 26th 2014.

(All Rights Reserved)